Self Care Ideas: 101 Amazing Ways To Love & Better Yourself!

self care ideas
Self Care Ideas

Self-care is a topic that has been trending for a long while now and a lot of us still don’t understand the whole idea and that is why I will be sharing some self-care ideas in today’s post.

After we have ”dissected” and ”explored” self-care and it’s benefits.

Self-care is very paramount if we want to avoid burn out. We get so caught up with the hustle and bustle that is life, so much that we forget to take care of ourselves.

I am a firm believer in self-care. So much so I wrote about the importance of self-love. Some may think, it is a delusional concept but it is not!

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Self-care is so important for our overall wellbeing but ironically, we often forget to practice it

self care ideas
Self Care Ideas: Pin For Later!

What Is Self Care?

The question needs answering! So what is self-care? Self-care is all those things you do, activities we carry out to feel good about ourselves.

Too simple right? Well, it is not that simple nor is it difficult! However, the average self-care gig will only be about taking care of yourself, say having a massage.

Purely physical.

It is deeper and richer than that. Self-care is paramount if we want to achieve our goals in life. Be it mental, physical, financial or otherwise!

So self-care is taking care of your body, mind, and soul! This is achieved by and in carrying out several activities.

Self-care practices, however, do not need to be major or dramatic! It could be as simple as having a cup of green tea or as huge as going on a cruise.

The underlying purpose of self-care should be about caring and loving yourself because they are critical to your mental well being as well as emotional balance.

When you care and love yourself, you will be able to take care of other aspects of your life and of course care and love others.

Remember, you can’t give what you don’t have.

No truer words have been said!

Read facts about mental health and know why you should practice self-care!

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Think about this. Has anyone ever asked you how your relationship with yourself is?

I bet no one has! Self-care is essentially the relationship you have with yourself. The better the relationship is, the better you become!

See why you should practice some self-care ideas?

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Benefits of Self Care: Self Care Ideas

With a great body and a sound mind, you are already more than halfway to achieving your goals, whatever they may be

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If self-care takes care of our body, mind, and soul, it means there are lots of benefits to be had from practicing it.

Some 10 crucial self-care benefits are these:

self care ideas
Self Care Ideas
  1. It reduces stress! Self-care plays a huge role in stress management. When you practice self-care, stress is reduced a lot and that leads to having a more productive life.
  2. Self-care can greatly improve your self-confidence and self-esteem! Often times, we are held back from pursuing our goals because we lack self-confidence. Practicing self-care is a way to improve yourself
  3. You get to have some alone time for yourself when you practice self-care. We are so caught up in the hustle and bustle that is life, that we never get to have alone time for ourselves.
  4. Self-care will give you soothing feelings. This is so because when you practice body self-care like say having massages and listening to soul music, gives you soothing feelings. Who doesn’t need that?
  5. Self-care promotes better relationships with ourselves. You get to understand and love yourself more because the more time you spend taking care of yourself, the better you become at knowing what your needs are.
  6. Another benefit of self-care is improved productivity and motivation! You become more productive, body and soul and that, in turn, gives you the motivation you require to do more and be a better version of yourself.
  7. You do away with negative self-talk when you practice self-care. This means that self-care promotes positivity! If you ask me, we need all the positivity we can get and it begins with us!
  8. Self-care reduces the risk of illnesses. I hear you. I want to be in great health even in my eighties and this is the best time to start taking care of yourself. Fortunately, a great self-care regime will help you achieve that!
  9. Self-care also improves your communication with nature and people. You are more aware of your environment and in touch with everything when you do practice self-care
  10. Self-care equals self-love and we all know how self-love impacts our lives generally!


The Importance Of Self Love

Amazing Ways To Simplify Your Life

Self Care Ideas For Women

There are lots of cheap and free self care ideas for women out there but we will make do of these best 26 self care ideas to ease us into practicing self care and loving ourselves better as women.

Practicing self-care is a way of showing up for yourself. It is putting yourself on top your to-do list, putting yourself as priority number one because you need a healthy you to ace your goals and live a life of purpose.


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Self Care Ideas: Body

Like I wrote earlier, self-care transcends the physical but you still need to carry out some care on your body: physical.

There are a lot of ways you can practice self-care for the body. From taking a warm bath to strolling in a park, you never can get it wrong when you do them.

Some self-care ideas for your body include the following

1. Self Grooming

While I don’t go crazy about polishing my nails, I am a big fan of self-grooming. It is a self-confidence booster and not something you would want to leave out in self-care.

