36 Powerful Goals For Personal Growth To Set For Every Aspect Of Your Life

goals for personal growth

At the beginning of every year, we tend to make these new year resolutions that we likely abandon at the three-month mark. Setting attainable goals is a more realistic route to take and since I am interested in the personal development of every queen and king who is following this blog, I took it upon myself to research these 10 powerful goals for personal growth that will make you a hero.

Goals for personal growth that will take you from zero to hero.

From ordinary to extraordinary.

Personal growth goals that will change every aspect of your life and help you end the year on a high that is bound to sustain you for years.

Provided you stay the course. Commitment is always key when you want to achieve goals and it is the same when setting goals for personal growth.

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Goals For Personal Growth

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Why Setting Goals Is Important.

Setting goals is a very important and crucial part of our lives. You know what they say about people who fail to plan, planning to fail.

As cliche, as it may sound, no truer words have been said.

If you do not set goals, you definitely cannot achieve anything. That is why it is important to set goals. I am sure no one wants to be a “pilot-less” car with no direction about where to go.

Setting goals gives you a sense of purpose and direction. It gives you a drive. When you wake up in the morning, you know your plans for the day and week and you go ahead to execute them and then go back to the drawing board much like the PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act) to identify the gaps (reasons) you were unable to achieve some of the goals you set out on, and then put corrective actions in place to eliminate the obstacles so you can achieve them.

As an auditor, this is a part of my life both professionally and personally. Learning about the PDCA cycle will help you a lot in setting goals.

Here is a complete guide on how to set SMART and achievable goals.

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Goals For Personal Growth

goals for personal growth

Goals for personal growth are diverse and not limited to just one area of our lives. You might have some lapses in some aspects of your life than in other areas.

The aim is to strike an even balance for a better life.

For me, I need to set some spiritual goals for myself this year. It is an area of my life that I have neglected for some time now and I need to do better. Yours could be professional goals because you’d like to climb one or two more corporate ladders at work.

So, I will share examples of goals for personal growth that you can tailor yours after.

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goals for personal growth
Goals For Personal Growth

So, let’s talk about these powerful goals for personal growth you can set for yourself. I am going to talk about these personal growth goals under 5 different aspects of our lives we’d commonly want changes.

Health Goals For Personal Growth

goals for personal growth
Health Goals For Personal Growth

Now, if you are not setting health goals for yourself, you’d be doing your older self a great disservice!

When you do not ensure your health is at its optimum, you are bound to suffer ill health now and later.

Here are some health goals for personal growth.

  • Exercising: Since goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Bound), you need to be specific about the kind of exercises you’d like to do and how many times so for this goal, you’d plan exercising 3 times a week either by skipping, doing jumping jacks, walking, running or a combination of some or more.
  • Eating Healthier: If you are the type that tends to eat junk or just want to improve your eating habits, an important health goal for personal growth would be planning to eat healthier. This could mean incorporating more veggies and fruits into your overall diet. This could also include finding ways to drink more water.
  • Starting Yoga: I chose not to include yoga under-exercising because yoga is a whole different ball game and has a lot of benefits as one of the health goals for personal growth. You should definitely try it. There are lots of yoga poses to be learned on Pinterest. Make use of the free resources on yoga and see your life change.
  • Social Wellness: We are social beings and including social wellness in your health goals for personal growth is a must. Some health goals here could be aiming to learn forgiveness, practicing gratitude, and self-care, learning to set boundaries and say No to things you do not like, hanging out with people who are good for your mental health, finding ways to manage your emotions, etc.
  • Self-Care: Self-care is one of the powerful ways you can take care of yourself and should be included in your health goals. There are emotional, spiritual, and physical self-care activities you can do. My Self Care and Self Love board on Pinterest has lots of ideas on how to practice self-care.

Spiritual Goals For Personal Growth

goals for personal growth
Spiritual Goals For Personal Growth

If you are the spiritual type, then you should be setting some spiritual goals for personal growth. There are lots of spiritual goals you can set for yourself and I’ll share a couple of them that you can choose from.

  • Praying: Make praying a daily habit. This is one of the spiritual goals I am setting for my personal growth because I have neglected that part of my life for far too long. I am doing away with intermittent prayers and only praying when I want something. It is a selfish habit.
  • Keeping A Spiritual Journal: A spiritual journal will help you document your spiritual journey by giving illuminating perspectives to every aspect of your life. Talk about your struggles, your wins and lessons, and everything in between.
  • Learning Forgiveness: I made a post on my personal Facebook profile about how hard it is to let go especially where our feelings and emotions are involved. This is where learning forgiveness as a spiritual goal comes in. Forgiveness in itself is spiritual and cleansing. If you are the type that finds it hard to forgive, then this guide by Wikihow will teach you how to learn to forgive and forget.
  • Giving: Giving should be an active part of your life. It should be everyone’s goal in life but sadly people would rather take and take without giving. If you are looking for goals for personal growth, giving should be one of them. Learn to give back to society, people around you, the needy, orphanages, people experiencing homelessness, people with low income, widows, etc. You know what the Bible says about giving and aside from that, giving is liberating! Very liberating I must say.
  • Join A Religious Group: One way to grow spiritually is by joining people of like minds. People who can help you grow spiritually. Besides joining a spiritual group to learn, you get to enjoy other benefits of being amongst people who think like you. Look to your community to look for groups like these.

