Powerful Tips I am Using To Manage My Emotions and Feelings.

how to manage your emotions
How To Manage Your Emotions

Dear Queens, how are you all keeping? Today, I thought I should write on Chronicles of Jennifer since I haven’t written anything on there for some time now. Here is a guide on how to manage your emotions.

Today my feelings and emotions are all over the place. How do I manage my emotions and feelings?

How to manage your emotions?


I started out by not having a clue about what to write about. Perhaps, before I finish writing, I will have an appropriate topic for this blog post.

Who knows?

Or perhaps, I’ll end up not publishing it and just leaving it as thoughts on my admin dashboard.

I am sitting in the office, things are a bit slow and my mind is a whirlwind of thoughts. Jammed together, clamouring for attention, vying to be at the “top and be the most important one”.

From the need to finish my very first book before my birthday in June, get my Post Graduate Dissertation bounded and signed off by the University board to researching for several blog posts I scheduled for March, and some other tasks such as calling an electrician to fix the lighting issue in my apartment, getting new batteries for my TV remote control (I almost threw it away last night while trying to change channels. A very frustrating affair I tell you) to worrying that marriage might not be in the cards for me, and thinking about my late sister, it’s a crazy whirlwind, I tell you.

A crazy whirlwind. LOL.

It happens at times. Especially when I am procrastinating and I mostly procrastinate when I am stressed.

Procrastination is usually one of the problems of stress..

But I digress.

Let’s get back to where we started off. Me, penning words but not knowing what I want to write about.

Maybe, I’ll end up rambling and ranting…

Who knows?

Understanding My Emotions and Feelings: How To Manage Your Emotions

how to manage your emotions
How To Manage Your Emotions

I have been trying to understand why my mind is a whirlwind, going round and round non stop

Every thought trying to supersede the other.

Help me dissect these thoughts.

I tried “walking” myself back to when I woke up so I can have an inkling of why I am thinking so much.

Let’s see.

I slept well. A bit better than usual for an insomniac. I did wake up remembering I tried contacting my younger sister the previous night to no avail because my Mom called to tell me she has been trying to reach her for two days but has been unable to (errmm, because my sister was the only one who didn’t call to wish her a happy mothers’ day).

You know how mothers can be.

Was I worried? No. Not really.

By the way, as soon as I wrote the last previous sentence, I titled this post “Is it okay not to be okay at times”?

It sounds whinny. A wee bit. It doesn’t sound Kinging Queenish…

I know, right!


Let’s see if that will end up being the title of the post after I have finished whining and getting to the root of these whirlwind thoughts.

So, yes I woke up well. No negative thoughts.

Prepared my breakfast and lunch (my lunch is always prepped before hand. One of the best things I learned about productive things to do on Sundays to have an amazing week that you should learn too by the way if you want your work weeks to be super productive and with minimal mishaps if any. If you missed the blog post, just click on the highlighted link to read it, I showered, dressed up and went to work.

As is my usual custom, I make a quick post on my personal Facebook page where I get a bit crazy with hard truths without caring whose Ox is gored. We need more people willing to speak the truth and stand up for it. I wasn’t that hard today and I didn’t get some of those cyberbullying I get some times. So that is not it.

Then I delved into Facebook a bit and started reading posts about failed marriages, spouses maiming and killing themselves over issues of unfaithfulness, money and some other things and then I gradually started feeling sad.

Could that be where the whirlwind thoughts came from?


Where Are These Whirlwind Thoughts Coming From? Really?

It is 4:44pm as I am typing this very sentence. 16 minutes before I close from work for the day.

But let me still try and pen some more words before leaving the office and going home to watch Blindspot, the series I am crazy about, right about now. Also, the reason I almost broke my TV remote control (by hitting it on the floor) trying to switch from Cable to DVD.

It is something we do in my corner of the world. Hitting our TV remotes on a surface to reset it. LOL.


Do you all do that too????

Oh well….

775 words and I am yet to understand these whirlwind of thoughts.

Wait! Come to think of it, since I started writing this blog post on my thoughts, they have kind of quieten.

Wow! Truth be told, writing grounds me. Not even sex calms me like writing does.

Now, I have gone and said that!


Well, I said what I said. Sorry, not sorry!


It is 4:51pm Queens. Need to log out but I will continue this when I get home if I can take my eyes off Blindspot for an hour or two.

I will let you know how it goes….

It Is The Next Day! How I am Managing My Emotions & Feelings.

Yes, you genius! You guessed right! I was so consumed with Blindspot gun totting actors in the world of espionage that I couldn’t take my eyes off to write more about my whirlwind of thoughts.

So yes, it is the next day, 10:17am to be precise.

Time. It is a funny concept that is not so funny because it gets taken from us whether we like it or not, whether we feel like letting it go or not.

An intricate part of our lives with an equally intricate impact on our lives.

