5 Positive Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

positive affirmations
Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations To Start Your Day Right

Daily positive affirmations are power punch mantras. They are declarations and assertions you make on a daily basis to position yourself positively.

Affirmations function like medicines for your soul and well-being when used often.

Positive affirmations are positive sentences you repeat to yourself on a daily basis and when these “repetitions” become a part of you, they change your focus and the way you see your environment and world.

The power and importance of positive daily affirmations in everyday living cannot be overemphasized!

The previous year is a wrap. Gone. Done with. Over. Slate full. By our actions and inactions! By our doings and non-doing. With positive and negative vibes. Good or bad.

It has come and gone whether or not we were able to achieve the goals we had set for ourselves at the beginning of it. It is now “old news”. I did learn some lessons that I talked about here 10 Life Lessons Everyone Should Know

Hello, new year! We are all agog at the beginning of a new year with resolutions that we want to achieve and then just at the end of the year, we realize that not one single resolution has been carried out.

Growing up, we would usually ask friends and family members about their new year’s resolutions. Some friends would even suggest to you what your new resolution(s) should be!

For us singles, our parents will tell us “your goal this year should be to get married” or something more subtle and not too pushy like “why don’t you think of settling down this year” or perhaps “you should meet up with that guy from the other party”.

It’s hilarious when I reminisce about some of my own so-called new year’s resolutions.

There was a year, my resolution was to make lots of friends! Like what the heck??!! Friends are good but why have so many when a small circle of friends is enough to gear you toward achieving your potential? Just my thinking though…

Failed Plans: Not Backed By Affirmations

I believe the reasons why we usually fail to “pat down” all our resolutions, goals, targets, and whatever else you choose to call it is primarily setting ambiguous ones and also a lack of discipline to see them through.

A smoker who perhaps wants to quit smoking will have a new year’s resolution like “I will quit smoking this year” without any form of “backup” plans to achieve the goal.

This is a habit he or she may probably have had for years and then “just wants to stop smoking.”.

It is overreaching. Simply put. It is an addiction, darling.

A better resolution would be to stop smoking gradually and then start a form of therapy that would ease the “pain” from the lack of menthol which is the primary and addictive substance in the system.

There is an art to setting goals and achieving them and here on the blog we have a  blog post on 5 Ways To Set Goals And Achieve Them that will help you ace your goals anytime.

Not to digress, bet some of you all “early risers and doers” have already outlined every single thing you want to achieve this year.

This is way cool and I duff my hats for you guys!

Now whilst I have planned almost every aspect of my life, I have been asking myself, what are those daily affirmations we all should make to achieve our resolutions and better our lives on the go and on a daily basis?

You might be interested in checking out these 36 Personal Growth Goals You Can Set For Every Aspect Of Your Life or these 16 Best Goals Ideas To Set For Your Personal Development.

What Are Daily Positive Affirmations?

Daily positive affirmations are practical tools for empowering ourselves on the go. They are assertions, proclamations and declarations, and assurance mantras you say and keep affirming to yourself to keep you in good stead.

There is a school of thought that says, positive affirmations do not “work” and I totally disagree!

They do work and my life is a testament to that. Nothing beats telling yourself, all is well when there is chaos around you!

It is always a good feel feeling when you come out on the other side, triumphant. Positive affirmations will help you on your life journey when practiced regularly.

They are mantras that when repeated, will help recondition your mindset and thinking.

Now, these are my 5 favorite daily affirmations for everyday living and I swear by them!

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positive affirmations
Positive Affirmations


This would be my favorite daily affirmation! Most times, we let ourselves be deterred and derailed from goals, targets, and whatever else we are trying to achieve when we come across hurdles and hassles on the road to success.

The truth is there will always be problems, issues, hurdles, hassles, etc coming at us at every angle imaginable but the ability to keep on is what separates us from the ordinary and takes us to the extraordinary. It is the will to succeed against all odds that makes you a champion and a winner.

As a young girl in college, I went through lots of harrowing experiences. I could barely afford required textbooks, money was tight, and there were lots of social “impediments” but through it all, none of my mates knew what was up because I have always been “good” at hiding my private life.

It has always been something I guarded with all sense of zealousness. Despite all the odds stacked against me, I decided I was going to see myself through and never quit.

I never thought about quitting. In the end, I graduated as the best student in a department with 40 students with only 5 of us being females. I was celebrated by friends and family and given awards. This may not sound like a big deal but it is an achievement that I am proud of and one of my driving forces in life.

To succeed in life, to get those new year’s resolutions in gear and fly with them, you need the “I can and I will” mentality. Crawl, walk, run but don’t be stagnant.

Don’t stay in one place. One of my favorite hashtags on Instagram is #keepmovingforward.

Have this in mind “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”.

No matter what life throws at you on your journey, chin up and say I can! You can and you will. Go conquer all your fears and come out on the other side, the winner you are!

positive affirmations
Positive Affirmations


Every. Single. Human.Being. Is. Worthy. Of. Love. Your shape, size, color, height, weight, or race should not determine how worthy of the love you are! Do not stay in a relationship that has since lost its sparkle and essence just because you are afraid of starting all over with someone else.

Yes, it is good to try, learning to rediscover the passions and soul of a relationship but it does not make sense to stay put if your happiness and joy are being compromised simply because you have told yourself that the “devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know”.

