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I am required by law to compile a disclaimer on my KingingQueen website (the website you are on) to inform you about how KingingQueen handles your personal data, what cookies are placed on your computer while using this website and to fully disclose all the ways that i make money on this website.

Please know that your privacy is incredibly important to me and i will do everything necessary to the best of my knowledge and capability to protect your personal data.

I strongly believe in transparency and i hope this disclaimer will give you all the insights you need into these important matters.

This disclaimer is subject to change, so i may change it from to time. Please kindly make sure to visit again to see if any changes has been made.


This Privacy Policy is compiled to inform those who are concerned with how their Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is being used online. Please kindly read this carefully to get a clear picture and understanding of how KingingQueen collects, uses, protects and generally handles your information.

Your personal data is collected when you enter your name, email address or other personal details somewhere on this website. When you are subscribe to this website’s newsletter, fill out a form or enter information anywhere else.

Your data may be used to personalize your experience on this website and also to send you periodic emails.

I use the service Mailerlite to send out mails to the people who subscribed to my mailing list. If you would like to know more about how this party handles your data, please kindly visit here:

You can unsubscribe from these mailing lists anytime you so wish.

KingingQueen will never knowingly collect data of minors (people less than 18 years). If you are under 18, please do not provide me any personal information. If you are a minor or a parent/legal guardian of a minor and wish for your/their data to be removed from our database, please kindly contact me at

Your information is protected by regular Malware Scanning. KingingQueen only provides articles and information and i will never ask you for credit card numbers. Your personal data  is contained behind secure networks and is only accessible by a limited number of persons who have special rights to these systems. These persons are required to keep your information confidential.


KingingQueen do not sell, trade or otherwise transfer your Personal Identifiable Information to outside parties.


Cookies are small pieces of data in text files that a site or its service provider transfers to you computer’s hard drive (if you allow it) that enable’s the system to recognize your browser, capture and remember certain information.

They are used to “remember” you and your preferences. They ensure a better experience for visitors. For example, allowing users to register and remain logged in. Cookies may be placed by the website you are visiting (first party cookies) or by other parties whose content is shown on this website (third party cookies).

KingingQueen uses cookies to analyze traffic and to improve your experience on this website.

These three different types of cookies are being used on the KingingQueen website.


These cookies are necessary for the website to function. Without them, the site would simply not work well. I am not legally obliged to request your permission for these cookies, but i thought i should inform you so you understand i am transparent in running this website.


I love knowing how many people are visiting this blog to read my hard work that i share here. That is why i use tools and programs that place analytical cookies on your computer. I am working with Jetpack to keep track of how many people are visiting, where they come from (eg social media, google, etc) and what they are reading the most. To see what cookies Jetpack uses to provide their service, click on this link


Embedded content coming from social media sites like Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram often contains cookies. What these platforms do with these cookies is not made insightful, therefore KingingQueen cannot tell you exactly what this cookies are used for. KingingQueen, needs your permission.

By using KingingQueen, you are accepting all cookies. However, you can choose to turn off all cookies in your browser settings. Consult your browser’s Help Page and/or Settings to learn how to do that.

Caution: Disabling cookies may affect your experience on and the functionality of KingingQueen.

You can delete all the third part cookies through Your Online Choices ( This way, you can ensure that no party can track your online behaviour on any website. This don’t mean you won’t see any more ads on this site. The ads just won’t be personalized.


The information presented on is for entertainment and/or for informational purposes only. I am not a professional and the content of this blog should not be seen as professional advice, nor should it be used as a substitute for that.

What I write on this blog is not to be taken as fact nor as absolute. I am not to be held responsible for any injury or damage that may result/resulted from usage of the information provided on this blog. Relying on the information shared on this blog, is at your own risk.

This website is a blog with changing content. This means that the content validity may be influenced over the course of time. There may also be mistakes made in external links linking to or from this blog.

KingingQueen is not responsible for any damage links, files, programs and downloadables from this website may do to you or your computer.

Any information on this blog is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and is composed with great care. However, I might still have made some mistakes (please notify me if you think this might be the case). I can not be held responsible, nor liable, for any consequences due to false or faulty information or due to bad grammar or punctuation on this blog.

The content on this blog is opinionated. It contains my opinions and those do not reflect the opinions of any organizations I am working or affiliated with.

I am not responsible, nor will I be held liable, for anything anyone says on my blog in the comments or for any laws the readers of this blog may break in any country.

My intention is to do no harm. It is not, nor will it ever be, my intention to injure, defame or libel others.

I reserve the right to change how I run this blog. I may change the focus and content of this blog at any time.

Copyright and Fair Use Guide

The content of www.kingingqueen is my work, all articles duly researched and written by me (Ufuoma Jennifer Esegine aka Jennifer Pompaski) unless otherwise specified. The (ab)use of my content without my permission is legally not allowed.

The pictures I use are either my own or free/purchased stock photos.

Copyright © 2017 KingingQueen. All Rights Reserved.

I would love it if you wanted to share any of my content. I just ask that you take a minute to check out these guidelines/rules for using my content.

You are allowed to share (parts of) the content on this blog on the following terms:

  • You have my previous permission
  • Attribution: credit You need to clearly mention where on the website the content was taken from.
  • Link back: provide a hyperlink to link back to the source
  • Noncommercial use: you cannot use my content for commercial purposes (you can’t sell it)
  • Limitation: you cannot use a full page or full post unless you get my permission for that specifically
  • No derivative works: you are not allowed to alter, transform or build upon the contents of this blog

Disclosure Statement contains affiliate links, ads, paid and/or sponsored reviews and other forms of advertisement. I sometimes get paid or otherwise compensated for this.

When you choose to click on a (paid) link on this website and/or choose to buy a product or service through an affiliate link on this website, I may make a small fee. This is at no (extra) cost to you. You are in no way obligated to click any links provided on this website.

The compensation received will never influence the content of this blog.  I will never recommend or endorse anything I don’t genuinely like or deem worthy of your time and money.

When I use any form of advertisement, paid content or sponsorship, I will mention it in the blogpost itself.

I choose to monetize this blog because I put a lot of time, effort and also money in this blog. It’s my passion and dream to share my experiences and knowledge with people who can benefit and in the process enhance their lives. I would love to do this full time in the near future. The only way to achieve this and continually create quality content for my readers, is if I make (some) money of it. For now, i am not monetizing the website but when i do, i will try to choose monetizing options that are NOT obnoxious, annoying or aggressive. I will recommend products/services that I love and I believe will truly be helpful/fun through affiliate links that – as I mentioned – are at no extra cost to you.


By using this website, you hereby consent to our privacy policy and agree to its terms.

Questions And Contact

If you have any questions regarding this disclaimer, I will gladly answer them for you. Feel free to contact me:

Last Edited, July 17th, 2019