5 Amazing Self Care Challenges You Should Absolutely Try!

self care challenges

Dear queens, are you struggling to introduce self-care into your routine? When you’re a beginner to self-care, it can be difficult forcing yourself to take the time out to focus on you. Here are 5 powerful self care challenges you should absolutely try!

There are a lot of reasons to put off self-care, including lack of time or an uncertainness of where to start. It could be that you’ve attempted to add self-care into your routine, but you’ve fallen into the many mistakes you can make.

Whatever the reason, if you are struggling to incorporate self-care into your routine, it could be a great idea to get on some challenges.

There are a lot of self-care challenges you can partake in to get started. Below, you’ll discover some of the best self-care challenges you might want to consider.

I am going to be sharing my favorite self care challenges with you all today. Who is hopping on the ride?

Let’s go!

Self Care Challenges You Should Absolutely Try!


self care challenges
Self Care Challenges

Self Care Challenges: The Technology Detox Challenge

Most of us could do with a technology detox. As beneficial as it is in our daily lives, technology such as social media and smartphones can become quite addictive. If you find yourself spending a lot of time on social media channels, you might want to consider taking a little break.

Set yourself a challenge to reduce your technology usage. It could be you start by limiting your use of technology by one hour each day. Or, you may like to set a challenge where you don’t use social media for one week. Think about the type of technology you spend too much time using, then establish ways to cut back on your usage for a set period of time.

self care challenges
Digital Detox

We as bloggers and social media influencers, need to do this so much more even though our “existence” and success depends a lot on social media.

You’ll be surprised how much better you feel after a mini break away from technology.

I have tried it and trust me, it is liberating! You feel like this whole new human being.

Devoid of a lot of negative aura and energy.

The feeling is almost spiritual in nature.

This 7 days digital detox by Life Hack is my favorite!

Try it and thank me later!

Self Care Challenges: Increased Hydration Challenge

self care challenges

Drinking plenty of water is crucial to your health. You’re going to need to stay hydrated if you want to look and feel your best. However, studies have shown that despite knowing how important it is, most people don’t get the level of hydration they need each day.

A great self-care challenge is to ensure you’re drinking enough water. If you currently drink no water at all, start by drinking just one glass a day. Then, increase it to two over a period of time, and so on. This gets you into the habit of drinking more water each day and will greatly benefit the health.

Since becoming fully aware of the benefits of drinking water, I always drink a full glass of water in the mornings as soon as I wake up.

I keep a bottle of water and a glass by my bedside at night. That way, I do not forget. It is now so much a part of my routine that when I don’t drink the water, my body reminds me, I am yet to take the water

The most popular hydration challenge I’d like all my queens to try would be the one by the British Heart foundation. They have spent over 50 years in researches on hydration and cardiovascular diseases so they know what they are on about.

You can download the British Heart Foundation Hydration Challenge PDF for use here.

Self Care Challenges: Journaling Challenges

self care challenges
Journaling Self Care Challenges

If you haven’t started started journaling yet, you definitely should!

They are “cathartic”.


And oh so, liberating!

Erm, it looks like ”liberating’ is my favorite word today!

Journaling challenges can be super-fun as well as beneficial to your self-care routine. Getting into the habit of journaling however can be really difficult.

Set yourself a challenge to start journaling either early in the morning or right before you go to bed. Don’t give yourself any other rules. Just write whatever comes into your head if you’re using a thoughts and feelings journal. If you’re starting a gratitude journal, write down at least three things you are grateful for each day.

Here are some awesome Journaling Tips To Help You Get Started With Journaling if you do not have any idea on how to beging

These journaling prompts for self discovery and for coping with stress and anxiety, will give you an idea of what to do if you haven’t started journaling yet.

Then hop on this awesome 150 day journaling challenge by Popsugar

I am absolutely certain you will love this self care challenge.

Self Care Challenges: Meditation Challenge

Woman in a meditation pose: self care challenges

There’s no denying meditation is one of the most effective self-care activities you can do. However, it’s also one of the most difficult to get started with.

It’s usually the thought of meditation which puts you off giving it a go. So, by setting yourself a meditation challenge, it’s going to help you get into the routine of adding it to your daily life.

Start by setting a 5-minute meditation goal each day. Then, increase it to 10 minutes, then 15 minutes and so on.

Join this free 30 day Meditation Challenge by doyou.

I just joined!

Self Care Challenges: Read Before Bed Challenge

Read before bed self care

Do you know that Bill Gates reads before bed?

Science also suggests that you read before bed too!

When mattress review site Sleep Junkie surveyed 1,000 people, it found those who read before bed slept an average of an hour and 37 minutes more than non-readers.

Nearly three quarters reported they had a harder time falling asleep without reading.

If you struggle to unwind before bed, reading is a great activity to try. It helps to relax the mind, preparing it for sleep. Set a challenge to read every night before bed. You can begin with 15 minutes, then build up to half an hour if you need to.

Check out this challenge to get you started.

Conclusion On Self Care Challenges

As you can see, there are a lot of self-care challenges you can set yourself. It’s important to remember to keep your challenges realistic. Start them gradually, otherwise there’s a high chance you’ll give up if they are proving to be too demanding and difficult to keep up with.

Powerful self care challenges you should absolutely add to your self care routine if you are looking to improve your general wellbeing. Girls, share your favorite ones in comments!

self care challenges

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