How Can You Love Yourself? Here Are 3 Powerful Ways To Do It

If you have ever asked ”how can your love yourself”, then this article is for you. Do you always indulge in negative self-talk? Undervalue yourself? Think and believe you are enough? If you do, then you need to learn how to love yourself.

But first, let’s do this exercise.

Without cheating, go to the restroom and take a good look in the mirror. Say something, anything, the first word or phrase that comes to your mind. Spend two minutes in front of the mirror and get back to this post. 

Now, again without cheating, follow the rest of the exercise. 

  • Write down what you saw first: your face, chest, eyes, nose, etc.
  • What was the first thing that popped in your head (could be words or images)
  • What was the first word or phrase that you said?
  • Once you said it, how did it make you feel?

Be patient, this exercise reveals quite a lot about yourself. If the word or phrase you said out loud was harsh or in any way degrading, it’s time to take a step back. 

Here are 3 awesome answers to your question, how can you love yourself?

How Can You Love Yourself?

Talk With Yourself

It sounds crazy. Yet, one of the ways to know what your mind and body need is to talk to yourself. 

A study from the University of Michigan shows that “self-talk can help increase self-esteem, improve confidence, and help us overcome difficult challenges”. 

Figure out what is causing you to feel down. Sometimes all it takes is to have a conversation with yourself to recognize you haven’t been feeling your best. 

Return to the notes from the exercise and identify what you thought and said. When you talk to yourself and about yourself, be sure to note if it’s positive or negative. 

Control how you perceive yourself by changing how you speak to yourself. For example, choose kinder words, the type you would express to a close friend. 

Meditate & Journal

Meditation is the practice of mindfulness that studies demonstrate has numerous health benefits. Meditation can reduce stress, improve concentration, lower blood pressure, just to name a few. So give meditation a try when you’re stressed, after a workout, right before sleeping, or when necessary. 

Similar to self-talk, journaling is about discovering how to process your thoughts and feelings. When the day takes an ugly turn, write about it. Journal what brightened your day, what you did, or what frustrated you.

Doing these activities will increase your mindfulness and aid you in developing a healthier mindset one day at a time. 

Here are some Journal Prompts to help you start journaling right away.

77 Journaling Prompts For Self Discovery

50 Mental Health Journal Prompts

50 Journal Prompts For Coping During Hard Times

Seek Help From Experts

Get comfortable asking for help. Just as couples reach out to an infidelity therapist or marriage therapist to solve their issues, you can talk to an expert that will cater to your needs. 

Talking to a therapist shouldn’t be the last resort. They are a great resource for you to learn from and use to embark on the journey of self-growth. 

However, if the idea appears too daunting, reach out through email or contact a clinic online where you will still benefit from their knowledge in the comfort of your home. 

Asking for help is the first step to take to get better. Learning to love yourself will be different for other people, so use the tools experts provide to find your path. 

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Conclusion: How Can You Love Yourself

How can you love yourself? Talking with yourself, meditating, journaling, and seeking experts help are some of the ways you can love yourself. Learning to love yourself is a key factor for your personal development and winning in life. I hope these tips help you to love yourself more. If you found this helpful, please share it on social media (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter e.t.c. and other platforms). Don’t forget to join the conversation also!

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