Introducing The Chronicles Of Jennifer

Today, i am introducing the Chronicles of Jennifer.

The Chronicles of Jennifer is a new category i am adding on the blog where i will be sharing my every day life (the crazy, boring, good, bad and ugly with you all) as a way for you to know the person behind the blog and also a way to get to know you all. We all are getting Up close and personal lovelies.the chronicles of jennifer

So how you all been? I trust every single one of you is fine and doing great! Been busy behind the scenes working on improving your experience on the blog each time you visit. I am sure you all have noticed a couple of changes on the blog.

Its been very hectic this past month and i reckon this month is going to come with all sort of craziness as well (it has begun already). My family is preparing for the funeral of my paternal grandma in November and for those of you that are familiar with African cultures (especially Nigerian’s own culture), you will understand what goes into carrying out a funeral. I will share the experience on the blog!

Its a huge affair and why we do it, i don’t know! Its stressful, time consuming and money grubbing but i am not complaining. Grandma Rodji was a cool woman and she lived a fulfilled life. She was a 102 years! Here, the funeral for a super old person is celebration!

I am not talking about funerals on my first day of the chronicles of Jennifer though lol.

I had an amazing albeit crazy day on Friday last week. October 5th to be precise! It is not a day i will forget in a hurry!

Chronicles of Jennifer: October 5th Craziness

So i thought i should log into admin section of my blog (yes there is a thing like that lol) to check if you all are reading anything on the blog haha and voila i see over 70 comments on my comment page! What?!!! In a day? I have never ever experienced that!

My first thought was, okay this looks good and then i went into “survival of the fittest” mode! Why? The stats for comments was not translating to stats for visits! Okay if you are a blogger, you know what i am trying to talk about. My next thought was “i have been hacked”!

Since i started self hosting, i have had over 28 malicious attacks on this blog! So yes being hacked was a natural conclusion!

Then i decided to read some of the comments and discovered that they are not spam but genuine comments from different people from different parts of the world! It was humbling!

I don’t know how it happened. Like i said earlier on, i have been working behind the scene to improve the blog generally and got it indexed on other search engines.

Could that be the reason for the influx of comments? I really do not know and can’t tell. I did contact the host company in the States and they said my site was good. It took some convincing but eventually, i decided to just go ahead and read all comments. All 189 of them! Yes! As i was reading, others were coming in!

The Comments That Made Me Start The Chronicles

Whilst i have been thinking on “working in” a personal angle and a DIY category (DIY will surely go live soon on the blog), i have been reluctant (thinking about time, resources and juggling the blog and my regular 9-5 job) but some comments i read that day were so personal and written directly to me as a person and this spurred me to start the chronicles of Jennifer.

It is still an humbling experience. Some persons said they liked my style of writing, others said they found my blog posts inspiring and still more talked about how they bookmarked and shared on social media. Someone even said he doesn’t know me but he reckon i would famous! Lol. I don’t know about being famous but we will see…

Then there is this dude from Texas that said he has been reading my blog for a while now and decided to give me a shout out. Yet another talked about how he would have contributed to the blog if i had a donate button (well, i have a donate button now, you all. Just scroll down and voila you will see the “support my blog” button. Feel free to donate. It will go a long way in improving the blog and doing much more. Thanks in advance!)

I took the time to answer every comment. That is how much the experience meant to me!

About Starting Small

When i started this blog initially in 2012, i didn’t have a clue about blogging! I still don’t have a clue about LOTS of things! I had a “hiatus” for years because my regular job is tasking and i didn’t find the motivation to continue with the blog

But then last year, i dusted my laptop after an encounter with my “cabbie guy”. This encounter led to my writing about the African female child. A cause that is very dear to me. From then on, i started blogging earnestly. Keeping to set schedule is difficult but i try to get with it!

There were moments of frustration. Times i wanted to throw in the towel upon realization that there is a whole lot i don’t know about blogging but then there have been and continue to be moments of small victories that make me want to go on writing and blogging.

Moments like this. Moments where i get 189 comments from across the globe on my blog on a single day. These are moments that make me want to share my story on the chronicles of Jennifer.

