How To Overcome Winter Blues And Make The Most Of It!

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Summer may not be quite over but fall is definitely on its way. It’s easy to layer up as the temperature drops. Dealing with the shorter days, however, can be a lot more of a challenge. Fortunately, it’s a challenge that can be overcome, especially with a bit of advanced planning. Here are three tips on how to overcome winter blues and actually enjoy every single moment.

How To Overcome Winter Blues

Oftentimes, I get blown away by nature. The power that is nature. From summer, fall, winter, dry seasons, wet seasons, and everything in between. You can’t but help marvel at the beauty. The contrast between the sun that is all summer and cold, that is all winter often makes it difficult to transition from summer to winter.

That is why it is important to carry all the sunnies from summer into winter so you can stay positive and chase the winter blues. Here are 3 key things you need on how to overcome the winter blues.

Get Well-Prepared For Fall (and beyond)

In the warmer months, it’s easy to take minor issues in your stride. Even if the weather isn’t great, it’s bearable and you have plenty of light. As soon as fall really starts to set in, that begins to change. Minor issues can quickly seem like major hurdles if you have to manage them in bitter weather and pitch darkness.

It, therefore, makes sense to do as much as you can to get well-prepared for fall and beyond. For example, deal with any minor issues around your home (and garden if you have one). If you use a car, take it in for a service. You do not want to be stranded in fall and winter.  

Check your closet, cupboards, pantry, and fridge/freezer. See if there’s anything you need to declutter or stock up on. Also, see if there are any budget-friendly updates you could make to save money over the colder months. For example, if you’re still using regular light bulbs, now could be a good time to invest in at least one LED light fitting.

Give Your Bedroom A Refresh

It’s vital that you get a good night’s sleep all year round. For many people, that’s likely to mean giving their bedroom a periodic refresh. At a minimum, you’re going to need to turn your mattress every six months. You also need to replace it when it wears out. This can, however, take up to ten years.

Turning your mattress is going to mean taking off your bedding. That gives you the perfect opportunity to change it for something cozier. For example, if you use cotton or linen sheets in spring and summer, try flannel or fleece ones in fall and winter. Also, think about whether you need a warmer comforter and/or an extra blanket, maybe an electric one.

Check that your light- and sound-proofing is up to what the colder months will bring. Remember as nights get shorter, people put on artificial lights. These may penetrate curtains that were more than capable of stopping sunlight. They also tend to stay indoors more. This can create more noise. You may therefore need a sleep mask and/or earplugs.

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Take Self-Care Really Seriously

Like sleep, self-care matters all year round. It does, however, often take on extra importance over the cold, dark months of fall and winter. Prepare for this by thinking about what self-care strategies work for you and making sure you’re always ready to implement them.

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Commit not just to sticking with exercise but to exercising outdoors as much as you can. Fresh air is good for you even without daylight. Ideally, however, you’ll exercise outdoors in the daytime. This gives you the benefits of natural light as well as fresh air. It also tends to be safer. If necessary, boost this with indoor exercise.

If you struggle to wake up in the mornings, consider investing in a “sunrise” alarm clock. These wake you up slowly and gently so they give you a much kinder start to the day.

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Conclusion: How To Overcome Winter Blues

We know how it can be when winter comes. It is difficult to transition from all the big hats, pool parties, swimming, vacationing in the sun, showing off our bodies in beautiful summer wears and all that but you can actually also enjoy winter to the fullest and I hope this easy guide on how to overcome winter blues does just that for you!

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