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10 Ways To Be More Creative

Are you aware that a research conducted says everyone can be creative? That means you are born to create. To be creative? Oh, so you don't believe? Hang on, hop on the ride and read to the end and you will discover 10 ways on how to be more creative!

Creativity is simply creating out of something, using imagination of original ideas.

Everyone can be original. What you need is practice!

Consider making these 10 tips and tricks a habit and you will unconsciously get supercharged. Creatively!

What Makes A Person Creative?

Think about Steve Jobs and Mack Zuckerberg. What comes to mind? OMG! Those two are like semi gods to me lol. When i think about creators in the sciences, arts and technology, i am always awed about their capabilities and achievements.

Creative persons are great thinkers and they think outside the box. Every. Single. Time. They are not bound by traditional norms even though studies have shown that they respect traditional norms but they however always look for new ways to do things!

Mind you, creativity does not only have to do with sciences, arts and technology. It could mean something as simple as learning new ways to reorganize your wardrobe, creating super meals from leftovers, writing a poem or an ebook!

You do not have to be a Steve Jobs or Picasso to be considered a creative person!

Creativity also comes into play in our daily lives. The things we do or create out of the ordinary or

So what makes a person creative? What are the "characteristics of people who are creative?

Characteristics Of Creative People

Lets delve into some characteristics of creative people before we share those 10 tips and tricks for supercharging your creativity!

Creative People Are Not Bound By Norms! 

Loud it! They are not bound by traditional norms. They think of new ways to do something. Like okay, recipe for cabbage soup calls for 2 teaspoons of curry (i don't have an idea lol), and then someone thinks about turmeric (which is actually more beneficial health wise) and voila! It gives it even more boost! You are creative!

I have seen pictures of car tyres made into beautiful furniture. Now that is simply genius if you ask me!

Fashion designers and interior decorators are not bound by traditional ways of doing things and that is why they create pieces that we all "die" to own!

Creative People Are Very Imaginative


This is a given. I am not saying i am a super creative person but my imagination runs wild a whole lot (i don't know why i am not making money from it yet lol).

Have you ever wondered how the likes of Sidney Sheldon, John Grisham, Dan Brown, Jackie Collins, Mario Puzo and a host of others create content that end up being New York Bestsellers every single time they publish their books?

It is their imagination!

Creative People Are Super Intuitive

Now how did someone know if i add a splash of color here and a dash of parsley there would result into something amazing that people would clamour for?

That is intuition. Knowing instinctively that something will work and turn out right if i try this way or that way.

This is one of the characteristics of creative people. They are super intuitive.

Creative People Are Passionate About What They Do

Passion is what separates you from the ordinary and makes you "extra". Creative people spend hours doing their thing and mastering their craft.

With enthusiasm. Being passionate about your job and/or what you do makes you creative.

This is certainly true for

10 Ways To Be More Creative!

table showing creative display of different items

So here are ten tips and tricks to supercharge your creativity!

  • Study Everyday

Interestingly,  you are reading this already! See? You really want your creativity supercharged!

A lot of people find reading frustrating or boring! More so when the content you are "reading" does not "speak" to you (i hope reading this speaks to you though!).

Read books written by people you look up to, or maybe the books they recommend. You can start from reading 500 words a day, progress to a 1000 and so on. Or maybe read a couple of chapters of your current read. It all depends on timing.

Why read? Reading is a great way to sharpen your creative mind! Reading will teach you some new skills and broaden your horizon on new ideas.

Read more today!

  • Master The Basics!

Don’t just breeze over the basics, master it. Every complex event is built by basic blocks. Knowing how to handle these basics will make you become creative in resolving complexities.

Mastering the basics of your profession, you’ll learn to think deeper with a more advanced and robust insight than an amateur. Try spending fifteen minutes every day mastering the basics of your profession and you would be surprised on how creative you’d get over time.

As a Safety Engineer, i read a whole range of topics on different industries and it has helped me master a lot. I am still learning!

Most people don’t revisit the basics enough. When this becomes a norm, creativity becomes a norm too.

  • Stretch Yourself!

I went for a professional training last year and i was called out of the blue that i need to train virtually every other personnel in the organisation where i work!

Well, i said "wasn't going to do it" (not exactly in those words lol). My major reason was that i didn't think i was "equipped" and "knowledgeable" enough to do the training. Well, one of our directors called me up and after our chat, i decided to go ahead with the training (training is already done and was a success).

What did i do? I "stretched" myself. Went all out to "equip" myself. I went out of my comfort zone.

What is the limit your mind and body can go? Stretch it! Jump out of your comfort zone, maybe once every week. Just try it. Stretch your attitude, say ‘hi’ to a scary figure, try singing out loud, just try something that will stretch you. Then try it all over again. What do you think is the worse that could happen when you try all this?

Stretch your study time, stretch your work time, stretch everything. Then suddenly, you would be someone who thinks outside the box. By doing something that puts you in a situation where the outcome is a little daunting, you’ll learn that it’s okay to be brave with new ideas too and that nothing bad will happen from doing so.

  • Research More!

Ask those questions you think are silly. Interestingly, there are no silly questions, just depth of understanding, and in a short time, you will be housing a beautifully deep mind. A creative mind.

Xavier answered all my lame ass questions about blogging. He didn't mind the time or day!

