30 Christmas Journal Prompts To Help You Reflect On The Holidays.

christmas journal prompts
Christmas Journal Prompts

Queens, Christmas is around the corner and I tell you, it is my favorite holiday. Till date, I still look forward to it with all the child like happiness and glee for everything that is Christmas and what better way to celebrate as an adult than using Christmas journal prompts?

These 30 powerful Christmas journal prompts I am going to share with you will help you appreciate the holidays and the gift of family and friends this festive season. The other day, I wrote about sharing these great Christmas Quotes with loved ones. Do well to share and spread the love this Christmas. It is a season for sharing and giving is the greatest gift one can possess.

The Christmas journal prompts talk about gift ideas, earliest memories, budgeting, family and friends’ traditions, giving etc.

Christmas Journal Prompts

christmas journal prompts
Christmas Journal Prompts

I have always been a fan of journaling and will always be a fan! Journaling opens “you up” in a way that is very cathartic, healing and even help you discover yourself more like these amazing 77 Journal Prompts For Self Discovery Journal prompts can help you overcome anxiety and are absolutely great for your mental health and wellbeing. You can use journaling to heal from a bad and abusive relationship, help you become a better worker and a better person.

These Christmas journal prompts are thus no different.

It will help you look critically at the holiday season and even make you question how you have been “living” and how you can do more during this festive season celebrated all over the world.

Here are some Christmas Journal Prompts to get you started.

30 Christmas Journal Prompts To Help You Reflect On The Holidays. Share on X
Christmas journal prompts
Christmas journal prompts

1. What is a new holiday tradition you want to start this year?

2. What are some goals you have for the holiday season?

3. How do you help your community during the holidays?

4. How are you teaching your kids about giving?

5. Describe your earliest holiday memory from childhood.

6. What holiday traditions are underrated?

7. What holiday traditions are overrated?

8. What do you hope will be different this holiday season?

9. What are some things you are looking forward to with family?

10. Do you have any holiday traditions with your friends?

11. What are you putting on your bucket list for the holidays?

12. If you could receive any gift for Christmas, what would it be?

13. What is a gift you always wanted, but never received?

14. Do you have plans for the New Year?

15. What are your favorite types of decorations?

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Journaling and journal prompts have been known to help one achieve goals because when you use your journal to write and track your goals, you tend to achieve them, journal prompts help you track your progress and goals, gain confidence, reduce stress and anxiety, find inspiration, strengthen one’s memory and greatly improve one’s communication skills and writing skills.

These Christmas journal prompts offer all these aforementioned benefits and even more.

Holiday Journal Prompts

More Christmas journal prompts to help you reflect on this holiday and even previous Christmases! I guess you see from the previous prompts that the prompts are questions.

Yes, journal prompts are questions just as the name suggest, to prompt you to write about an experience, a thing, food, person, place, emotions, feelings. The list is endless and the potential that these holiday journal prompts (and every other journal prompt for that matter).

These Christmas journal prompts are about

16. What was the best handmade gift you ever received?

17. What is the best handmade gift you made for someone else?

18. How do you set your budget for holiday shopping?

19. Do you participate in Black Friday shopping?

20. Are there holiday traditions you feel are outdated?

21. What holiday festivities do you want to bring back?

22. How will you focus on your physical health this holiday season?

23. How will you focus on your mental health this holiday season?

24. What are you trying to be more thankful for?

25. What are you manifesting this holiday season?

26. Write a holiday letter to the first person who comes to mind.

27. How are you balancing productivity with festivities?

28. How soon do you begin preparing for the holidays?

29. Do you send out holiday pictures and cards?

30. What do you want to work on for next year?

Conclusion On Christmas Journal Prompts

These amazing Christmas journal prompts and/or holiday journal prompts are nothing short of powerful prompts because they are prompting you to do something, change the way you have been celebrating

Christmas and other holidays and also give you ideas on how to enjoy the holidays better and what to do to make any holiday better for you and those around you.

I especially love how these Christmas journal prompts, prompts you about gratitude, mental health, productivity, giving and even budgeting! So get writing queens and enjoy the holidays! Follow me on Pinterest so you can access more amazing journal prompts and everything Personal Development!

christmas journal prompts
Christmas journal prompts

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