195 Relationship Questions To Ask Guys To Deepen Your Bond!

relationship questions to ask guys
Relationship Questions To Ask Guys

Did you know that what makes a relationship enviable is the level of compatibility of the people involved? I’m sure you must have seen a couple who seem to do things together and you prayed to have such a connection with your guy. Here are 195 relationship questions to ask guys if you want to deepen the bond between you and your man.

It doesn’t just happen, those enjoying that kind of relationship invested their time in researching for relationship questions to ask a guy and made use of the questions they found.

Whether you are looking to say yes to a guy or you have said yes but want to know if the relationship will lead to somewhere good, there’s a need for you to ask these relationship questions. They will help you understand the guy you’re dating or about to say yes to and also help you to decide on whether he’s the kind of guy you need or not.

Most ladies struggle with relationship questions to ask a guy, especially those that want more than sex and romance from a relationship. This is why these questions have been compiled to help you maximize your dating period.

Good Relationship Questions To Ask Guys You Are Dating

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relationship questions to ask guys
Relationship Questions To Ask Guys

1. What is the one thing you are yet to share with anyone?

2. How did you feel when we first kissed?

3. Sex or a heart-warming hug, which do you prefer?

4. What makes you happy about being in a relationship with me?

5. What do you remember most when you hear my voice?

6. Is communication more important than sex in a relationship?

7. What is your opinion on religion or spirituality?

8. Would you move on if you catch me cheating?

9. Between emotional connection and physical connection, which is more important to you?

10. What kind of relationship do your friends have with their partners?

11. What is the most important quality you need your woman to possess?

12. When you first saw me, what thrilled you the most?

13. What kind of dressing makes you go haywire? 

14. When was your best time with me?

15. What makes you happy about our relationship?

16. What one thing can I do to make our relationship better?

17. What kind of relationship do you have with your family?

18. What do you think, do we have to go intimate as we should?

19. What is the one thing I do that makes you love me more?

20. Would you prefer hanging out with the guys over spending time with me?

Great Relationship Questions To Ask A Guy To Make Your Relationship More Enjoyable

21. Would you accept if I support you financially? 

22. What kind of influence do I have on you?

23. Have you recorded positive behavioral changes since we met?

24. How often should we communicate to make stay bonded?

25. What will you never forget about our relationship?

26. Would you enjoy going on a trip with me?

27. What do you think we should do together to improve ourselves?

28. What is your opinion on handling conflict?

29. Do we spend enough time together as a couple?

30. What new thing do you want me to learn from you?

31. What is that part of you I’m yet to find out?

32. When you dream, do you dream of me?

33. Since we began to date, do you have any regret about us?

34. How about I ask you to make me dinner, what will you make?

35. How would you describe your moments with me?

36. What do you think we should do to improve our relationship?

37. What do you think about your male friends?

38. What one thing should we avoid to stay strong as a couple?

39. Am I the woman you desired to have?

40. What is your opinion on honesty and transparency in a relationship?

Sexy Questions To Ask Guys

Here are some sexy questions to ask guys. Be flirty, girl!

41. How do you see oral sex?

42. How often do you think we should go intimate as a couple?

43. How do you feel when a plant a kiss on your forehead?

44. What’s your best sex position?

45. If we get married, who do you think we should run to when we have a sexual problem?

46. Would you be okay discussing our first night together with your friends?

47. What’s your parents’ sex life like, any idea?

48. Would you love it if I use sex toys when you’re not close to me?

49. What does sex mean to you?

50. What will be your response to me if I want to initiate sex and you aren’t in the mood?

51. How do you feel when I hug you passionately?

52. How do you calm yourself when you are in the mood and I’m not around?

53. Have you gone through the book, Kamasutra, what do you think?

54. If we get married someday, where will you take me to?

55. Would you rather bring on your romance game on before the actual sex or you enjoy diving in without romance?

56. What part of my body do you crave for more?

57. How much do you value virginity or what do you think about virginity?

58. What do you think about sex before marriage?

59. Are my lips succulent enough, what do you think?

60. What would you do if our sex drive doesn’t match?


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Relationship Questions To Ask A Guy To Know His Opinion On Marriage