There are lots of self-care ideas when it comes to self-grooming and yours truly is here to help!

  • Take a warm bath. Bring out all the scented soaps, bath bombs, scented candles and pamper yourself.
  • Always take time out to look nice. Wear clothes that make you feel confident. Like they say, looking good is good business
  • Get a massage! I absolutely love massages. Make all those limbs loose and knots go away. Get boo to give you one or hire a masseuse.
  • Have a Pedi and Mani. Look for a great DIY on Pinterest and save some money!
  • Develop a great skincare regimen/routine. Pamper your skin
  • Get in the Sauna and sweat those toxins out!
  • Incorporate spa sessions in your routine!

2. Getting Physical

Getting physical is about connecting your body and mind. This is very necessary for our emotional and mental well being.

These are some physical self-care ideas you can practice to love and better yourself.

  • Make changes to your sedentary lifestyle. Hit the gym, start swimming, jogging or even walking! For healthy lifestyle tips, follow these blogs I absolutely love Green Living and Green Chef for great healthy meal ideas!
  • Eat healthy meals. Mean Green Chef mentioned in the previous self-care idea, has lots of healthy meals you can use and also meal prep to avoid snacking on unhealthy food items.
  • Take a stroll in a nature park or have a jog.
  • Practice Yoga.
  • Create a space in your home for exercise. Don’t just wish for it.
  • Then go ahead and invest in small exercise equipment you can use at home and can afford.

Self Care Ideas: Mind & Soul

There is a deep connection between the body, mind, and soul that we tend to overlook oftentimes.

There is the general misconception that when we talk about mental and emotional wellbeing, it is only about the mind.

Well, mental well being is not only about the mind. The body plays a big role also. Practicing self-care that incorporates the body, mind, and soul secures your mental and emotional well being.

Some self-care for your rejuvenating your mind and soul are:

  • Get a journal or diary and write every single one of your thoughts down. Remember, how we said, self-care is about having a relationship with yourself? This is a great way to start. There are lots of journaling prompts on Pinterest mentioned above you can use.
  • Practice gratitude, meditation, and mindfulness.
  • Invest in and read self-help and self-improvement books. You can start with these ones 3 Self Improvement Books. Reading relaxes you!
  • Take a nap. Sleep, good sleep is an essential part of self-care no one should ignore!
  • Change your mindset. Unlearn the things you learned in the environment you grew up in. Substitute negative self-talk with positivity. One way to do this is by using affirmations. Here is a list of 101 Affirmations for just about anything.
  • Bring out your creative side! Drawing and coloring are very soothing activities that are good for your mind and soul. Bring out your thoughts on paint/artwork. Here are 10 ways to boost your Creativity
  • Learn to say NO. To yourself and others! We tend to take on more than we can chew. We want to be superwomen, to be known as the good ones to our own detriment in most cases. Don’t say yes when you mean to say no.
  • Always take part in social activities. Not the type that leads to burn out! Social activities like volunteering have been known to improve self-confidence and promote good soothing feelings and this is good for your mind and soul!
  • Feed your mind and soul by eating nutritious and healthy meals. A sound body has a sound mind and soul. Leafy greens and vegetables are the way to go.
  • Take time out to watch the sunset and sunrise! Keep still and just admire nature.
  • Practice deep breathing!
  • Buy and keep a stress ball in your bag! Having a bad day and feel like screaming? Squeeze the stress ball instead!
  • Take a break from the hustle and bustle. Go on a vacation. It doesn’t have to be in a foreign country! Take a trip to the next city and soak up the culture!


How To Practice Gratitude As A Form Of Self Care

Conclusion: Self Care Ideas

We cannot separate our body from our mind and soul when it comes to our mental and emotional wellbeing. That means that whatever self-care ideas you’d like to include in your self-care routine must and should take care of your body, mind and soul needs.

Self-care should not have to be expensive for it to count as self-care. There are lots of cheap DIYs out there. Make use of them. Like I said earlier, Pinterest is chockful of useful and helpful resources. Do not shy away from self-care because you feel it is about being selfish. It is not!

When you take care of yourself physically, emotionally and mentally, you get the ”power” you need to achieve your goals. This makes it possible for you to live the kind of life you want and be able to help others.

Would love to hear from you! What are your go-to self-care ideas? Let me know in comments and don’t forget to share!

self care ideas
Self Care Ideas

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