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My Craze About African Braids

Hey, how did the weekend go! Relaxed and ready for the new week i hope! You all know my love and hate relationship with Mondays. That is no longer news. What could be news for you though is the fact that i am crazy about African braids.

I am one of the lucky ones that their natural hair don't break (much) for wearing braids often. For that i am grateful because i wouldn't know what i would do (make) without braids lol.

lady wearing colorful African braids
Sitting Pretty lol

This here braids i had on about 3 months ago when i was on holiday in London. The love i got for the hair was amazing! Some people could not help touching them while complimenting the hair. I think i answered like a zillion questions about the braids! It was that crazy and i loved all the attention.

You know me lol. I know i look good in them.

Why I Love African Braids

There are lots of reasons why i love African braids!

  • Easy On My Looks

The first being that i know i look good in braids. Better than i look wearing weaves although friends and family argue that i look very beautiful with my natural hair (that is a discourse for another chronicles of Jennifer lol).

  • Saves My Time

Now aside from the fact that i think i look good in braids is the fact that it doesn't have to be combed or brushed. That is a huge deal for me being a professional working lady. It saves my time darling!

  • Can Be Manipulated Into Any Style

I am not one for packing my hair but when the mood suits, it is easy to manipulate my African braids any way and manner i like and then i am set to move. Now, what can be better than an hairstyle that you can "get" on your own without an appointment to see your hair stylist?

If you "feel me", raise ya hands! I see you all! Thank you for feeling me yo! Lol

  • It Doesn't Itch

I have had lots of debates about braids not itching. I came to the conclusion that it is an "individual" thing. Like it is related to your hair type and general hair regimen/hygiene. Braids on my hair don't itch unless i wear them for too long and i do not that.

  • Can Be Washed On The Go

Yes. You can wash your braids while you have them on especially when/if you intend having them on for months. That way, products residue can be washed off. I don't do this much because i usually do not leave my braids on for long periods unless when i am really really crazy about them!

lady wearing colorful African braids
All Smiles

Now on to some history about African braids!

I have always been fascinated about braids and often wondered who sat down and thought about this CREATIVE way to make hair! The person is nothing but a genius if you ask me! An hairstyle that has and continues to rock people's world

Adopted on the streets of Hollywood, rocked by rappers, actresses and celebrities world over, braids are essentially an hairstyle that will stay till the end of time. It ain't going out of "fashion" anytime soon.

The History Of African Braids

Africa braids has its roots in Egypt to as far back as 3500 BC! Now how cool is that! It is a form of art and basically exists in every African culture.

History has it that the braids were a form of communication! You could tell from the designs if the person was in courtship, married or even mourning! You could also tell the social status of a person wearing the braids.

The knowledge for braiding was passed down by our ancestors and now, the new generation has "developed" lots of different styles for braids. It an amazing beauty to behold and i am proud to identify this particular "culture" in Africa.

It is also worthy of note that each African country has their own distinctive ways for braiding. We have the Senegalese braids and the Ghanaian weaves. They all are amazing.

lady wearing colorful African braids

African Braids At The Office

As you can see from the pic above, it was taken in an office. My office. We are allowed to wear braids. Not that there is any "written policy" on it. But then, braids is our way of life. Its a common "feature" amongst African women especially Nigerians.

As a matter of fact, African braids' wigs are the craze of the moment in Nigeria. They are expensive to make but then very durable so i guess its a win situation.

Well, i am not a fan of wigs. I prefer sitting for hours to make my braids (yes it takes hours). I know sitting down for hours to make the braids (instead of just getting wigs of different types and colors) but i think it makes it look more natural!

So back to braids and the office. A friend told me, a friend of hers was denied a job in the United Kingdom because she wore braids. I have also online how some persons lost their jobs because they were having braids.

Well, i think that is appalling! I mean! It is like taking away someone's "identity" and telling them to put on another "identity" they think is more "suitable".

No one should be asked to leave a job or lose a job simply because they are wearing weaves.

The act should be discouraged and a STOP put to it. My two cents on the matter!

Even though no one asked me for my opinion on the matter lol.


My Many African Braids Styles

The likes of Beyonce & Alicia Keys are making braids are in thing. So much so, Kim K and the gang are in on the braids gang thing.

As well as yours truly, Jennifer.

I am in on the African braids gang. For life. Not even a one thousand dollar weave extension gift can make me stop sitting for hours to get my hair done.

Its what we do! Oh well, it is what i do!

lady wearing colorful African braids with lots of beads
My cheeks though!


I Love Me Some Colors!

I love experimenting with colors too! Purple is my all time favorite and generally looks good on all skin tones (blacks and whites).

smiling lady wearing African braids
I love me some purple!

Ombre is good too but i have never tried it.

I love gold too!

I think the next color of braids i will have on will either be pink or gold. I know right? Crazy!

But wait till you see me pull off that color with my African braids next time on Chronicles of Jennifer.

Who else loves braids? What colors do you experiment with and what are your favorite styles? If you have never worn braids, you are missing out! Trust me!

You all have a creative week.

Lady wearing purple African braids





33 thoughts on “My Craze About African Braids

  1. My very own ‘babyface’, you got me cracking @ ‘raise yah hand’!Yes,i am also a ‘gang of braids’. I await the ‘Jennifer chronicles of natural hair’ edition…African Braids always ‘steal the show’ on any occasion。

  2. Beautiful. Something good that originated from Africa that has stand the test of time and will continue to do so because it keeps evolving. Thanks to all African mama and sisters that keeps passing it on to the next generation.

  3. I love braids! They’re my go-to, especially in the summer. I get questions at work mostly about them – I don’t mind giving up a couple hours sitting and getting them done because they last very long.

  4. Your braids are gorgeous! I wish my hair would allow me to make braids, but it would be impossible. I had one once though through my hair and I really liked it.

  5. I have a friend who uses these types of braids whenever she travels and it really does save on time. More so since it’s less maintenance.

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