relationship questions to ask guys
Relationship Questions To Ask Guys

61. Would you love to meet my parents?

62. How about introducing me to your family?

63. Do you tell your friends about me?

64. What do you think makes a marriage work?

65. Am I the kind of woman you want to settle down with?

66. What is your intention when you first approached me?

67. When it comes to marriage, who are your role models?

68. Have you ever thought of spending your life with just one woman?

69. Would you mind having kids when you get married?

70. How long should people date to know themselves well enough for marriage?

71. What is the most important thing in marriage, any idea?

72. Would you prefer having your wife sit at home all day or you prefer a career woman?

73. Do you love me enough to want to spend your life with me?

74. Will you accommodate an extended family if we get married someday?

75. How would you do if catch your wife with another man?

76. Would you password your phone even after marriage?

77. What do you think about couples having separate rooms?

78. What is your take on family planning?

79. What kind of home do you dream of building?

80. Do you mind trading hanging out with your boys for spending time with your family?

Good Deep Questions To Ask A Guy To Know How He Reasons

81. How often do you think you should call your girlfriend?

82. Do you think your female friends should know about your girl?

 83. Do you think it’s cool to discuss your past with your partner?

84. What is the most romantic moment you’ve shared with me?

85. Would you care to understand your partner’s love language?

86. How do you feel when you recall a precious moment with me?

87. Do you think it’s wise to reassure your partner how much you love her at every opportunity you get?

88. What would you do if your girl ask to know how much you earn?

89. How well do you know me?

90. How important is trust in a relationship?

91. Would you stop your partner from doing what’s beneficial to her growth because you’re jealous?

92. When guys admire your girl, how do you feel?

93. If your girl hangs out with people who are financially bigger than you, how will you feel?

94. Do you think we should discuss marriage?

95. How would you feel if your girl disagrees with you on an important subject matter?

96. Can you sacrifice your comfort to make your girl happy?

97. If you offend your girl, what will you do to remedy the situation?

98. Are you the type to fight for your girl in public?

99. What would you do if your girl’s boss drive your girl home from work?

100. How will you react when if your girl earns more than you?

Relationship Questions To Ask A Guy Concerning The Future

101. Where do you see us in the next five years?

102. What plans do you have for this relationship?

103. What if I want to travel to study, what will you do?

104. What will you say if I say No to your decision?

105. How often do you think we should have an in-depth conversation about the future?

106. Are you cool with keeping secrets from me?

107. Will you permit my family to visit if we get married someday?

108. How often should we upgrade ourselves intellectually to face the future?

109. Would you want to have me for the rest of your life?

110. Have you been tempted to cheat on me before? How did you handle it?

111. Can you take a fall for me?

112. Assuming I say yes to you, what do you intend to gain from me?

113. Would you prefer to call me by name if we settle down?

114. Am I in your fantasy?

115. When do you think it’s best to tell your family about us?

116. How best will you discipline our kids when we have them?

117. Am I included in your goal for next year?

118. What do you think about having a joint account with your spouse?

119. Would love to take stock of the items in the house or would you leave it for your spouse to handle?

120. When it seems your love is waxing cold, what will you do?

relationship questions to ask guys
Relationship Questions To Ask Guys

Essential Relationship Questions To Ask A Guy

121. How do you see polygamy?

122. Would you suggest leaving together with your girl before marriage?

123. Do you think it’s men’s nature to cheat?

124. What can’t you compromise?

125. How long would you tolerate inconsistencies from your girl?

126. What would you do if your girl destroys an important possession mistakenly?

127. What do you think we should do to help ourselves grow?

128. Should we keep our relationship a secret from people that matters?

129. How would you feel if I decide to leave this relationship?

130. How much do you think your mom should know about your relationship?

131. Do you sincerely enjoy our moments together?

132. When you don’t see me for a long time, how do you feel?

133. What is that one thing I do that pisses you off?

134. How do you feel when you spend your money on me?

135. Would you prefer to have a dependent girl rather than an independent one?

136. Can you accommodate a girl that doesn’t know how to cook?

137. What if your girl isn’t ready for sex, would you force your way?

138. What’s the one word that describes me best?

139. When was the last time you really got angry at me?

140. Submissive or domineering girl, which do you prefer?

What Is Love Questions? Love Questions You Should Ask Your Man

Love questions are love related questions every woman should ask her man. Here are some love questions to ask that special man in your life.

