50 Great Journal Prompts For Coping During The Pandemic

I will be sharing some journal prompts for coping during the Covid crisis today.

Journal prompts will not only help you cope during pandemic, they will also improve your mental health and well-being

You will get to write out your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Trust me when I say there’s nothing more powerful than this.

Journals serve a lot of purposes but the two most critical ones would be posterity and cathartic release.

Some of the most powerful people in the world used journals and today those journals are a testimony to their lives.

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Why You Should Start Journaling During The Covid Crisis

There are several benefits for starting a journal (anytime) during the Covid-19 pandemic and crisis.

From enduring months of lock down, quarantining, and social distancing as well as the economic and social implications of the crisis, our mental health is bound to take “bangs” that we need to address.

A journal and journaling will help you cope during this period.

Here are some reasons you should start journaling

  • It will help you write down your thoughts, emotions and feelings as you experience the pandemic. When all this is gone and you go back to read them, you should understand yourself better.
  • Journal will preserve your memories of the pandemic and you can pass this down to your kids and grand kids! As a matter of fact, your journal might be preserved generations after you are gone!
  • Writing during the Covid-19 pandemic will do wonders for your mental health!
  • Journaling will boost your creativity
  • Writing journal prompts for coping during the Covid crisis will reduce the stress associated with the fear and anxiety.
  • Writing a journal will also help you to get to know yourself better.
  • Writing during the pandemic will help clarify and organize your thoughts
  • Journaling will also enable you understand your partner, family and kids more. This is so because as you spend time cooped up together, you get to “experience” them better. This will improve your relationships.
  • Journaling is a great way to self reflect and there is no better time to do it during the pandemic.
  • Journaling to cope during the Covid crisis will also strengthen your self discipline.
  • Journaling will also improve your overall health during this period. This includes your mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

These are just a few awesome things keeping a journal and using journal prompts for coping during the Covid crisis will bring in much more benefits?


Let’s head on to the journal prompts you can use during quarantine!

50 Journal Prompts For Coping During The Covid Crisis

Journal Prompts for Coping During the Covid Crisis

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journal prompts for coping during the covid crisis
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  1. A day in the life of living with COVID
  2. What are your thoughts on wearing a mask
  3. What are your thoughts on Bill Gates
  4. When do you think we’ll have a vaccine
  5. Will you be the first in line when we do or the last
  6. How do you think your country handled the virus
  7. How do you think other countries handled the virus
  8. Which country handled the virus the worse and why
  9. How did you act when the virus first started
  10. How did your thoughts and actions about the virus change
  11. How did you homeschool your children
  12. What do you think you could have done differently
  13. How did you get your news
  14. What was your favorite meme
  15. What supplies ran out (or there was a shortage) and were you surprised
  16. Do you think the media outlets helped or made things worse? Why.
  17. How do you feel while you’re wearing a mask (anxious, hard to breath, or something you get used to, etc)
  18. How much is gas right now?
  19. Do you think it was a good idea that the schools were shut down almost immediately?
  20. Have you had any bad outbreaks in your area? Were they close to you?
  21. Do you believe you’ve had COVID but weren’t tested?
  22. Do you think there is something more to COVID?
  23. Do you think COVID is a hoax?
  24. How did you handle packages coming into your house in the beginning? What about 3 months later – do you handle them differently?
  25. How do you think this is going to change the world? What precautions are they going to keep?

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  1. How your routine has changed?
  2. What surprising positive effects has Covid-19 had on your life?
  3. What things bring me joy?
  4. What are you grateful for right now?
  5. How did you cope working from home during the lockdown?
  6. Could working from home suit you in the long-term?
  7. What are you grateful for today?
  8. What challenges are you currently facing and how can you overcome them?
  9. What do you need to do more of this year?
  10. How has Covid-19 impacted your children?
  11. Did you take up any new hobbies during lockdown?
  12. What things will you no longer take for granted after Covid-19?
  13. Write a letter to your future self, explaining how the pandemic affected you
  14. Did you take advantage of the virtual tours provided by leading attractions?
  15. Write a story about the Covid-19 pandemic
  16. How can you love yourself more each day?
  17. If failure wasn’t an issue, what one thing would you choose to do and why?
  18. What was the best part of quarantine?
  19. What was the worst part of quarantine?
  20. Which parts of the home could you unclutter to work more effectively?
  21. What changes have you noticed about the world around you during the pandemic?
  22. Which parts of the world do you want to see when the pandemic has passed?
  23. How has Covid-19 changed your life?
  24. How are you feeling right now about your home and family life?
  25. Are you more or less stressed these days?

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My board on Pinterest has great ideas for journal prompts you can use anytime, any day for just about every facet of your life. Here is the link (just click on Journal Prompts and it will take you directly to the prompts.

So there you have it. 50 Journal prompts for coping during the covid crisis. I hope they help you and your loved ones in these trying times. What journal prompts are you using? Please share in comments. If you found any of these graphics helpful, please kindly share on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.). Thank you!

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  1. Victor K
    October 10, 2020 / 8:07 am

    Wow! Such awesome prompts certainly makes journalling easy and fun.

    • October 11, 2020 / 7:05 am

      Thanks, Victor! Glad you like the journaling prompts and I hope they help you as you use them!

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