How To Reinvent Yourself : 11 Powerful Ways To Transform Into Who You Want To Be

how to reinvent yourself
How To Reinvent Yourself

How To Reinvent Yourself: 10 Powerful Ways To Transform Your Life

Dear queens, I have been reading up on how to reinvent yourself and the things I have read are so mind blowing that I just had to share with you all!

But first, apologies for being AWOL. I recently started a master’s program and it is taking my time coupled with my job. It hasn’t been easy but I am gradually finding my “rhythm”.

As humans, we are expected to grow. Not to stop growing and to constantly evolve.

This is the hallmark of reinventing.

To evolve, be better and become a better version of yourself as you grow.

You know we do Self-Improvement and Personal Development here, queens.


We want to be better, constantly improve and be the kinging queens we are.


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What Does It Mean To Reinvent Yourself?

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how to reinvent yourself
How To Reinvent Yourself

Reinventing yourself goes beyond changing the way you look and dress.

It is also more than learning to be assertive.

But they are all a part of how to reinvent yourself.

To reinvent yourself would mean taking drastic steps to change who you are , to completely transform yourself from point A to point B.

It is like a rebirth. To be reborn.

To be new.

So much so that everyone would know that you have been reborn.


So while growing beards (or shaving them off) to get a new look, going to the gym to burn off those extra pounds, a doormat being more outspoken, are all forms of transforming yourself, reinventing yourself is more like creative destructive transformation and/or rebirth.

It is like being a brand new version of you.

A remake of you.

Another you.

On a deeper level.

It will be a change so complete that even people around you will notice it.

But it is all for the better.

Whenever you find something about yourself that you need to change, you have to reinvent yourself.

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How To Reinvent Yourself: My Own Reinvention Story

Let me tell you a little bit about me and my life.

I was bullied a lot as a young child and a teenager.


It was so bad, I was almost becoming this timid girl.

A wall flower.

I cannot exactly remember how the transformation started but in college, I began reading books on self confidence and self esteem. I also was reading a lot, generally.

And then in my undergrad days, I was the target of lecturers. Virtually every of my lecturers wanted to have a go at me. One thing that saved me was the fact that God blessed me with some intelligence.

However, one lecturer was able to fail me on a Mathematics course. I didn’t have anyone to go to, or tell. I was so scared. This man came right after I sat for his exams and told me, he just went through my scripts and that I did well but I am failing his course. Those were his exact words. You can read the full story on my blog post Ending Sexual Harassment At The Workplace.

My parents knew but there was nothing they could do and that was when it began dawning on me, that I needed to do better by myself or I would continue to be a pawn in the hands of bullies.

I started speaking out more boldly, being more assertive.

It didn’t happen overnight of course!

Magic, it is not.

But since then, I have been on a constant self improvement, personal development and personal growth journey.

I am still not where I want to be. Still learning.

I have reinvented my life and looking at reinventing and that was the quest, that led me to write on how to reinvent yourself.

People are doing this.

You too, can do it.

Dear queens, you can absolutely reinvent yourself.

How To Reinvent And Transform Your Life

how to reinvent yourself
How To Reinvent Yourself

Who else remembers how Khaleesi came out from that fire with dragons on GOT?



Dang! Yes, Dang!! Dang!!!

Now, that is what I call reinventing.

On another level.

The picture above reminded me of that scene from GOT

So now, you have the mental picture.

The reason I have been on the prowl on reinventing oneself, is because I too, want to, need to reinvent myself.

I attempted that in 2018 when I quit my job as a Quality Manager in an oil servicing firm but it hasn’t panned out like I really wanted.

Oh, I have had success in reinventing myself in those small ways like change the way I dress, eating healthier, replacing some bad habits with good ones.

But I want to reinvent myself on a much deeper level. The kind of radical transformation that will completely change my life for the better.

So how do you reinvent yourself?

You can transform yourself and life by following these 20 powerful ways on how to reinvent yourself.

how to reinvent yourself
How To Reinvent Yourself

How To Reinvent Yourself

Here are 10 actionable steps on how to reinvent yourself.

1. Know That It is Not A Quick Fix

Reinventing yourself is not a day’s job. It is not something that you do today and voila, you have this new you.

