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The Beautiful Chaos Called Life


Not A Bed Of Roses

Life. Life is not a bed of roses. It isn't truly a bed of roses. Roses have thorns so why would life be a bed of roses? I wonder why they say that? Life isn't a bed of roses. It surely isn't but why is life likened to a bed of roses? We can ponder all we want but life truly isn't a bed of roses. We are given birth, with or without silver spoons. As we grow, with or without our silver spoons, our lives are shaped by our experiences . Good or bad, Sweet or Sour. We are dealt hands that we may or may not have consciously or subconsciously asked for.

At various times in our lives, we have had to ask questions like. Why me? Why am i like this? Why did this happen? Why did this happen to me? Why not someone else? Why do people hate people for no just cause? Why is the world so unkind to itself? Why are we the way we are? Blacks. Whites. Africans. Caucasians. Indians. Asians. Christians. Muslims. Hindus. Atheists. Good. Bad. Beautiful. Ugly. Selfless. Selfish. Lazy. Industrious. Lucky. Unlucky. Good fortune. Bad fortune.

Questions. Lots of questions and nearly no answers. Is there a purpose to all this? Is there a purpose to the beautiful chaos? It is beautiful chaos because life itself is beautiful despite all the inherent challenges. Despite the daily struggles we go through. In our hearts. In our everyday living. We still wake up every morning. Hoping for the best. If we have religion, we pray for the best.

Time and Purpose

There is a time and purpose for everything. A time to laugh, a time to be sober. A time to talk, and a time to be silent. There is a time to cry and a time for joy. A time for play and a time for prayer. A time for dedication and a time for subjugation. A time for focus and duty. There is a time to live in the moment and a time to be responsible. A time for birth and a time for rebirth. These intricacies are what makes life, life. What makes life what it is. Beautiful. Beautiful chaos.

We despair when things go wrong. We crave normalcy. Then normalcy comes and we crave for something else. There are times in our lives, certain people cross our paths and our experiences, perceptions and notions are changed. For good. For bad. Whatever the case, good or bad, we still wake up every morning. We still crave for life. We still crave for the beautiful chaos. We are never daunted. We shoulder on. We scissors on. We paddle on. Never stopping because we know in our soul. We crave in our soul for life. For the beauty that is life. No matter what.

Beauty and Butterflies

When life brings beautiful things, we dance. We wake up aglow with an inner light no one can see but reflects outward. On our faces. In our voices. In our movements. A smile when we think no one is watching, a subtle dance, a swagger to our steps. We feel alive! We feel all the cosmic powers on our side. Working for us. Dancing with us. Empowering us. Enveloping us in warm. Warmth that is soul deep. Warmth that makes us want to shout for joy.

Joy springing from deep inside. Bubbles out. We get flutters. Flutters like butterflies. In our bellies. Deep down. No cold can touch us. We feel the heavens. Literally. A gift has been given to us and we want to savour it. In a million different ways. We hang on. Dearly. Deeply. Tenaciously. Tenderly. To the warmth. To the beauty that is our lives. Life is beautiful.

Darkness and Beautiful Chaos

When life brings sadness, we mourn. We cry. We blow out or we hold it in. We want to rage at the world. At life. No matter how we react. Hot. Cold. We question where happiness went. We look for beauty and the butterflies. We ask when the beautiful things left or why they aren't making us euphoric anymore.

The darkness. The darkness that is everything sad and bad. The darkness fights to pull us under. But because we know how life is when it is all beautiful, we hang on. We remember how life is when its all beauty and butterflies. Our memories are avid with the flutters and warmth.

We know how life is when things are all bright and blazing. Shining. Illuminating. Warming our souls and our minds and our bodies. Then we hold on. We fight the darkness. We fight the darkness. We fight the darkness. Hard. Hard as it gives. We push back. We want to win. We crave to live above the darkness. Yes. We know we just have to live above the darkness because we want the beautiful chaos called life.


Jennifer Pompaski

To each his/her own. That is why we all, are uniquely different.

Love, Jennifer.
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  1. I am amazed at your diligent anylises of what the untrained mind would call an abstract topical issue that mean nothing than it’s literal definition. but with your ingenuity, you gave life to a combination of words walking the street of life. With this burning passion for writing, u could be a columnist and a resource person in the print/electronic media & even publish books. I love your innovative drive. Follow your passion! Dad

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