Career Goals For Personal Growth

goals for personal growth
Career Goals For Personal Growth

Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels

Your career is the part of your life where you need growth and setting goals for your career is a must if you want to get to the apex of your career. If you are like me, then it means you want to get to the top of the professional ladder so to speak.

There are lots of goals you can set for your career growth. Here are some examples you can set.

  • Get Professional Certifications: One way to move up the corporate ladder in your career is professional certifications. At the beginning of every year, I always set goals for one or two professional certifications aside from the ones that may be planned by the Human Resources department and this has helped my career a lot. Get a professional certification that will enhance you professionally.
  • Attend A Conference Related To Your Profession: As part of your continuous professional development (CPD), attending a conference related to your profession (or business) is a great professional goal for personal growth you should set for yourself.
  • Learn To Dress Better For Your Role: Dressing to match your role where you work or as a business owner should be a goal to set for your personal growth. I know you may be wondering why dressing should be a personal growth goal. Remember, more often times than not, you are addressed by the way you dress. So it is a good idea to set goals about how you dress for work.


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  • Learning A New Skill: The day you stop learning is the day you start dying. Learn a new skill. The world is going digital and learning some new skills will not only enhance you professionally, it will also bring in additional income as a side hustle. Here are some side hustles ideas and computer skills you can learn.
  • Make A Career Switch: If your current career pathway isn’t fulfilling, then you should consider making a career switch as one of your career goals for personal growth. Most times, our current career paths were foisted on us by our parents and/or peer pressure or maybe just falling out of love with what we currently do, hence job dissatisfaction sets in. Select a career path you have a drive and passion for and then set a path to achieving this.
  • Improve Your Networking Abilities: Most of my career growth came from LinkedIn. As a matter of fact, I didn’t formally apply for my current job. I was contacted by a country manager of the company via my professional profile on LinkedIn, invited for an interview and I started working within a month. Improving your networking abilities includes having your professional profile on great professional-based platforms like LinkedIn, being active, and networking with industry leaders in your related profession. So, if you’d like to grow, improving your networking abilities should be one of your career goals for personal growth. LinkedIn is a great place to start.
  • Start Your Own Business: Yes, starting your own business can very well be one of your career goals for personal growth. Having multiple streams of income is what makes you truly financially independent. So, if you are business-inclined, setting up your own business is a career goal worth setting. Below is an article on how to start your own online business.


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Relationship Goals

goals for personal growth
Relationship Goals For Personal Growth

Of course, we are going to include relationship goals for personal growth. Relationships are a great part of our lives and it is important we set goals for this aspect of our lives. Here are some examples of relationship goals you can set for yourself.

  • Learn To Set Boundaries: Learning and setting boundaries is a great way to have healthy relationships and protect your mental health. We get into and become involved in petty issues in our relationships because we do not know how to set boundaries. So setting boundaries as one of your relationship goals for personal growth is a must if you constantly find yourself in this kind of situation.
  • Learn To Say No: How does one learn to say no when it comes to relationships? I have noticed that we tend to say “yes” to certain persons in our lives just because we want them to be happy or hope they see us in a way we’d like them to see us to our own detriment. This is not healthy in any way. If you are a typical people-pleaser, then this relationship goal is one you should definitely set. Remember, practice is key.


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  • Spend More Time With Your Significant Other: If you find that you and your partner are drifting apart, and you still very much want him/her in your life, then you need to set goals on how to spend more time with them. This could involve planning activities you both love, date nights, beach frolicking, cozy dinners, etc. Just remember that your goals have to be SMART and will bring about your personal growth as well as that of your partner. I have several articles on relationships that you can read to help you build better relationships.
  • Devote More Time To Relationships That Matter: Aside from your romantic relationship, there are other platonic relationships you’d like to maintain, and devoting more time to them is one of the relationship goals for personal growth you should set. Your immediate family, BFFs, mentors, etc are examples of relationships you can devote more time to.
  • Keep Sex Interesting: Ha, sex has to be a goal for your relationship to thrive, dear queen. When sex is lacking in a relationship, it is usually a sign of problems between couples. You should definitely be setting goals for sex for relationships. Keep sex interesting, find ways to incorporate new things in your sex life, talk with your partner, and come up with ways to spice up your sex life. This could be fulfilling each other’s sex fantasies.
  • Stop Spending Time With People You’d Rather Do Away With: Part of developing healthy relationships is knowing who is good for and in your life and those who aren’t adding any value to your life in any way. This is one of the best relationship goals for personal growth you can ever set for yourself.

