4 Powerful Brain Hacks For Greater Productivity

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Brain Hacks For Improved Productivity

Whether you are a business owner, a freelancer, or just a keen worker, there are many good reasons to want to improve your productivity. Being more productive allows you to get more work done, which means higher sales if you are in business, or just a better and more complete feeling of satisfaction with yourself otherwise. As it happens, there are a few specific brain hacks that you might want to try out which can help you to become more productive in the long run. Let’s take a look at four of them right now.

4 Powerful Brain Hacks For Greater Productivity Click To Tweet

Brains Hacks For Increased Productivity

4 Powerful Brain Hacks For Greater Productivity Click To Tweet

1. Encourage A Positive Mood

Working with a positive mood is a simple key to ensuring you are more productive. Of course, it is not always possible to instantly feel good, but if you work at developing the habit of happiness, you will find that it strikes you more and more often.

In other words – while you can’t force yourself to be happy right now, you can ensure you are more likely to feel happy in the future by sowing the right seeds now. Think positive (without ignoring the negative) and in future you will be much more positive as you are working, ensuring a much higher level of productivity.

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2. Keep Mentally Active

The more mentally active you allow yourself to be in general, the more mentally active you will also be during your working hours. There are a lot of things you can do to keep your brain engaged.

A lot of this comes down to what kinds of activities you partake in during your leisure hours. Reading is more actively engaging than watching television, for instance. You might even want to start up a new hobby: get some model kits for adults, and start building small models in your spare time. That’ll keep your mind energized for sure.

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3. Shrink Your Deadlines

If you are like most people, you often work to deadlines that you have set yourself in your mind. These can be very handy for getting more done. But if you are feeling overwhelmed or you are just starting to not work quite as hard, you might find you benefit from shrinking those mental deadlines a little.

In other words – rather than giving yourself an hour, give yourself forty minutes. That should speed you up considerably, and you’ll start getting more done.

4. Keep Away From Afternoon Coffee

You might feel that you need caffeine in the afternoons in order to continue working, but in truth you are only perpetuating a vicious cycle which ensures you are going to need coffee again tomorrow. Instead, try to cut your coffee down considerably, perhaps sticking to just the one or two in the morning – and avoid drinking any after midday.

If you do that, soon enough you will actually start to feel more mentally energised during the working day, and that means you will find it easier to get a lot more done.

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Conclusion: Brain Hacks For Productivity

Those are just some simple brain hacks that can make you become more productive, improve your time management skills and enhance your general wellbeing.

Which is your favorite and what are other brain hacks you use to improve your productivity and life generally? Hit me up in comments, Queens! Don’t forget to share the knowledge!

brain hacks
Brain Hacks

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