93 Powerful Positive Affirmations For Depression.

positive affirmations for depression


Positive affirmations for depression are powerful for combating depression when used correctly and consistently.

According to the World Health Organization, ” An estimated 3.8% of the population experience depression, including 5% of adults (4% among men and 6% among women), and 5.7% of adults older than 60 years. Approximately 280 million people in the world have depression (1). Depression is about 50% more common among women than among men. Worldwide, more than 10% of pregnant women and women who have just given birth experience depression (2). More than 700 000 people die due to suicide every year. Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death in 15–29-year-olds.”

Although there are known, effective treatments for mental disorders, more than 75% of people in low- and middle-income countries receive no treatment (3). Barriers to effective care include a lack of investment in mental health care, lack of trained health-care providers and social stigma associated with mental disorders“.

A life filled with negative thoughts is tough, no jokes. There’s nothing as tough as experiencing extreme sadness almost all the time. It affects productivity, makes the victim blind to positive things around, and even affects beneficial relationships negatively.

Aside from that, when not treated immediately with working mechanisms, it can cause long-term damage as well as other physical health issues. Truth is, no one deserves to experience it but unfortunately, so many people do.

Do you experience persistent extreme sadness that is quickly turning you into a shadow of yourself and desire a way out? Try positive affirmations for depression.

What Are Positive Affirmations For Depression?

Positive affirmations are short optimistic statements that highlight your values, and strengths. They are statements capable of restructuring your thought pattern. Depression is a mental illness. It is a result of a negative thought process and that is why you should deal with it using positive affirmations. It will help to redirect your thought pattern by introducing your mind to positive words that align with the reality or result you hope to see.

Why Should I Use Positive Affirmations For Depression?

Just in case you are wondering why you should pay much attention to statements, below are good reasons to start incorporating positive affirmations for depression into your routine.

1. They help restructure your mindset and help you stay on the right course.

2. They help you maintain beneficial relationships that may positively affect your future.

3. They increase your energy level; helping you to believe in yourself enough to tackle any challenge.

4. They help boost your self-esteem, making others see you as a great person to relate with.

5. Happiness has a role to play in your health and positive affirmations help you stay happy.

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How Do I Start Using Positive Affirmations For Depression?

positive affirmations for depression
positive affirmations for depression

The idea of using positive affirmation might seem like a fruitless journey or an overwhelming task but trust me, it isn’t. It may seem like it the first time but with consistency, soon, you will begin to see results.

To make it easier:

1. Use affirmations that fits the result you wish to see. Pick it one after the other and recite it at strategic times. You can decide to recite one before going to bed and one immediately after you wake up in the morning. That way, you won’t see it as a huge task.

2. Write them on sticky notes and place them in strategic places in your apartment. It may be your vision board, bathroom mirror, or your wardrobe. This is to ensure that you come face-to-face with them daily.

Some people write the affirmations on sticky notes and place somewhere in their bathroom recite them They recite them as they brush their teeth while looking in a mirror.

This is a great approach, it can help your mind connect with what you’re saying.  Some recite them while taking their bath  or while on their way to work, etc. Just ensure you repeat them every day; you can pick a perfect time that aligns with your work schedule.

You are also free to recite it anywhere you are comfortable. If you are a 9-5 employee, using the break period might be perfect.

3. Set reminder. The possibility of forgetting to recite them is high. You should set reminders on your phone to be alerted a few minutes from the time you agreed to work with to get you ready. You can choose to ask your friend, spouse, or housemate to remind you.

4. Don’t rush through it. Remember that the essence of reciting positive affirmations for depression is to your mind redirected. That won’t happen if you rush through it. Ensure you ruminate on the affirmations as you recite them.

5. Don’t judge your thoughts. If you catch yourself doing it, stop yourself immediately and give yourself a break. Avoid being hard on yourself. You are only going through a phase that will be over soon.

6. Be consistent. How fast you will get results depends on how consistent you are with the recitation. It also determines how comfortable you will be with them. Don’t underestimate the effect they will have on you or doubt the their potency. Recite them always even if it seems silly.

If you are looking for affirmations to begin with, below are positive affirmations for depression you might want to pick from.

Positive Affirmations For Depression

Positive affirmations to build up confidence enough to scale through a phase.

1. I’m stronger than I imagine and I will get through this.

2. Challenges are opportunities in disguise. They aren’t roadblocks.

3. I am more than a conqueror.

6. The world is my stage.

7. I have won before and I will continue to win.

8. I’m in the driver’s seat of my life.

9. I’m a light and I will shine brighter.

10. Fear has nothing on me.

positive affirmations for depression

Positive Affirmations For Depression: Positive Affirmations To Get Rid of Negative Thoughts About Yourself.

11. I am loved and I deserve it.

12. I am enough, I need no validation.

13. I’m worthy of every good thing I get.

14. I am happy with who I’m becoming.

15. I am a great person.

16.  My mistakes don’t define me in any way.

17. I am capable of loving and forgiving.

18.  I deserve to be alive.

19. My body shape is perfect.

20. I am beautiful and intelligent.

positive affirmations for depression

Positive Affirmations For Depression: Positive Affirmations Needed To Combat The Fear Of What The Future Holds.

