200+ This or That Questions For Couples And Everyone For Super Fun!

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Are You Excited to Enter the Exciting World of Decision-Making Dilemmas and Endless Possibilities? Well, look no further, as today I am sharing something truly thrilling with all my readers of all ages! No doubt we all enjoy playing “This or That Questions,” an age-old classic that allows us to explore our preferences, spark lively debates, and gain greater insights into one another’s innermost thoughts on a deeper level.

But here’s the exciting twist – instead of simply providing you with some random questions, I have carefully designed an exhaustive list of over 200 tricky This or That questions designed to engage and entertain for hours on end!

So get ready to confront some truly difficult decisions as we embark on this exhilarating adventure together!

This or That Questions For Adults, Kids, And Couples!

This or that questions you will have fun asking and getting answers to!

Let’s dive in!


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Funny This Or That Questions

Start laughing your heart out with these hilariously thought-provoking “This or That” questions! Select between epic scenarios that not only tickle your funny bone but also bring on uncontrollable fits of giggles! With everything from awkward dilemmas to absurd choices thrown in for good measure, these questions offer the ticket for an engaging carnival of conversation! So get ready for one wild ride through an amusement park of choices!

1. Pancakes or waffles with a side of maple syrup?

2. Would you rather have a pet unicorn or a pet dragon that never burns anything?

3. Be a professional bubble wrap popper or a professional marshmallow roaster.

4. Choose between a lifetime supply of pizza or a lifetime supply of ice cream.

5. Do you always have to wear clown shoes or a giant foam cowboy hat in public?

6. Go back in time to meet your ancestors or forward in time to meet your descendants.

7. Would you rather be able to speak to animals or speak every language fluently but only when you’re asleep?

8. Spend a day living as a superhero or a supervillain?

9. Be a famous stand-up comedian or a famous rock star?

10. Have a personal butler or a personal chef?

11. Live in a treehouse in the jungle or a houseboat on the open sea?

12. Never be able to use a spoon or never use a fork again?

13. Attend a costume party dressed as a giant inflatable pickle or a human-sized rubber duck?

14. Have a rewind button for your life or a pause button for the world around you?

15. Wear a chicken costume for a month or a bee costume for a week?

16. Do you always have to speak in rhymes or communicate only in puns?

17. Travel in a time machine to witness a historical event or visit the future to see a technological breakthrough?

18. Only eat your favorite food for every meal or eat a different food every meal for the rest of your life?

19. Have a talking pet parrot that never stops repeating your embarrassing moments or a pet cat that can sing in perfect pitch but only at 3 AM?

20. Live in a world without smartphones or a world without social media?

21. Be a professional thumb wrestler or a professional competitive eater?

22. Have a magic carpet for transportation or a flying broomstick?

23. Always be slightly overdressed or slightly underdressed for every occasion?

24. Spend a day as a pirate on a treasure hunt or as an astronaut exploring outer space.

25. Wake up with a new superpower every day, but you have no control over which one you get, or have one fixed superpower for life?

26. Have a lifetime supply of bubblegum or cotton candy?

27. Live in a world where everyone talks like a pirate or a world where everyone communicates using interpretive dance?

28. Are you able to understand and speak to plants or read people’s thoughts, but only when they’re thinking about food?

29. Eat only spicy foods for a month or bland, tasteless foods for a year?

30. Time travel to the past and give your younger self advice, or travel to the future and receive advice from your older self?

31. Rubber Ducks or Rubber Chickens?

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32. Disco Ball or Lava Lamp?

33. Pillow Fortress or Blanket Maze?

34. Meet Aliens or Develop Robots?

35. Hula Hoops or Jump Ropes?

36. Yawn or Hiccup?

37. Spaghetti Tree or Meatball Bush?

38. Toothpaste Cake or Mouthwash Pie?

39. Fly Swatter Fencing or Dustpan Curling?

40. Time Travel Twice or Teleport Infinite Times?

41. Marshmallow Boxing or Jelly Wrestling?

42. Underwater Basket Weaving or Skydiving Knitting?

43. lama Parade or Penguin Party?

