The Gift and Power Of Emotional Courage Everyone Should Harness

The Gift and Power Of Emotional Courage.

The gift and power of emotional courage
The gift and power of emotional courage

There are several simple words we do use to describe our actions, emotions, and thought, which includes bad, good, negative and positive words. 

According to Psychologist Susan David, she said being positive is a way we correct our morals. We all grew with the belief that negative thought has to be avoided at all cost, by focusing our energy on things that give us positive thought.

A negative thought will make one limit himself or herself to one position without moving forward. This is why we must focus hard on the gift and power of emotional courage, this will make us concentrate on things that give us positive vibes, more than the negative ones. 

Susan went further to explain that, handling tough emotions and negative thoughts, is part of our contract in life, and it’s a must we execute it, if we want to get a meaningful one. 

Allowing ourselves to face the tough challenges of life, and expressing our emotional truth, can help reshape our lives, and flourish in hard times. 

TED Talk, David, made it known that the way we deal with emotions, has a lot of impact in every sphere of our lives (relationship, happiness, health, etc) Ridge denial does not work because it is not sustainable,” says David. 

Take care of your mind, as you would to your child, this is what will stand as a defense for you during hard times. 

If you have not watched Ted Talk, by Susan David, the gift and power of emotional courage, you are missing a lot. In the video, she shared a lot of powerful secrets about emotional courage, which we would like to share with you. 

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The Gift And Power Of Emotional Courage By Susan David

At the commencement of her speech, Susan starts by explaining how we see ourselves matters a lot. She explains further by saying our thoughts, emotions are what make us who we are. 

In this powerful speech, Susan explains further, on the subject of the following:

● How her life was impacted by her high school teacher. 

● Emotional agility versus emotional rigidity.

● Taking hold of emotional agility by moving out of self-denial 

● It is unkind and cruel, as it’s ineffective as positivity has become a new form of moral correctness. 

● To live a meaningful life, we need to pay the price of discomfort.

● Differentiates between “I am…….” and “I am noticing I’m feeling……” 

● How living in denial can be very destructive. 

● Being able to be with your emotions with curiosity, courage, and compassion to take values connected step is what is called emotional agility. 

● Being able to know and understand your feelings, and also know that your emotions are not directives, but are just data.

● We will lose the capacity to develop skills to change our world and also be forced to embrace false positivity if we push aside the normal emotions to embrace them. 

● Not being certain is the only certainty. 

● Explanation on how people judge themselves, when they have bad emotions, like, grief, anger, and sadness. 

Conclusion- The Gift and Power Of Emotional Courage.

What is your take on this talk, did you feel impacted? If you would like to strengthen your gift and power of emotional courage, kindly watch the full video . If you love this article on the gift and power of emotional courage, please share the graphics on social media and with friends and family! Did you watch the video? If you did, hit me up in comment section below and tell me what you think about the gift and power of emotional courage.

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