21. I  have the future I dreamed of.

22. I won’t give up until I get to the level I desire in life.

23. I have all I need to make my dreams come true.

24. My vision is attainable; I just have to work towards it.

25. I am never giving up no matter what.

26. My current situation can’t hinder me from achieving my goals.

27. My future is bright regardless of what I’m seeing now.

28. I believe in my ability to build a great future for myself.

29. My social strata can’t deter me from getting the future I desire.

30. Challenges will surface but I will get over them to create my future.

31. I believe in my dreams and ambition.

32. I am putting in the work and grabbing the future I deserve.

33. I will never give up.

positive affirmations for depression

Positive Affirmations For depression If You Compare Yourself To Others

34. I am different from every other person out there.

35. I won’t compare my 2 years with another person’s 10 years.

36. I am no competition with anybody.

37. I won’t be distracted by another person’s success story.

38. I’m running my race.

39. I won’t compare myself with things I see on social media.

40. The goal is to be better than who I was yesterday.

41. I won’t compare. I will rather grab the knowledge and make it work for me.

42. My eyes are fixed on things that matter. No time for comparison.

43. I can get whatever I want if I work for it.

General Positive Affirmations For Depression You Can Choose To Go With

44.  Nothing is permanent in life.

45. I’m accomplishing my goals.

46. I love and accept myself.

47. I am a work in progress.

48. My life is unfolding just the way I envisioned.

49. I’m winning on every side.

50. These are just thoughts and I can change them.

51. I forgive myself for my past mistakes and I’m moving on so well.

52. I deserve to be happy.

53. Mistakes are part of life

54. I’m the first and not the last.

55. I am a force to reckon with.

56. Life has a lot in store for me.

57. Life is worth living.

58. I am capable.

59. I am successful.

60. This, too, shall pass.

positive affirmations for depression

61. I am a good person. I deserve everything good.

62. I am moving from glory to glory.

63. I am growing every day.

64. I have good health.

65. My dreams are valid.

66. I’m in charge.

67. I’m better than who I was yesterday.

68. I deserve the life I want.

69. I deserve rest.

70. I have the power to create my destiny.

71. I can get to the level I want to get to in life.

72. I don’t care what people say about me.

73. I deserve to be alive.

74. I am not selfish. I am kind.

75. I am capable of helping others.

76. I have the right to choose the life I want.

77. I am making the right decision.

78. I trust myself to excel.

79. I am a light and I will shine brighter.

80. Depression is not my lifestyle.

positive affirmations for depression

81. I choose to be healthy.

82. I am not wicked. I love others.

83. I am persistent and equal to the task.

84. I accept the good people around me.

85. I accept my imperfection.

86. Smiling looks good on me.

87. Love is beautiful. I deserve to experience it.

88. Happiness is free

89. I am growing at my pace.

90. I welcome positive change.

91. I deserve the support I’m getting.

92. My finance is increasing as I put right effort.

93. I am relevant.

positive affirmations for depression

Here Is How To Create Your Personalized Positive Affirmations For Depression

You are free to pick from our list but you can also create personalized ones you will connect with more. Here’s how to begin:

1. Identify The Cause Of Negative Thoughts You Have.

The first step to curing an illness is identifying the cause of the illness. Identifying the reason behind the negative thoughts you are having will help to get the right affirmation for it. It may be a destructive criticism in the workplace or a failed relationship. Whatever the reason may be, write it down on your notepad.

2. List Specific Negative Thoughts You Are Having.

Oftentimes, negative thoughts reflect or show the areas the bearer is anxious about. When these areas are identified, crafting positive affirmations for depression that would counter those depressing thoughts becomes a lot easier and the effect will be felt.

3. Avoid Being Generic.

You may be tempted to go craft a generic affirmation that has close to nothing to do with your situation but don’t. If you do, you may end up not getting the actual result you desire. Stick to those that speak to you personally.

4. Use “I” Instead.

Make the affirmations personal by using “I”. It will help to configure your mind gradually. You can write, “I am coming first  in my class this session.”

5. Write Them As Though You Already Have What You Seek.

Instead of writing, “I will be patient”, write “I am patient”. Using the word “will” may deter the healing process. Your mind may recognize the statement as a task and not reality. Write in the present tense to help your mind grab the message correctly.

Final Thoughts On Positive Affirmations For Depression

Repeating positive affirmations for depression often will help you get rid of negative thoughts. They will also help to channel it towards positive thoughts that enhance productivity. 

You can’t afford to allow negative thoughts to mess with your good mood, ruin the beautiful relationship you have with those that matter to you, as well as make you feel less of who you are.

Combat them with positive affirmations for depression and live your life to the fullest. You can choose to recite them anywhere and anytime. No rule state that you must recite them at a specific time but to avoid not reciting them at all, try doing it in the morning and at night before bed.

Feed your mind with as much affirmation as possible and stay alert to push away those negative thoughts each time they resurface. This process isn’t a quick fix, it will take some time for you to see results.

You should also know that you shouldn’t depend on the use of positive affirmations for depression especially if the case is malignant. Consult your psychologist and allow him to guide you through the healing process.

positive affirmations for depression
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