20 Ways To Be Your Best Self Always!

ways to be your best self
Ways To Be Your Best Self

Self Improvement and Personal Development are two great “sciences” I am passionate about and of course, the ”bane” on which this blog lies. Today, I would like to share with you 20 ways to be your best self every year and beyond.

Another decade is rushing right in and you need to plan to plan for it.

Don’t we all?

If you are not improving any area of your life one way or the other, daily, you are doing yourself a disservice!

Yes, you are!


The saying that you die the day you stop learning is a truth that should be your guiding principle.

Write this down and stick it in front of your mirror alongside your list of AFFIRMATIONS and say it to yourself every day.

I want to be my best self. I want to improve every day. I don’t know about you but if you are keen on Self Improvement and Personal Development, like I am, then read on.

Why Self Improvement and Personal Development?

How does being stagnant, year in and year out sound like?

Thought so!

However, if wished were horses, we’d all be riding them.


But wishes are not horses.


We all have to make deliberate and conscious efforts to better our lives in every way imaginable. Physically, mentally, financially and all the “lly” in between.

This is where Self Improvement and Personal Development comes in.

You want to see your life getting better and better? Do you want to see every part of your life experiencing positive changes?

Then you are certainly thinking about Self Improvement and Personal Development.

It is a great start.

Thinking about improving your life, that is.

Self Improvement as the names implies is the efforts you make to change your life. Personal efforts. Done by yourself.

From changing your mindset to improving an aspect of your life.

It is about learning new things to make yourself more skilled and able according to the Cambridge definition

There is usually a thin line between Self Improvement and Personal Development.

Personal Development takes more effort and requires external help which could be by way of training (professional or otherwise).

20 Ways To Be Your Best Self

Now that we understand what Self Improvement and Personal Development are, out of the way, let’s dive right into 20 things you should be doing to be your best self in always!

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ways to be your best self
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1. Read A Book Every Day

A must-do of the 20 ways to be your best self always, reading takes the cake for me!

One way you can live your best life year in, year out is by reading. I believe this is emphasized in almost all my blog posts on here and even on my social media handles like Facebook and Instagram

So yes, reading should top the things you should be doing all the time.

There are a lot of books on Self Help, Self Improvement and Personal Development out there.

As a matter of fact, Thea Westra books are some of the best out there and you should absolutely get some. I have the best three of her books that you can get for yourself. In addition, you will get lots of freebies that will help you on your Self Improvement journey.

Here they are: 3 Self Improvement Books For A Better You!

If you feel reading these sort of books daily may bore, by all means, juggle them with other kinds of books.

The idea is to learn something every day.

2. Start A Journal

You know those teenage years when you had a girly book and write all the guys you are crushing on and all your hate for Miss Popular?


Oh, those years!

Do that as an adult.

Hey, not to write about crushes and miss popular lol.

Journaling is the easiest way for self-discovery and self-awareness

It gives you an opportunity to know and understand yourself more.

What tickles you, triggers you and mellows you.

Isn’t that grand?

There are lots of Journal Prompts on Pinterest and my Journal Prompts Board is the best place to start!

3. Practice Self Love & Self Care

If you are not yet a believer of Self-love, this buddha quote will perhaps make you join the Self Love “bandwagon”.

Self-love and self-care are so underrated and undervalued, it is no wonder why we suffer burnout all the time!

Self-care and self-love are the hallmarks to being your best self and living your best life so they shouldn’t be neglected in your quest to being your best self.

There several self-care challenges you can join and make a part of your routine.

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Also, there are several ways to practice self-love and my blog post on 101 Ways To Love Yourself and Affirmations For Self Love are great places to help you practice self-love.

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4. Use Affirmations More!

The power of affirmations is also undervalued and underappreciated, it is no wonder people miss out on the advantages of using them regularly.

Affirmations are powerful and wonderful mantras to spur yourself into reaching your goals.

Words like, “I can” and “I will” have changed more lives than you can ever imagine!

Yes they are affirmations and I have just the ones you need for just about every aspect of your life!

Here you go! 101 Powerful Affirmations For A Better You!

This here is my favorite of the amazing 20 ways to be your best self always!

5. Do Not Let Anyone Get Comfortable Disrespecting you!

Yes, you read that right.