44. Popcorn Rain or Candy Hail?

45. Time Traveling Picnic or Space Travel BBQ?

46. Skiing on Water or Skiing on a Sand Dune?

47. Pickle-flavored ice Cream or Bacon-Scented Candles?

48. Alphabet Soup Spelling Bee or Tic-Tac-Toe with Croutons?

49. Invisible Cats or Rainbow-Colored Glowing Dogs?

50. Bubble-Wrap Popping Contest or Yodeling Contest?

51. Bathrobe Fashion Show or Pajama Red Carpet?

52. Zombies or Vampires?

53. Disco Ball or Lava Lamp?

54. Selfie With a Ghost or Photo Bombing Bigfoot?

55. Marshmallow Fight or Meatball Fight?

56. Toga Party or Ugly Sweater Party?

57. Belly Flop or Cannonball?

58. Slippery Banana Peel Ballet or Roller Skate Tango?

59. Square-Dancing Flamingos or Breakdancing Octopuses?

60. Butter Massage or Tomato Soup Bath?

61. Werewolf or Were-Chicken?

62. Juggling or Unicycling?

63. Yodeling or Beatboxing?

64. Snowball Fight or Water Balloon Fight?

65. Butter Massage or Tomato Soup Bath?

66. Werewolves or Mummies?

this or that questions

This or That Questions For Kids

1. Ice cream or cake for your birthday treat?

2. Superhero or astronaut for a day?

3. Swimming in a pool or playing at the beach?

4. Chocolate milk or fruit juice?

5. Roller coasters or merry-go-rounds?

6. Teddy bear or action figure as a bedtime companion?

7. Zoo or aquarium visit?

8. Pizza or mac ‘n’ cheese for dinner?

9. Playing hide and seek or tag?

10. Storytime with mom or dad?

11. Dinosaur toys or space-themed toys?

12. Hot chocolate or apple juice on a snowy day?

13. Playing in the rain or dancing in the sunshine?

14. Fruit popsicles or ice cream cones?

15. Camping in the backyard or a blanket fort indoors?

16. Stuffed crust pizza or regular crust pizza?

17. Pirate adventure or princess tea party?

18. Flying on a magic carpet or riding a giant turtle?

19. Drawing with crayons or painting with fingers?

For Couples

1. Breakfast in bed or a romantic dinner out?

2. Beach vacation or mountain cabin getaway?

3. Movie night or a live theater show?

4. Homemade gifts or store-bought presents?

5. Cuddling on the couch or dancing under the stars?

6. Cooking together or ordering takeout?

7. Board games or card games for game night?

8. Surprise date night or planned date night?

9. Love letters or sweet text messages?

10. Pillow talk or morning snuggles?

11. Movie marathon at home or a day at the amusement park?

12. Dancing in the living room or slow dancing under the stars?

13. Writing love letters or composing a song for your partner?

14. Spa day at home or a couples’ massage at a spa?

15. Outdoor picnic or indoor candlelit dinner?

16. Comedy show date or a romantic stroll in the moonlight?

17. Choosing a pet together or a weekend DIY project?

18. Going on a road trip or a spontaneous weekend getaway?

19. Attending a live concert or a cozy night by the fireplace?

20. Vacuuming or Cooking?

21. Salsa Dancing or Ballroom Dancing?

22. Hiking or Camping?

23. Slow Dancing or Fast Dancing?

24. Movie Night or Game Night?

25. Comedy Club or Poetry Slam?

26. Home-Cooked Dinner or Take-Out?

27. Botanical Garden or Zoo?

28. Stargazing or Watch the Sunrise?

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This or That Questions For Adults

