100+ Monday Affirmations To Help You Start Your Week On A Great Note!

monday affirmations

I have a love-hate relationship with Mondays. I am undecided if I love Mondays or I love Fridays most. This is why I wrote a blog post about Monday Blues Not Being Equal To Friday Blues and it has been a hit. Now, with this love-hate relationship and my need to ensure I start my week well on a positive note, I use Monday affirmations that I would love to share with you today.

Monday Affirmations: Empowering Yourself For A Great Week.

Whether you love Mondays or not, they are a fact of life. Even working from home or being an Entrepreneur who can choose when to work or not, Mondays are a fact of life.

As the beginning of the work week, it sets the tone for the whole week and that is why you need to affirm positively using Monday Affirmations so you can start your week right and on a positive note.

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I know how it can be when it is Sunday evening and you are still meal-prepping, trying to get the laundry in, thinking you need 54 more hours to get all the things you need to still do done. Getting shit done requires time management skills and this guide on Smart Ways To Take and Keep Control of Your Schedule will help you put things in a better perspective.

Monday Affirmations To Start Your Week Right

Without much ado, let’s see these Monday affirmations and get you all fired up for the new work week with great glee and aplomb.

monday affirmations

1. I take full control of my schedule.

2. I look forward to the week with great joy.

3. I am in charge of my week.

4. My week is going to be fruitful.

5. I love Mondays.

6. My Mondays are great.

7. The week answers to me.

8. My week is powerful.

9. I will achieve my goals for the week.

10. I embrace Mondays with gratitude.

monday affirmations

11. I start my Mondays with positivity.

12. My Mondays are days of great insights.

13. This week is going to be a productive one.

14. My week is full of great opportunities.

15. This day is a day for a fresh start and new beginnings for me.

I6. I take charge of the day.

17. I am grateful for the gift of another week.

18. I am grateful for a new day and dawn.

19. I look forward to the opportunities coming my way this week.

20. I will win this week.


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Monday Affirmations For Work

Girl, you don’t need to feel any Monday blues. Empower yourself with these Monday affirmations for work. Believe me, you will begin to embrace Mondays with joy and absolute glee!

monday affirmations

1. I embrace the new work week with positive energy.

2. My job is blessed.

3. My week is going to be productive and awe-inspiring.

4. I will achieve all my work goals effortlessly this week.

5. I am open to learning this week.

6. I focus on being more creative this week.

7. I choose to make my Mondays enjoyable.

8. I do away with every form of insecurity I feel at work today.

9. I choose to see Monday as my day to begin afresh.

10. My Monday is going to be as beautiful as I want it.

11. I embrace my responsibilities for the week with faith.

12. I am a great team player.

13. I refuse to be triggered by any negativity.

14. I am capable.

15. My contributions at work this week are valid.

16. I will learn from any mistakes I make.

17. I will find favor with my bosses this week.

18. My efforts will be appreciated.

19. My job is a source of joy and happiness.

20. I find joy in everything I will do this Monday.


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Powerful Monday Affirmations

monday affirmations

Here are more powerful Monday affirmations that will empower you for the week and have you smiling throughout the week.

1. I am brilliant.

2. My life matters.

3. This Monday is my day to shine.

4. Mondays are windows into the week and I see through it to see light.

5. This week I will shine in every way imaginable.

6. I find new opportunities every day of the week.

7. I am open to the blessings the universe has to offer this week.

8. I choose to believe in only the good this week.

9. I have everything I need to make my week great.

10. Everything around me is beautiful.

11. I am a magnet of success.

12. I attract abundance and success this week.

13. Great things come my way today and every day of the week.

14. I am a source of joy.

15. My week is filled with beautiful memories.

16. I will make new connections this week.

17. I look forward to every Monday with joy and happiness.

18. Mondays are my days to start new projects.

19. I am love personified.

20. I exude great self-confidence and self-worth.


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Positive Monday Affirmations

monday affirmations

The science behind positive affirmations is undeniable. Affirmations have the power to re-condition your mindset and help you shift from negative to positive self-talk. These Monday affirmations are not different and will have you embracing the start of every new work week with positivity.

1. Every day of this week brings new possibilities and experiences.

2. I will not stress over anything I cannot control.

3. I take full charge and control of every day of the week.

4. I am capable of handling whatever the week brings.

5. I believe in myself and my capabilities.

6. I am walking into this new week with hope and faith.

7. I am walking into the new week with a clear mind.

8. My Monday is full of hope

9. I am walking into the week with renewed energy.

10. I am fully refreshed and energized for the week.

11. I will make a difference this week.

12. I embrace every opportunity for personal growth.

13. I take giant strides this week toward achieving my goals.

14. I will make efforts to make each day awesome for me and others.

15. I am a giver of joy and kindness.

16. I will sprinkle kindness wherever I find myself this week.

17. I will dream big and not play small.

18. I will come out of my comfort zone this week.

19. I will practice positive self-talk this week.

20. I will achieve my heart’s desires.

Positive Monday Affirmations

monday affirmations

Positive Monday affirmations to empower yourself for the whole week.

1. I choose myself always.

2. I will put myself first this week.

3. I will love myself a little more this week.

4. I will show up as a better version of myself throughout the week.

5. I will work towards being at my best self this week.

6. I will make self-love and self-care this week a priority this week.

7. I am super ready for the work week.

8. I believe my week is going to be great.

9. I do not need validation from anyone because I am enough.

10. I am enough.

11. My inputs are valid,

12. My decisions are valid

13. I breathe in courage and exhale fears and doubts

14. I am in charge of my emotions.

15. I am bold and intelligent.

16. I stand up and speak for myself when I need to.

17. I do away with toxic friends and family.

18. Monday is a good day to have a fabulous day.

19. I am renewed physically and spiritually.

20. I will take the risks I need to take to make my week better.

21. I will practice gratitude every day of the week.

22. My life will be filled with positive testimonies the whole week.

23. I am well-centered and well-grounded.

24. Monday is my favorite day of the week.

25. From today, I look forward to Mondays with great joy and happiness.

Conclusion On Monday Affirmations

I know Mondays can be hard but these Monday affirmations are a great way to change your mindset about the first day of the work week.

Say these Monday affirmations (and every other affirmation of course) out loud to yourself. I say mine in front of the mirror before leaving the house. At times right on my bed before I get up and they’ve been super helpful.

I hope these Monday affirmations change your perspective and have you loving Mondays like I am gradually doing. Don’t forget to share. Pin, Tweet, and Facebook. Sharing is caring! Follow my Pinterest Affirmations Board for more inspiration!

monday affirmations

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