Do not let anyone get comfortable disrespecting you!

If you have hitherto been the proverbial doormat or wallflower girl, it is time to get out of the “rut”!

Wake up and kick ass!

Do not let your self-confidence and self-esteem take a bashing from just about every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

Oh no! You can’t be a doormat. Not on my watch!

Do not let any narcissist feed off your “good” to turn you into what you shouldn’t be.

Don’t let anyone get away with disrespecting you at home or at work.

Tell them politely, they shouldn’t but your “POLITE” should be strong!

Get your message across and firmly. You won’t allow them to disrespect you in any way.

Now this is one kick-ass way to be your best self and a kick-ass boss babe attitude to take with you into 2020 and of course for the rest of your life.

What you need to do here is to learn assertiveness and I have got you covered, lovelies

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6. Ways To Be Your Best Self: Get A Mentor or Life Coach

I have had mentors but never a life coach and I am looking into “getting” one before the end of the year.

You should have someone who motivates and drives you to be your best self.

I am lucky to have someone who believes in me and help drive me towards improving myself every day and achieving my goals.

He is super awesome and a great mentor shows and leads by great example.

What more can a girl ask for?

It is ideal to have someone who gives you that extra boost we all seem to need.

A life coach will help you figure out what you truly want to to with your life and then map out the path to achieving that.

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7. Start That Exercise Routine You Keep Putting Off!

We all get old. It is a sign that you are living longer.

We age

Aging is beautiful because you get to spend more time being with loved ones and having time to also pursue your dreams.

But aging comes with its own worries. Stiff bones, stiff muscles, ailments, and other unsavory things.

We can, however, reduce the effects of aging on our bodies by adopting healthy lifestyles and one of the ways we do that is by exercising.

You don’t have to wait till you are fifty or sixty before you start exercising.

Start now and continue

Your body and mind will thank you for it!

Looking for resources on healthy lifestyle hacks and tips?

I have got exactly what you need!

Head on to my Pinterest Board for exercise videos, downloadable exercise routines you can save on your devices, as well as tips and hacks to keep you young forever!

If you don’t take care of yourself, who will?

You don’t have to wait till you are FIFTY before you start exercising.

Start now!

Your body will thank you for it!

Looking for resources on healthy lifestyle hacks and tips? I have got exactly what you need! Head on to my Pinterest Board for exercise videos, downloadable exercise routines you can save on your devices, as well as tips and hacks to keep you young, forever.

If you don’t take care of yourself, who will?

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8. Hone Good Habits

Honing habits are one of the 20 ways to be your best self..

Start good habits

Good habits are very necessary to be our best self. They help keep us motivated through discipline and commitment towards pursuing and achieving our goals.

It takes time, effort and repetition to create and imbibe good habits. It is therefore, best to start with one at a time, master and when it becomes second nature, you can then start learning a new one.

The goal here is to make lifestyle changes that will enhance your life and keep you grounded even in the face of self doubts.

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9. Explore New Things

I think one of the reasons we feel life isn’t good for us or going our way is because we are stuck in “one place” doing one thing, over and over again even when it is not yielding the results we want.

Or we are stuck in a particular environment that we have either refused to change or see differently.

Perhaps, we don’t understand how to be different and do something else.

I worked at a job for close to 10 years and one day I decided that I was tired of it and the work environment and that I needed a complete change.

So I quit.

Without any job offer on the horizon!

I packed my bags and went off to London after spending some time in Dublin.

It was mad fun even though things didn’t exactly go as I had planned.

It became an “exploration” for me and yes, I came to understand some things on a deeper level and also understood myself better.

We should strive to explore new things.

Come out of our comfort zones.

Comfort zones are beautiful but nothing grows there, ever Click To Tweet

This would be one of my favorite of the 20 ways to be your best self in 2020.

Take a trip! Soak up new cultures. Explore your environment. See it through the eyes of a visitor.

Try new things. Take up new courses. Eat something different.

Whatever you do, exploring should definitely be one of the things you take into 2020 and beyond for your personal growth and to be your best self.

If you aren’t taking anything with you into 2020 and beyond, exploring should

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10. Ways To Be Your Best Self: Learn Emotional Intelligence

Number 10 is an absolute must-do of the 20 ways to be your best self always!