1. Wine or beer?

2. Travel the world or build your dream home?

3. Early bird or night owl?

4. Coffee or tea to start the day?

5. Books or movies for entertainment?

6. Fine dining or street food adventures?

7. Work from home or at the office?

8. Yoga or weightlifting for fitness?

9. Save or splurge on a big purchase?

10. Takeout or home-cooked meals?

11. Podcasts or audiobooks during your commute?

12. Beach reading or skiing in the mountains?

13. Mediterranean cuisine or Asian fusion for dinner?

14. Watching a documentary or a fictional series?

15. Solo travel or group travel with friends?

16. Buying gadgets or investing in experiences?

17. Crossword puzzles or Sudoku for mental exercise?

18. Morning jog or evening yoga session?

19. Attending a live sports event or a cultural festival?

20. Oven or Grill?

this or that questions for adults

For Teens

1. Snapchat or Instagram?

2. Video games or sports?

3. Skateboarding or biking?

4. Science fiction or fantasy books?

5. Summer camp or winter break?

6. Study group or solo study?

7. Phone calls or texting?

8. Sneakers or flip-flops?

9. Music festival or art show?

10. Action movies or romantic comedies?

11. Volunteering at a local charity or joining a club?

12. Action-packed video games or strategy games?

13. Fantasy novels or mystery books?

14. Winter sports or water sports?

15. Going to a concert with friends or a solo museum visit?

16. Experimenting with new hairstyles or sticking to a classic look?

17. DIY art projects or photography?

18. Part-time job or after-school activities?

19. Learning a new instrument or mastering a foreign language?

this or that questions for teens

Good This or That Questions

1. Kindness or intelligence?

2. Truth or dare?

3. Optimism or realism?

4. Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

5. Adventure or relaxation?

6. Receive a kiss or a smile from a loved one

7. Own your own home or rent one

8. Play with robots or Legos

9. Teach art or take an art class

10. Be someone’s best friend or be a part of a circle of friends

11. Give someone a high five or a handshake

12. Be social or be a loner

13. Walk on carpet or hardwood floors

14. Be good with animals or good with children

15. Live in a house or an apartment

16. Go to college or go to a technical school

17. Give a speech or write a paper

18. Be funny or good-looking

19. Clean up national parks or build a skyscraper

20. Work on cars or work on airplanes

21. Cuddle up with a blanket or turn up the heat

22. Live next door to your best friend or be a penpal

23. Make a phone call or send a postcard

24. Have children or adopt children

25. Work on a puzzle or build a robot

26. Be the class clown or on the honor roll

27. Fix a computer or create a video game

28. Teach a class or learn from reading a book

29. Be intellectual or athletic

30. In the frontlines of a crisis or help from the background

31. Ride in a classic car or rebuild one

32. Clean the bathroom or wash the dishes

33. Be better at writing or better at speaking

34. Have one good friend or many friends

35. Work on cars or work on airplanes

36. Laughter or deep conversations?

37. Family or friends?

38. Sunrise or sunset?

39. Books or movies to escape reality?

40. Beach or forest for a walk?

For Work

1. Coffee or tea during meetings?

2. Email or phone call for communication?

3. Casual dress code or business attire?

4. Teamwork or independent projects?

5. Work from home or in the office?

6. Presentation or written report?

7. Creative brainstorming or structured planning?

8. Early morning or late-night productivity?

9. Fixed hours or flexible schedule?

10. Office potluck or catered lunch?

11. Morning or evening?

12. Day or night?

13. Rain or snow?

14. Summer or winter?

15. Theatre or cinema?

16. Library or museums?

17. Love or money?

18. Book or movie?

19. Tea or coffee?

20. Chocolate or vanilla?

21. Coca-Cola or Pepsi?

22. Car or motorcycle?

23. Hamburgers or hot dogs?

24. Paper or plastic?

25. Boat or plane?

this or that questions for work

26. Painting or drawing?

27. Reading or writing?

28. Singing or dancing?

29. T-Shirts or sweaters?

30. Flowers or trees?

