Powerful Physical Self Care Ideas That Will Nourish Your Body

physical self care ideas

Dear Queens, Let’s talk about physical self care ideas today.

Your body, like everything else, will eventually show signs of wear and tear. The question is not whether it will happen, but when.

As a result, dealing with issues both before and during their occurrence is critical. If you don’t, when your body begins to show signs of being put to the test, things will be made much more difficult than they should be.

Here, we look at physical self care ideas to do when it looks like your body might just need a little bit more tender loving care. 

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physical self care ideas
Physical Self Care Ideas

Physical Self Care Ideas

1 . Increase Your Levels Of Activity

It sounds counterproductive, doesn’t it? When your body is tired and maybe needs some TLC, making it partake in more physical activity doesn’t make sense, but actually, several publications states that plenty of regular exercise will go a long way towards keeping your body in the best possible shape.

Physical Self Care Ideas
Physical Self Care Ideas

Exercise reduces your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and some cancers, and this potent effect results in what experts call “morbidity compression.” It basically means that you will be healthier in your later years than someone who spends the last few years of their life constantly fighting chronic illness.

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2. Improve Your Diet

Physical Self Care Ideas
Physical Self Care Ideas

We almost all know that we should do this, but it is so important that it needs reminding. While a good diet is not going to mean that you are immune from everything, it will go a long way towards helping you to maintain a healthy weight and reduce all sorts of health issues. So, while that slice of cake or giant ice cream cone is not going to hurt as a once in a while treat, make sure that your everyday diet is jam-packed with fruit, veg, lean proteins, and healthy fats.

3. Ditch The Bad Habits

woman sitting by a window, smoking

Yes, you know it. Smoking, taking drugs, drinking too much alcohol – all habits that while might give us a temporary good feeling have so many bad effects on our health. Reduce your alcohol intake by swapping at least every other one for a soft drink or juice, and aiming to have a few nights a week without any whatsoever. Smoking is a hard habit to crack – many people find that vaping with high vg is a step towards breaking the habit. If you rely on drugs to get you through the day, seek professional advice to help you find other ways of dealing with things.


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4. Make sure that you are getting plenty of sleep

Sleep deprivation affects your memory, emotions, weight, and even your appearance. The older you get, the more difficult it is to fall and stay asleep, but you still require the same number of hours.

woman sleeping on a bed

Most sleep problems, according to the National Sleep Foundation, are caused by snoring, medication side effects, and underlying medical conditions such as acid reflux, depression, and prostate problems. Addressing those concerns with your doctor is a good place to start. You can also get better sleep by creating a relaxing environment, allotting enough time for sleep, and practicing breathing exercises.

Here is a list of free sleeping apps you can easily download (downloadable links included) using your android and iOS mobile devices to help you sleep like a baby and always wake up refreshed and relaxed and ready for your day.


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Conclusion: Physical Self Care Ideas

These physical self care ideas are great for your body, mind and soul and will help you maintain and retain a youthful look over the years.

Your physical well being is a huge factor when it comes to your health so these physical self care ideas will take care of your physical health and ensure optimum health.

Do you have any other suggestions for physical self care ideas? If you do, please share in the comment section and I will include it in the list! Don’t forget to share this knowledge on social media with all the awesome women around you! Remember, sharing is caring!

physical self care ideas
Physical Self Care Ideas

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