What the heck is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is the other kind of SMART

I am the type that wears her emotions on her sleeve.

Literally speaking.

Poker is not a game I can ever win at!


While showing emotions, has advantages and actually a great way of expressing oneself, often than not, it causes problems for me.

Yes, it does.

We have the tendency of allowing everything we experience, affect us to the extent that we become defensive even when we are right.

It is sad.

That is where emotional intelligence comes into play.

Our level of Emotional Intelligence (EI) affects the quality of our social interactions with peers which in turn impacts the quality of our lives.

I went for a course in Emotional Intelligence back in 2018 and it changed my thought processes.

I am not where I’d like to be or should be when it comes to EI but I am improving every day and that is the beauty of life.

So, learning Emotional Intelligence is of the things I am absolutely going to let mold me into my best self ever!

Learning Emotional Intelligence will not only improve the quality of your social interactions with peers, it will also improve your work-life balance and greatly improve the quality of your life.

A great quote that sums up Emotional Intelligence would be one from my favorite woman, Maya Angelou.

”People will forget what you said and what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”Maya Angelou Click To Tweet

Here are great Emotional Intelligence courses to get you started.

11. Stop Being A People Pleaser!

One of my favorite of the 20 ways to be your best always, would be this one.

I hate when we are forced to be people pleasers!

Want to be your best self always?

Then stop being a people pleaser!

You need to stop being a people pleaser if you want to be your best self, darling!

Learn the fine “art” of saying NO!  instead of saying YES because you want to please people to the detriment of your happiness!

Don’t say yes to things you’d rather say NO to.

It leads to unhappiness and everyone takes advantage of your ‘’ miss good’’ nature to screw you over.

Pardon my language.

Needed to let you know how this habit and nature can absolutely ruin your life (both at home and work) if you are not careful.

Learn to say No. It will help you be your best self!

Here is a guide on How To Stand Up For Yourself

12. Practice Gratitude

We are so focused on the things we don’t have yet that we forget to be thankful for the things we have.

The saying “when there is life, there is hope” may sound and seem very mundane but it is actually very powerful!

You have life and there is every possibility of getting and achieving the things you desire by working on yourself.

One of the ways to be your best self now and beyond is by learning and practicing gratitude.

It is a science and practicing it will change your life in ways you never ever imagined!

The benefits of practicing gratitude are numerous and include, having more positive energy (from being positive and thankful for the things you have), less stress, have more compassion for self and others around you, stronger immune system to mention but a few.

Lifehack has great resources on how to practice gratitude. You can also learn to practice gratitude as a form of self care. These affirmations for gratitude are also a great idea for practicing gratitude on a daily basis.

13. Start A Side Business

I did mention earlier that comfort zones are beautiful places, but nothing ever grows in them.

The curse of the 9 to 5 is so much, we literally don’t see beyond our noses.


Tell me about it. Sigh.

It is great that you have a job, but do you know true wealth comes only from being in business for yourself?

I don’t know about you, but I want to live a more than comfortable life, be very rich and leave enough for my kids and hopefully their own kids too.

A legacy that will transcend generations.

That is my dream and if it is yours too, then one of the ways to be your best self in 2020 and beyond is to start a side hustle.

A side hustle is a ‘’business’’ you do besides your 9 to 5 to bring in extra cash and even eventually quit your regular job if it turns out to be very lucrative!

There are lots of side-hustles out there. You could start a blog (check this out for resources on how to start a blog and make money), be a virtual assistant, do transcription jobs, online test surveys, etc. etc.

There are lots of side hustles you can make thousands of dollars from!

Trust me!

For more ideas on side hustles and how to get started right away, check out my Pinterest Board, My guide on 7 Easy Side Hustles You Can Start From The Comfort Of Your Coach will have you all set up in no time to making your first thousand dollars. Even these 4 Side Hustles To Make Extra Cash is a must read.

14. Learn A New Skill

One way to be your best self is by learning a new skill.

We need to evolve every day if we want to be our best self in 2020 and a new skill is another great way to do so.

The skill could be work/career-related that could improve your productivity and enhance skills you already possess or something that will add more beauty/breathe a new to your home and/or relationship.