The words “start where you are” have never been more truer. No matter your conditions, start where you are, start with what you have and eventually things will become clearer and better as you progress.

Chronicles Of Jennifer: Journey Begins

So today, the Chronicles of Jennifer begins with THANKS to every single one who has read, has been reading, will continue reading this blog. The journey begins with thanks to everyone that has commented on blog posts in time past and will be commenting in subsequent ones.

The journey begins with a million thanks to those 189 persons who commented on my blog on October 5th and the other 40 who also commented October 7th (yes i add another influx of comments on that day!).

I cannot name every single person but i would like you all to know that i appreciate you all! For the time you spend/spent in reading my lengthy blog posts (lol), and then also taking the time to leave comments (encouraging, inspiring and constructive criticisms), i say thank you!

To all the bloggers who have taken time out to answer even my lame ass questions about blogging, i say thank you!

Mo has been a huge resource. You are one of a kind. Xavier Young answers all my silly questions no mater the time of the day. You are good bruv and i love you. A big shout out to Julia. You are a definition of a true friend. You took me under your wing when you saw i was blogging and not doing some necessary things!

Thanks to every blogger who has read and commented on my blog thus far.

Thanks to family and friends who have been supporting me. A big shout to Mama Sam and Chicity! They are the champions of the KQ Tribe. You have been there from the beginning and it is my sincere wish that you continue to be part of this amazing journey!

Hop On the Chronicles Ride

chronicles of jennifer

Jennifer: Evolving Every day

So hop on the “Chronicles Of Jennifer” ride, let’s get up close and personal. Share your experiences with me. Let’s all evolve! Every day!

Today, i would like to know what you are thankful for!

I am thankful for gift of life. What are you thankful for? Let me know in the comments!

You all have a beautiful week!






Jennifer Pompaski
Jennifer Pompaski

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  1. November 6, 2018 / 8:36 pm

    Congratulations on the many comments you are recording on your blog. That shows your posts are engaging.

    Sorry about the loss of yours grandma. I hope you met her before her passing. I never got to known any of my grand parents. No regrets thoughts!
    The chronicles of Jennifer sounds like a great idea. Sorry I will cheer you on here, hoping to enjoying the ride with you. More power to your elbow. it

    • November 6, 2018 / 8:50 pm


      Yes I met her. I visited her about 3 months before she passed on. So sorry you never got to meet your grand parents! I was lucky to have met 3 of my grandparents. Unfortunately they’ve all passed on now. My paternal grandmother being the last. But they lived fulfilled lives and they were old also. Mama Rodji was a 103years!

      I am hoping chronicles of Jennifer would be a huge success just like I hope the kinging queen blog will be hugely successful!

      Thank you so much for your engagement and encouragement!

      • November 6, 2018 / 10:01 pm

        You are welcome Jennifer. And thank you too for your time.

        One last thing though, what’s the inspiration behind your blog name ‘kinging queen?”

        • November 6, 2018 / 10:06 pm

          I keep getting that lol. The inspiration behind the name. This would probably sound cliche but I have been through a lot! I never let my experiences hold me down. Oh I’m not a superwoman. I have my lows like every other person. If you read my About page, you’ll get the general idea behind naming my blog, the kinging queen

          • November 6, 2018 / 10:11 pm

            All right Jennifer. I will definitely check out your About Page.

  2. Dessy
    October 8, 2018 / 5:29 pm

    Whao!!! It’s wonderful to learn more about how far you have evolved. Don’t despise little beginning but rather encourage and support them. That’s why i am commenting for the very first time today on your blog. To top it all October 5th is a special day and i am glad it’s also a memorable blogging day to you. See you on chronicles of Jennifer. For now thanks for your wonderful and inspiring post. Bye.

    • October 8, 2018 / 5:41 pm

      Ohhh! I missed your birthday!!! I am so sorry! I did tell myself that I would send you a message but believe me, that day I was perplexed about the comments thing and trying to resolve everything! Happy belated birthday Dessy. You know I care about you! Thank you for your nice comments! It is well appreciated!

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