It is a not a quick fix.

When you want to start the “reinventing journey”, think long term.

You will need to have that mindset.

To completely reinvent yourself.


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2. Always Set SMART Goals

There is absolutely no need setting goals that are not SMART.

You won’t achieve them.

Only set goals that are




Realistic, and

Time Bound


Here is a guide on how to set SMART goals


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3. Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses

The beginning of personal growth journey starts with identifying your own weaknesses and strengths.

It is no different with reinventing yourself.

So identify your strengths and reinforce them

Identify your weaknesses. Look at them and see how you can “build” them to reinvent yourself.


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4. See Yourself In A New Light. Always

Always try to see yourself in a new light.

In a new way.

See yourself outside yourself.

This will be like seeing yourself as an artist who would constantly, take a look at his/her work and look for ways to make it better.

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5. Have A Great Support System

how to reinvent yourself
Your Support System

I believe one of the hallmarks of a personal development and self improvement plan is a great support system.

Surround yourself with people who can tell you “how it is”.

Of course it has to be positive in nature.


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6. You Will Need Courage. So Muster It!

As with everything change, you will need courage to reinvent yourself.

You will need courage to shed off the old you.

Courage will give you the needed boost to make the changes that you so desire to transform and become who you want to be.

So muster it!


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7. Give It A Try Every Day

Motivational Quote: frame on a rose gold rug " You've Got This". Tips On How To Reinvent Yourself
How To Reinvent Yourself

Reinventing yourself means you have to practice every day.





Change is not something you do every other day or when the whim catches you.

To reinvent yourself, you have to practice every day.

You need absolute dedication because this is the only way you can change the things about your life that you want to change.

You practice every day until it(they) become a part of you.

Until it becomes second nature.


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8. Constantly Do Some “Self Reflection”

If you are the sort of person that believes in self reflection, then these tips on how to reinvent yourself, will help you greatly.

The ability to self reflect as a human is so crucial, it is no wonder people who do not do it can be toxic to themselves and others.

Constantly look in the “mirror” that is you.

Ask yourself those scary questions you ordinarily wouldn’t have asked yourself if you were not embarking on a reinventing journey.

Look deep into your soul.

Bare it.

This will keep you grounded, understand yourself more and fully embrace the new you.

These 71 Journal Prompts For Self Discovery will help you do some self-reflection. These journaling tips will help you greatly as well if you are new to journaling.


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9. Accept That Failure Is Part Of Success

how to reinvent yourself
Failure Is Part Of The Process: Be Proud Of How Far You Have Come

Accepting that failure is not the opposite of success but rather a part of it, is going to keep you steadfast in reinventing yourself.

When you fail, miss a goal, don’t beat yourself.

Get up and start all over.

You will get to where you are going.

As long as you keep at it!

10. Total Commitment Will Get You There

how to reinvent yourself
How To Reinvent Yourself

Of course we can’t achieve anything if we don’t commit to whatever venture we embark.

It is no different with reinventing yourself.

A great way to constantly yourself is to write your intended “goals” on stick on papers or better still frame them and hang them on your walls, bedroom, bathroom, on the front of your fridge.

Be creative.

Reinventing yourself does not and shouldn’t be boring.

Have fun with the process.

Constantly remind why yourself why you started.

Remind yourself why you need to reinvent yourself.

This will keep you going!

11. Flaunt The New You

You’ve worked at reinventing yourself.

Now, you gotta flaunt the new you.

Set healthy boundaries.

Let your actions and in-actions show your circle of friends, family and whoever, know that you are reinventing.

You are a new you.

And of course, keep evolving.

Conclusion On How To Reinvent Yourself

How to reinvent yourself is about starting over and embracing a new way of life, a new you.

There will always be a time when you will need to reinvent yourself. The death of a loved, relocating/immigrating to a totally different place and country, a new job, quitting an old job, the loss of a loved one.

Reinvention is a great art. It is not a quick fix solution. It will take great practice, commitment and dedication to transform into the person you want to be. I hope these 11 powerful ways on how to reinvent yourself will find meaningful expression on your reinvention journey. Check out my Pinterest for more resources on Self Improvement

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how to reinvent yourself
How To Reinvent Yourself

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