This is the reason a lot of women (and vice versa) stay in abusive relationships. How about you telling yourself “I am worthy of love” and “I deserve better”?

No human being is perfect. We all have flaws. Indeed this is what makes us uniquely different and the same in the sense that we all are humans. Imperfectly perfect!

Whatever may be going on with you, do not ever feel that you are not worthy. You are! 100 percent. When circumstances or anyone make you question your worth, go look at your mirror and say to yourself, I am worthy of love.

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positive affirmations
Positive Affirmations


You do know no two humans are alike right? Oh! There are doppelgangers! Yeah right. Even doppelgangers are different. They just have the same facial attributes. So stop comparing how you look and where you are in your journey to others.

While it may be healthy in the short term (healthy competition), it became “cantankerous” in the long run. I was this thin girl in high school.

With long necks and legs, we call “K” legs here in Africa lol. I hated my legs and ears. I felt my ears were too big and I would always wear my school beret to cover them).

Well when I started noticing people were complimenting me on those very “parts” of me I hated, I began walking in that consciousness. Here I am, admiring people I thought looked better than I am and they are complimenting me!

Isn’t that wonderful? Darling, you are amazing the way you are. You don’t need any ” add-ons” to feel amazing. Do you.

Be uniquely you. Love yourself and people will love that you love yourself.  If “add-ons” make you feel better, please do them but don’t lose your identity in the process.

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positive affirmations
Positive Affirmations


Let’s face it. Keeping enthusiasm at all times isn’t all that easy! Oh boy, tell me about that! By nature, I am not a morning person.

I can stay up late in the night to the wee hours of the morning whether working on my blog, scheming, writing, or bingeing on social media or movies, especially on weekends. See my satirical look on Fridays and Mondays No. Friday Blues Is not Equal Monday Blues

When I have to get up in the morning, it is another ball game entirely lol. I will have to remind myself of the one million things I have to do so I get up and get going.

It is a constant inner battle but the fact that I love my 9 to 5 job, I get the boost and despite the fact that I experience a lot of “hassles” working in a male-dominated profession and environment, I don’t get deterred.

I just tell myself that my day is going to be great and boy do I need that! You come across an ass**** and they upset you, never mind, the day is going to be great. It is a positive mantra. My day is going to be great.

My day is going to be great. It makes it work. You will be surprised at the end of the day while chillaxing (new word for chilling and relaxing baby), you will discover that despite the things that may have happened negatively, you did have a great day simply because you decided to let go of all the negatives and only concentrated on the positives.

So go on darling, keep affirming your day is going to be great and you will be pleasantly surprised!


This here daily affirmation is a yes-yes one. I forgive myself. I don’t know if it is just me but there is something powerful about this 5th daily affirmation. If after all said and done, you made some mistakes, forgive yourself. One of the things that we find difficult to do is forgive ourselves for our mistakes and fu*k ups even after forgiving those who may have contributed in the instance.

This is especially true for “perfectionists”. Holding on, to and bottling up issues can result in stress, and stress is a major contributor to a number of health issues. I wrote a whole blog on stress and how to manage it here Tick. Tock. Tick: Stress levels high

Last year, I made a big blunder. A mistake that almost cost me my life! I was inconsolable. Didn’t believe I could make such a mistake! I have always prided myself on knowing what I want, how to go about getting it, and then working towards it. I was taken unawares and shaken to my core by the experience. This is not something I would like to be subjected to again.

It took a long time to heal (fell sick) and it took even longer time to forgive myself. It was difficult to get past the hurt but when I did, it felt like a brick was lifted from my heart. This is what forgiving yourself does. It gives you freedom, peace, and joy. Whatever mistakes you may have made, darling, forgive yourself. Let go of the pain and hurt.

Give it away. Free your heart and soul. This here daily affirmation is one you should not underestimate. It packs what I call a ‘good feel” punch!

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positive affirmations

So kinging queens, these are my daily affirmations to build self-esteem and worth. What daily affirmations do you use to better yourself?

Oh, wait! There is a bonus! Here is a list of other positive daily affirmations for all my kinging queens!

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positive affirmations
Positive Affirmations


Here is a bonus list of  positive daily affirmations for you all my KQ Tribe to use on a daily basis:



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26 Affirmations Of Self-Love To Love Yourself Better

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Conclusion on Positive Affirmations

That is a wrap on positive affirmations and I leave you with the words of the late Muhammad Ali: It is the repetition of affirmations that leads to beliefs and once belief becomes a conviction, things begin to happen.

Positive affirmations and their usage is scientifically backed and they change our thoughts from negative self-talk to positive self-talk. So, do not doubt their power in any way.

Use these positive affirmations every day and see your thought patterns changing for good.

Do not forget to share on your social media with all the women in your life. Tweet, Facebook, Pin. Whichever works for you!

positive affirmations

Kinging Queen

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      I wasn’t into daily affirmations until I came across a Pinterest pin that sounded simple but resonated with me. They are a great way to remind us of our strengths and also to know that we are humans and can’t be perfect. And don’t be too hard to yourself! Please.

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    These are all great affirmations. Hmm…I ‘d say my affirmation is ” Stay positive.” There is definitely power in the tongue and in the power of words. It’s so important to speak positively. What you put out in the universe comes back to you.

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