31. Phone or computer?

32. Coffee black or with cream and sugar?

33. Markers or crayons?

34. Travel by plane or boat?

35. Blinds or curtains?

36. White meat or dark meat?

37. Apple or Android?

38. Chips and dip or chips with salsa?

39. Hard or soft shell tacos?

40. Bunny or squirrel?

41. Ice cream or freeze pop?

42. Cookies or cake?

43. Computer games or video games?

44. Pop music or Rock music?

45. Pancakes or waffles?

46. Hot chocolate or coffee?

47. A text message or call?

For High School Students

1. Math or literature class?

2. Extracurricular clubs or sports teams?

3. School dances or game nights?

4. Study group or solo study sessions?

5. Lunch in the cafeteria or outside with friends?

6. Morning classes or afternoon classes?

7. Science fair or talent show participation?

8. School bus or bike to school?

9. Prom night or graduation day?

10. College applications or part-time jobs?

Christmas This or That Questions

1. Real or artificial Christmas tree?

2. Traditional red and green decorations or a unique color scheme?

3. Baking cookies or decorating gingerbread houses?

4. Opening presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

5. Classic holiday movies or festive music?

6. Stockings by the fireplace or under the tree?

7. Caroling or watching the holiday parade?

8. Snowy winter wonderland or sunny holiday vacation?

9. Eggnog or hot cocoa?

10. Helping Santa or being Santa for someone else?

Hard This or That Questions

1. Sacrifice for love or follow your dreams alone?

2. ’80s or ’90s?

3. Ultimate success with no happiness or happiness with no success?

4. Live a long, boring life or a short, exciting life?

5. Incurable illness with a happy life or perfect health with a miserable life?

6. Lose your most cherished memory or never make new memories?

7. Uncontrollable time travel to the past or the future?

8. Save a stranger’s life or change the course of history?

9. Always know the harsh truth or live with comforting lies?

10. Be loved by many but never deeply or be deeply loved by one?

11. Live in a world without love or a world without freedom?

12. Plants or pets?

13. Cardio or weight lifting?

14. AirPods or wire headphones?

15. IG Story or IG Live?

16. Bike or scooter?

17. Long nails or short nails?

this or that questions

18. Jumpsuits or two-piece matching sets?

19. Crochet or knitting?

20. Free Wi-Fi or free oat milk?

21. Bus or train?

22. Reading or writing?

23. Rue or Jules?

24. Iced tea or iced coffee?

25. Amazon or local shops?

26. Pepsi or Coke?

27. Comedy or drama?

28. Truth or dare?

29. Gold or silver?

30. Poem or story?

31. Logic or emotion?

32. Typing or handwriting?

33. Jackets or sweaters?

34. Milk tea or fruit tea?

35. Blonde or Brunette

For Friends

1. Game night or movie night with friends?

2. A road trip or a weekend getaway with pals?

3. Inside jokes or shared memories?

4. Heart-to-heart conversations or non-stop laughter?

5. Surprise party or a thoughtful gift?

6. Beach vacation or camping trip with friends?

7. Cooking together or ordering takeout?

8. Help with a big favor or lend a listening ear?

9. Late-night talks or early-morning adventures?

10. Group selfies or individual portraits?

11. Animals or people?

12. Walking or biking?

13. Taylor Swift or Britney Spears?

14. Spring or fall?

15. Fanny pack or tote bag?

16. Silence or chatter?

17. Pilates or running?

18. Laughing or crying?

19. Reading or writing?

20. Carpet or hardwood floors?

21. Telling a lie or being told a lie?

22. Save or spend?

23. Losing sleep or skipping a meal?

24. Surfboard or skateboard?

25. American Idol or America’s Got Talent?

26. Peas or Brussels sprouts?

this or that questions for friends

Conclusion On This Or That Questions

Get ready for an amazing voyage of laughter and discovery with over 200 tantalizing This or That questions! Whether sparking lively debates or unearthing hidden preferences, these inquiries offer you a passport to discovering all sorts of quirky aspects about your friends.

So take the plunge, make your choices, and watch as laughter spreads through conversations!

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