Why am I even talking about time today?

Well, I am talking about time because I feel very different from how I felt yesterday.

I woke up this morning reciting Psalm 23. It was and still is one my most favourite Psalms.

Perhaps it gave me a new perspective and hope today.

Hope that joy does come in the morning and when you keep that at the back of your mind, it helps you process things easier.

What do you all think?

It looks like I’ll have to rename this post “Give it time, It will Pass”.

Are you feeling that?

I think I am feeling it.

Well, but I did think about my whirlwind thoughts yesterday just before sleeping while reading a book on my Kobo app. I always try doing some reading each day to keep my mind sharp.

I did come to the conclusion that why I would love to meet and fall in love with a grown ass man (tired of boys parading as men hehehehehehe). I am genuinely scared about the union called marriage because of the things I have experienced through friends and family.

Does that even make sense? Isn’t it cowardly?

Well, I acknowledge my thoughts and feelings for what they.

Feelings and thoughts.

I also have the presence of mind to understand that the reality of someone else isn’t my reality and that knowing the things I know, I can make a better life for myself.

But I also know that, knowing all that doesn’t mean I should stay behind in a situation that is likely to change my life for the “worse” or be the end of me because I want to bear a title (Mrs) Society believes is the only crown that defines women.

Yes, I know better than that.

So, it is what it is. If it happens, it happens and if doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen.


So this was the pivot of my whirlwind thoughts yesterday and I was able to pinpoint it after giving it time.

This gives me the belief that it is okay not to be okay at times and to give it time.

It Is Okay To Not Be Okay At Times. Give It Time

how to manage your emotions effectively
How To Manage Your Emotions

So, we have a title for this post!


It is okay to not be okay at times. Just give it time.

Your perspective about the problem making you “not to be okay” will change.

Clarity will come.

Time will change your thoughts and feelings.

But don’t take too much time trying to better yourself or leave a situation that takes away your joy or threatens your very existence.

Then, you have to be decisive and make the decisions you need to make

By choosing yourself and knowing that the answer is in Self Love and Self Care.

It’s 10:50am and I have written exactly 1454 words.

But wait!

Isn’t it better to title this “how to manage your emotions” instead?

That is what I will go with because at the end of the day, if it is okay not to be okay at times and giving it time changes things, it would all translate to how to manage our emotions, right?

How To Manage Your Emotions And Feelings

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How To Manage Your Emotions Effectively. Share on X
how to manage your emotions effectively
How To Manage Your Emotions: Please Pin and Share

It’s 2:13pm. Just came back from an induction training on Quality for new hires.

That is part of my job responsibilities.


I find it very interesting because even though I am the trainer, I still get to learn a thing or two even if they are not part of the training and also meet people from all walks of life.

Very interesting.

Yes, so how do you manage your emotions and feelings?

These are some of the ways you can do that according to Healthline, a popular health website on the web

1. Identify your feelings and emotions. Just like I tried pin pointing what caused the whirlwind of thoughts

2. Write them down in a mood journal or any book that serves the purpose. You know I am writing about mine, right? Right! These tips for journaling are a great way for you to start learning how to write down down your feelings and thoughts so you can effectively them.

Check out these Journaling Prompts To give you an idea about how to journal your emotions.

77 Journal Prompts For Self Discovery

60 Journal Prompts To Help You Overcome Anxiety

50 Mental Health Journal Prompts For Mental Wellbeing

30 Holiday Journal Prompts To Get You In The Mood

57 Self Love Journal Prompts to Help You Build Confidence

50 Journal Prompts To Help You Cope During Distress Times

3. Take a look at the impact of your emotions. Intense emotions aren’t all bad. At the end of the day, I did discover this and you will too

4. Aim for regulation, not repression: No need repressing them. That is why you learn how to manage your emotions

5. Accept all your emotions: Yes. All of them. It will help you understand them more.

6. Practice deep breathing: I like doing this because it helps my insomnia, it is very healthy and now part of managing my emotions. The benefits of yoga for mental wellbeing and personal growth cannot be overemphasized.

7. Know when to express yourself: I would add, know when not to. Well, I don’t always get this right and I’ll keep working on this till I get it right. This is essentially, emotional intelligence. This guide on How To Stand Up For Yourself And When To Do It helped me a lot and I know it will help you too.

8. Give yourself some space: Give it time girl. You’ll gain clarity and more perspective!

Conclusion On How To Manage Your Emotions

So finally, we conclude on how to manage your emotions as the blog post. 2113 words later. Who would have thought?

It never even occurred to me when I started writing! So there you have it Queens, my crazy whirlwind thoughts and controlling your emotions. If you have any tips on how to manage your emotions, let’s read them in the comment section.

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Powerful Tips I am Using To Manage My Emotions and Feelings. Share on X
how to manage your emotions
How To Manage Your Emotions

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