This here number 14 of the 20 ways to be your best self, is one you shouldn’t take lightly!

Learn a new skill! Here are 12 Computer Based Skills You Can Learn On Your PC.

15. Give Back To Society

We not only become our best selves when we give but we also “make” others be their best selves also!

There is a feeling of fulfillment that comes with giving.

You are touching lives. Improving lives. Giving hope.

I always say giving isn’t all about money. Just being there for someone when they are down, lending a helping hand, lending your voice to a worthy course, fulfilling someone’s wish are all forms of giving.

Join the Red Cross, Community service, and any charity organization around you.

You have money to spare? Great! Invest it in someone’s future!

Another of my favorite of the 20 ways to be your best self!

16. Develop Your Mental Strength

Have you ever wondered how some people keep at a thing for years (despite and in spite of different challenges they may face) before they achieve success while others give up without barely trying?

The difference between those two examples is their mental strength and toughness.

To succeed in life, you need to develop your mental strength and there are studies that have proved that mental toughness and strength are critical to achieving success in life.

Motivation will not always be there, there will always be times when we will feel like giving up and throwing in the towel when self-doubts will hit us from everywhere but when you develop your mental strength, it becomes the difference between winning and losing.

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17. Use To-Do Lists

I absolutely love To-Do lists! They fantastically, fantastic!

Who wants to dash down to the Grocery shop only to forget the most essential item one needs?

Or perhaps miss something important at the office?

That wouldn’t be nice, would it?

Writing down a list of the things you want to do is a great way to harness the power of To-Do lists?

If you are not using a To-Do list, you absolutely need to start now and take that habit with you everywhere and beyond.

They are lifesavers and they will make be the superwoman and of course the kinging queen that you should be!

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18. Avoid Negative People

Nothing will bring you down faster than negative people.

I was recently talking with someone I considered a friend and mentioned some of my dreams and aspirations.

He scoffed. Then laughed.

I deleted everything that has to do with him in my life.

After I gave him a piece of my mind. He wasn’t going to go scot-free

I do not tolerate people who put me down in any way. Ever!

Way to go, sister!

Positive criticism is allowed but never negativism. Never, ever.

It is time to do away with every negative person around you. Doesn’t matter if they are friends or family.

I wrote a blog post on 11 Types Of Toxic People You Should Completely Avoid if you value your happiness.

19. Ways To Be Your Best Self: Overcome Your Fears!

One of the ways to be your best self is overcoming your fears

Fear is a joy killer. Tell me about it!

It will strip everything and everyone from you.

Take away your dreams and hopes.

You won’t have dreams and hopes.

A life lived with and in fear, is no life and that is why you need to overcome the fear so as to ensure that you live a great and quality life.

Don’t know how to overcome your fears? My personal story on overcoming fears is a great guide! See it below. Click and voila, you get to see how I overcame my fears.

Overcoming fear: 8 Easy But Powerful Ways To Conquer Your Fears

20. Ways To Be Your Best Self: Commit To Your Best Self Goals!

Wanting to improve ourselves is great but commitment is what makes it “happen”.

Commitment takes discipline.

So be disciplined.

Set SMART GOALS on the journey to being the best version of yourself.

Then keep at those goals like a dog with a bone!

Success will come!


These guides on 20 Tips For Personal Development, 36 Goals To Set For Your Personal Growth and 17 Personal Growth Goals For Every Aspect Of Your will help decide on goal ideas to set for your personal growth and development as well as how to achieve them.

On that note, I would like to say

Do something today that your future self will thank you for! Click To Tweet

Conclusion On Ways To Be Your Best Self

Wow! Amazing 20 ways to be your best self every day, all year, every year and beyond! If I do say so myself! What else would you add to the list? Let’s share ideas! Head on to comment sections and talk with me.

This guide on ways to be your best self is a must for every woman looking to improve themselves in every facet of their lives.

From Health, Finances, fashion, creativity, productivity and growth mindset, this ways to be your best self will have you living your best life in no time.

Do not forget to share this on social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, WhatsApp and other social media platforms you use) with all the amazing women in your life.

Let’s be at our best selves and live our best lives!

ways to be your best self
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    I love these ideas! There are so many ways we can continue or begin to come into our best self and, like many things, one size doesn’t fit all!
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