There is no day i don't read something about blogging or my profession. I have tons and tons of materials on both.

I invest time and money in doing this! But there are lots of free resource on the internet. Like this you are reading!

Fill your mind with high quality content and in doing that, you broaden your horizon, whilst also giving yourself vital inspiration for new ideas too.

Looking to become a better writer? Read great pieces. Write more. Research writing

Looking to become a better artist? Fill your mind with great art.

  •  Focus For Longer!

Spend that time on your ideas! You would see what next your mind will create.

When you’re struggling to be creative, turn your phone off, shut the door and face squarely the challenge in front of you.

Spend time building a focused mentality and you’ll soon see unbelievable outcomes. We all have the "spirit" of creativity but focus is what brings out the creative side of you!

photo with inscription 10 ways to be more creative
Be Creative!

  • Surround Yourself With Great Minds!

Please permit me to use this; “Deep calls unto deep,” “Iron sharpens Iron.” It is very true from the Bible. The minds that should sharpen you and criticize you constructively, should be the ones that should always be around you.

Unchallenged minds kill creativity, they "infect" you with their thinking pattern.

If you want amazing creative thoughts, look for amazing creative people to follow and talk to. Whether it is physically or over the internet, finding great minds that inspire you to think differently is a great victory.

Meet up with great minds, listen to them speak, study what makes them interesting, and gradually, you will discover more ways to be creative.

  • Filter Out Junk!

Get that crap outta ya head lovely! Get that junk off your mind, get the load off your desk. Create room for beautiful thoughts. Creativity thrives in a clean room.

Creativity and decision making get complicated when you’re surrounded with an abundance of unimportant things!

Get focused in your thinking, everything around you should be what matters to your goal.

It will be interesting to you, finding out what you’d trash in your clearance. Things really not needed.

Filter out junk and boost your creativity!

  • Have Challenging Conversations!

Try this at least once every week! Engage in conversations with people, maybe a team of like minds. Learn from them, teach them, be criticized by them, criticize them.

Be happy! From this, you would find out how your ideas would sound in the hearing of others. You might want to laugh at yourself sometimes.

A challenging conversation is something where there’s no immediate flow of ideas or answers. Just stuff to task your mind.

You would just be creating bubbles in your heart that will push more creativity out.

Never be deterred, just do more.

  • Write!

If you don't have a journal, this is the best time to get one!

Write something down! When an idea comes, jot it down quickly. Keep it somewhere, if it is not needed immediately. You would definitely stumble on it one day, and you will be amazed what you had thought about before.

There are times i will get a fantastic idea for a blog post and then i don't write it down, it "slips" away! It is very frustrating. These days, i carry my journal in my bag. All the time without fail. I am not losing any more ideas

creative writing on a journal
Write It Down!

"drummed" up in my head!

Write down your ideas as soon as they formulate in your head. Then string them together. See your creativity soar!

  • Always Imagine!

I reckon Steve Jobs imagination was hyperactive and that is why he was able to create the Apple brand! He never followed the "norm" so to say and that is why till date even after death, Apple is creating bigger and better gadgets and devices.

Think outside the box always! Is there a better way to do it?

Is there a way it has never been done before? An alternative way to fix it? Answers to these and more, is the result of deep imagination. You will find out there is always a better way, and that is the foundation of innovation.

Try it!

Finally, your creativity will be supercharged when you are willing to be a problem solver. The world has a lot of problems, with solutions in minds that dare to be creative.

Thank for reading this lengthy post! Okay, it is time for you to share your own ideas and ways for boosting creativity, Let me know in the comments!






41 thoughts on “10 Ways To Be More Creative

  1. I think we all have our own way of being creative. For me it’s writing and videos, for someone else it might be painting pictures or building things. I always say that I am so not creative but when I think about it, yes, yes I am. Just like everyone is to a degree! 🙂

    1. Lolzzz. I used to say that too! My kid brother is an Engineer like I am but paints like mad! A born natural and I wondered why I couldn’t. But like I got to understand and wrote on the blog post, we all are creative. In different ways and become more brilliant when we think outside the box

  2. Thank you for this post, I love the idea of having challenging conversations. This is one area I need to focus on. Instead of the boring how are you today mindless conversations.

  3. These are such great tips Jen! I especially love that you bring up learning, imagining and writing. Totally sparks that creativity fire.

    I also love the research on how things like walking, meditating or even just resting actually boosts your creativity. Giving the brain a break sometimes can lead to some interesting ideas ^^. So cool!

    Thanks for sharing your advice and experiences.

  4. Wow.. really great tips for being more creative. Thanks for sharing. I am implementing some of the tips you mentioned here. Along with these , I would say > Practice, Practice Practice your skills and Meditate daily.. meditation gives energy and boosts intuitive abilities.

    1. It happens to me too at times. I’m sitting right now thinking how to craft my next blog post. I was about turning my tab off when I saw your comment on the blog. I thought I should just respond before “tuning” off and then concentrating! I’m sure you’ll find a balance with practice! All the best Eric! Have a creative week ahead!

  5. Love this! Creativity is the basis of life! And, there are so many different ways to express yourself and it’s always good to think outside the box but within your own abilities and interests. Great post! ❤ Jamie

  6. I love that you suggested studying to increase creativity. So many assume that creativity comes naturally and it can’t be learned. Love these suggestions!

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