141. What do you love most about me?

142. When you remember I’m yours, how do you feel?

143. How would you describe your love for me?

144. How do you feel when I try to initiate sex with you?

145. What is that thing you want to do when you see me?

146. How much do you love my attitude?

147. If you find me in a serious health situation, what would you do?

148. What music reminds you of me?

149. What makes you so happy about my presence in your life?

150. What do I do that turns you on often?

151. Do you feel proud when you see me being my best self?

152. How much do you love me?

153. How much blow would you take for me?

154. What if your family says no to our relationship, what will you do?

155. How about using my picture as your screen saver?

156. Do you kiss my picture on your phone when you miss me?

157. Do you think I’m the most beautiful girl in the world?

158. Do you see your future in me?

159. Are you willing to change a lifestyle of yours to keep your me?

160. Would you mind doing what I ask of you even if you don’t feel like it?

Random Questions To Ask A Guy

relationship questions to ask guys
Relationship Questions To Ask Guys

Check out these super cool relationship questions to ask guys if you are looking to deepening the bond between you and your man.

More relationship questions to ask guys, know your man better and deepen the bond between you two.

I61. How often do you club?

162. What do you think about guys leaving with their parents?

163. Would you prefer to stay a year with your wife before having kids or immediately after the wedding?

164. Do you think saving for the future is a bad idea?

165. What do you think about women in politics?

166. Do you think men should also be submissive in a relationship?

167. What does your father say about polygamy?

168. Your relationship with your brothers, how cool is it?

169. Have you ever slapped any woman before?

170. How would you describe your personality?

171. If your girl lands in police custody, what will be your reaction?

172. What’s your favorite spot in town?

173. Do you have flares for newly released movies?

174. Did you pray to have a girl like me?

175. Who do you think should take care of the kids more?

176. Do you think women should not aim high?

177. What do you think about boys-only boarding schools?

178. Would you describe our meeting as destiny?

179. What fashion brand do you love most?

180. What kind of influence does social media have on you?

Other Relationship Questions To Make Your Relationship Grow

Here are more superb relationship questions to ask guys to know them better

181. What is the one question you’ve been wanting to ask me?

182. What area of our lives do you think we should work on?

183. Do you believe in me?

184. Is there anything you would want to change about me?

185. Do you think of me when you are horny?

186. What do you think deserve more attention, relationship, or career?

187. Do you believe in having your mom make decisions for you?

188. Are you living your best life?

189. What do you think about getting tested?

190. On a scale of 1-10, describe your anger level?

191. How often would you love to hear from your girl?

192. Do you think it’s right to know a girl’s genotype before proposing?

193. Do you enjoy bedtime calls?

194. When you wake up in the morning, what do you do first?

195. Do you mind eating stale food after work?

Check out these other mind blowing random questions and deep relationship questions you can ask friends and your partner below!

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Conclusion On Relationship Questions To Ask Guys To Deepen Your Bond.

There you have it babes. 195 relationship questions to ask guys.

To get the best out of these questions, you should avoid asking them via text messages. These relationship questions to a guy are there to help you connect well with your guy and you should ask them when you are together. If it’s a long-distance relationship, you can ask them while having a video chat with him. This helps you to also watch his facial expressions and even his gesticulation, these inaudible way of communicating helps to drive a message home.

You don’t necessarily have to ask all the questions at a go, you can scan the list and pick the ones to go with and ask them one after the other to avoid making him feel interrogated.

You deserve the kind of relationship you desire, you deserve to enjoy a friendly relationship with your guy. Go for what you desire! These relationship questions to ask guys will help you drastically.

Check out my Relationship Board on Pinterest for more tips on relationships and living your best life with your spouse. Don’t forget to share with the women in your lives!

relationship questions to ask guys
Relationship Questions To Ask Guys

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