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11 Types Of Toxic People You Should Completely Avoid.

For the sake of your mental health, emotional and physical well being, you should do well to avoid these 11 types of toxic people. Completely. First things first, you need to recognize that a person is toxic, which is not…

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12 Computer Based Hobbies To Broaden Your Technical Skills

Computer hobbies? Yes, computer hobbies. You read that right. Since kids were young, many adults have discouraged children from getting stuck on their computers all day. Then again, computer hobbies can help you develop specific skills that will help you…

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10 Important Life Skills To Learn In Your 20s

10 Life Skills to Learn in Your 20s. You’re in your twenties and life is just starting to get real. It’s time to really take control of your future, but where do you start? It’s the time of life where…

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How To Get Unstuck In Life: 13 Practical Ways To Get Unstuck!

Dear Queens, It isn’t uncommon to feel stuck in a rut with seemingly no way out despite yearning for a chance to reinvent yourself. A study in the UK revealed that 69% of participants felt trapped in their routine. Nevertheless,…

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How To Overcome Winter Blues And Make The Most Of It!

Summer may not be quite over but fall is definitely on its way. It’s easy to layer up as the temperature drops. Dealing with the shorter days, however, can be a lot more of a challenge. Fortunately, it’s a challenge…

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