Financial Goals For Personal Growth

goals for personal growth
Goals for Personal Growth

A holistic approach to setting goals for personal growth wouldn’t be complete without setting financial goals for yourself. Your finances play a huge role in your life and setting goals for your finances and money is important. Here are some financial goals you can set for yourself.

  • Commit To Saving X Amount of Money From Your Salary: Savings are a must as a financial goal. I achieved most of the things I have done in my life using savings. Savings come in handy during emergencies and other important things like getting impromptu professional certifications. Commit to saving a particular amount of your salary and other earnings. You can easily achieve this goal by setting up a deduction order with your bank when your salary is paid.
  • Budgeting: Setting goals about budgeting is another key financial goal for personal growth. Learn how to budget for food and groceries, subscriptions (if you must have them), utility bills, and shopping. Look up Personal Finance on my blog to help you set goals on budgeting.
  • Pay Off Your Debt: You won’t gain financial freedom if you are weighed down by debts. Devise a way to pay off debts you owe by setting specific dates that you can do so. One way is to have an outstanding order with your bank to make deductions from your salary to the accounts of your creditors.
  • Save For A Home: Having your own home is one of the personal development goals for personal growth you should set. Saving for a home is vital if you want to stop paying monthly rent. You can set a target for when you’d like to achieve this and have a separate bank account for saving the money you need to buy a home.
  • Save For Retirement: Saving from the get go for your retirement is important to personal growth. Do not enjoy your youth, squandering money forgetting your later years. So set goals for saving towards retirement if you do not want to be a burden to others in your old age.

Entertainment/Fun Goals

goals for personal growth

Hell yes!

All work and no play makes Jennifer a dull girl!

You definitely should be setting fun goals for your personal growth because it is ideal to strike a healthy work-life balance. I always make time to go to the Cinema (I love watching movies and the cinema), have spa dates, sleepovers, and clubbing (I haven’t done clubbing for a long time now though).

Here are some entertainment/fun goals for your personal growth.

  • Adopt A New Hobby: New hobbies are great to have. It makes for variety and we know variety is the spice of life. You can choose to learn a new hobby like crocheting/knitting, computer gaming, writing, journaling, etc by setting aside a day or two to learn them. Let your creativity out and relieve stress while at it.


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  • Weekly or Monthly Dates With Friends: Good friends are awesome and when you have them, you always want to be with them. Set goals for this by including it in a weekly or monthly schedule that works for everyone and reap the benefits of having great friends in your life.


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  • Save and Plan For A Vacation: I always try to have at least a vacation away from my home country every year and I can tell you, those trips are always cathartic and relaxing. That one single trip can make you feel awesome for the rest of the year so save up and plan for a vacation as part of your goals for personal growth. Explore, indulge, and immerse yourself in new cultures, adventures, and cuisine.
  • Allocate Time For Something You Love Doing: Is there something you love doing that is all fun and makes you happy? Then set a goal for doing it more often. It could be ensuring you spend at least one hour doing that thing every day or weekly or even monthly.
  • Join A Local Sports Club: Sport is a great way to network, build new business and platonic relationships, and most importantly have fun so set a goal to join a sports club in your area and have some much-needed fun on a weekly or monthly basis or as often as you would like!
  • Go For Your Favorite Artist Concert: If you have a favorite artist/musician and would love to watch them live in a concert, then set a goal towards achieving this.
  • Try Mountain Hiking: My younger sister is a pro when it comes to this. There is a group in the city she lives where that meets up every month to go mountain hiking. It is fun. I haven’t done mountain hiking but I know it is a fun thing to do from all the pictures I see. if this is your kind of thing, then set a goal for it.
  • Be A Tourist In Your Own City: I bet there are awesome places in your hometown you have never visited. Isn’t it time you be a tourist and visit them? You will make good memories, have fun and relieve stress when you do. This is a great goal to set for your personal growth.

Conclusion On Goals For Personal Growth

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Remember that goals for personal growth have two keywords, PERSONAL and GROWTH. Your personal growth goals are personal to you and they should bring about your growth. Positive growth that is. So set personal growth goals for yourself that will benefit you.

Choose the goals for personal growth that will enhance your life. Look at the area(s) of your life where you need change and growth and set SMART goals that will help you in your personal development.

So what goals for personal growth will you be setting?

Let me know in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this with friends and family on social media platforms.

goals for personal growth
Goals For Personal Growth

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