75 Life Changing Positive Affirmations For Women To Live Their Best Lives!

positive affirmations for women
Positive Affirmations for Women

Positive Affirmations For Women

We all know by now that affirmations are power mantras we all should utilize for our personal growth, mental well-being and self-care. More so, positive affirmations for women are powerful and I believe every woman should use the power they wield if they want to live their best lives.

The other day, I overheard a lady telling someone on the other end of a phone call “you need to tell yourself you are beautiful and that you are enough”


I know one shouldn’t eavesdrop on people’e conversation but she was loud and clearly upset so I couldn’t help but hear just like the other two or three persons who were nearby.

From what I could deduce from the call, she was trying to let the woman on the other end know that she shouldn’t sit down and swallow the infidelity and physical abuse from her man and that she should leave.

Hence, her words “you need to tell yourself you are beautiful and that you are enough”

I don’t know if the woman on the other side could “hear and understand” what she was being told but I believe every woman and indeed every human need to tell themselves these two things on a daily basis.

Tell yourself, “I am beautiful”, “I am enough”.

These are powerful positive affirmations for women, every woman should affirm to themselves.

This interesting Self-Affirmation theory by Encyclopedia is a must read if you want to truly understand what self-affirmations are all about and how they contribute to developing great self-esteem and self-confidence.


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Positive Affirmations For Women

Here are 75 life changing and powerful positive affirmations for women that will awaken the subconsciousness of every woman who knows she is deserving of every good thing that life has to offer and should demand of the universe what she deserves and desires.

positive affirmations for women

1. I am one of a kind.

2. I am powerful.

3. My life is a testimony of great things.

4. I am enough.

5. I am beautiful.

6. I am unique.

7. I am a rare breed.

8. I am beautiful.

9. I am a beauty to behold.

10. I embrace new opportunities.

11. My dreams are valid.

12. I add value to the world.

13. I evolve every day.

14. I believe in my skills and abilities.

15. My life is a precious gift and I cherish it.

16. I deserve happiness and success.

17. I am worthy of true love.

18. I acknowledge change is good and I embrace it.

19. I believe in the beauty of my dreams.

20. I am strong, confident and successful.


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Daily Affirmations For Women

Daily affirmations for women who want to live their their best lives and replace negative self-talk with practical positive self-talk.

21. I experience love wherever I go.

22. My light attracts great things.

23. Every day is a new opportunity for growth.

24. I fully embrace my feminine energy.

25. I am attractive.

26. I let go of self-limiting beliefs.

27. I embrace positive self-talk.

28. I have the power to pursue and achieve my goals.

29. My dreams are possible.

30. I am more than my body.

31. I am brave, bold and beautiful.

32. I am super talented.

33. My talents will make a way for me.

34. I am in control of my feelings and emotions.

35. My past does not define me.

36. I am in love with the person I am becoming.

37. I make efforts to be a better person every day.

38. I am who God says I am.

39. I am the light and salt of the earth.

40. My life is important.

positive affirmations for women


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Powerful Daily Affirmations

Harnessing the power of positive daily affirmations cannot be over-emphasized. Part of living a fulfilled and successful life is having the courage to pursue our goals in life and this can only be done by overcoming fear, embracing positive self-talk and using positive affirmations.

Here are more positive affirmations for women who want to truly be at their best and equally live their best lives.

41. I embrace body positivity

42. I am becoming a better version of myself every day.

43. I love the woman I am.

44. I love the woman I am becoming.

45. I have the power to create wealth.

46. My flaws are a part of me and I embrace them.

47. I am powerful.

48. I am more than a conqueror.

49. My life is beautiful.

50. A bad day does not mean my life is bad.

51. I make self-love and self-care a priority.

52. My future is bright.

53. I have the power to manifest everything good into my life.

54. I am unique and that is my superpower

55. Money answers to me.

56. I release every negative belief holding me back from achieving my goals.

57. I practice gratitude every day and the universe opens up more blessings for me.

58. My dreams and visions align with the universe.

59. I am worthy of beautiful relationships.

60. I am worthy of priceless friendships

positive affirmations for women

Powerful Female Affirmations

Here are more powerful female affirmations to build self-esteem and self-confidence in yourself.

61. I choose myself.

62. I am strong and capable.

63. I am worthy of empathy and compassion.

64. I breathe in courage. I exhale fear.

65. I see beauty everywhere I go.

66. I choose faith over fear.

67. I believe and feel secure in who I am.

68. I am proud of my achievements.

69. I do not need external validation.

70. I am authentic.

71. My life is full of blessings and abundance.

72. I am treasured.

73. I let go of perfectionism.

74. I forgive myself.

75. I am living my life to full potential.


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Conclusion On Positive Affirmations For Women.

These positive affirmations for women are undeniably powerful and saying them to yourself is bound to reprogram your thinking and a mindset paradigm shift for a better you.

Choose the positive affirmations that resonates with you from the list of positive affirmations for women and start practicing.

I say my affirmations every morning upon waking up and I have seen that they make me feel grounded and centered whenever I do. Say and repeat them in the front of your mirror. Whatever works for you, is absolutely fine.

Go on and share these powerful female affirmations with all the awesome women in your life. Sharing is caring!

positive affirmations for women

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