10 Telltale Signs He Is Sleeping With His Baby Mama

signs he is sleeping with his baby mama

Do you want to know if he is sleeping with his baby mama? I have got the scoop for you. There will always be tell-tale signs when he is sleeping with his baby mama but because you’ve got so much “love” for him, you are blinded to it all. Here are telltale signs that he is still sleeping with his baby mama

Signs He Is Sleeping With His Baby Mama

Just two days ago, a story broke about a well-known artiste in my country, getting his baby mama pregnant. Again. For the second time.

Yes, you read that right. The second time. Isn’t that sad? The thing is that he just got married to his current wife and they lost their son a couple of months ago.

I wonder what the wife would be going through at this moment. Losing a child, getting married, and then being publicly embarrassed by your man getting his baby mama pregnant. All within a year.

As I said, the telltale signs he is sleeping with his baby mama are always there. We just want to shelve it aside, subconsciously.

Well, just in case you don’t know how to tell if he is still sleeping with his baby mama, then this guide should help you figure it all out and then you can take the steps you need to take.

10 Telltale Signs He Is Sleeping With His Baby

From acting defensive, rating her above you and everything in between, here are the signs you should be looking for if you want to know if your man still has the hots for his baby mama.

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signs he is sleeping with his baby mama

1. He Acts All-Defensive When You Question Him About Her.

Trust me when I say he will be acting all defensive anytime you pose even an honest trivial question about his baby mama. The sole reason for this defensiveness is pure guilt. He feels perhaps you know he is still sleeping with her so he goes all defensive when you ask even a mundane question.

If he is acting all defensive, then it is one of the sure signs he is still sleeping with his baby mama.

For real!

2. He Reeks Of Her Perfume Each Time He Comes Back.

Do you know that smell that you associate with his baby mama? Girl, if he comes back from his “excuse” of going to see his daughter and then all you get are “whiffs” of her perfume all over him, then he most probably just had a roll in the haystack with her.

No kidding!

3. He Spends More Time With Her Than You

Yes, I know he has a baby with him and he has to see his baby if he is not a deadbeat father but girl, if he is spending more time with her than he does with you then there is definite cause for alarm.

If he rather spends time with her than you, then there is something wrong in your relationship and you may need to consider ways to rekindle the love between you two because it would seem brother man could be getting something from his baby mama that you aren’t giving him or he is just straight out a chronic cheat!

4. He Defends Her Every Single Time

It is one thing for a man to speak well of his ex, it is another thing for him to constantly defend her over, and everything, even when it is glaring, is not true.

A good man will not speak ill of an ex no matter what but when he is blinded to any and every glaring fault when you talk about her, then it is one of the telltale signs he is sleeping with his baby mama.

It could well be he is planning on manifesting his ex back if he keeps doing this.

5. He Still Has Personal Items At Her House.

Girl, when I say this is one of the very bad signs he is sleeping with his baby mama, I kid you not!

If for some reason he let on or you discover that he still keeps some of his personal items like inner wears, colognes, combs, toothbrushes, and some other things in between, then something is in the offing and they are doing it.

Think about it! Why would he keep his personal items at his baby’s mama’s place when you both share an apartment?

This a definite telltale sign that he is getting it on over there!

6. He Leaves You In The Middle Of Something To Attend To Her.

Does he leave you in the middle of something you both deem important to go attend to his baby mama just because he called? If he is doing this and a common feature then he is getting his rod fried over there.

Imagine a scenario where you are on a date with your BFFs. You’ve planned it for weeks, everyone is around, and then voila, baby mama calls and he runs out to go “fix” her.

I know, girl. I know. You didn’t think anything was off until he did it again and again and now your eyes are practically open to the fact that he did it even on your birthday.

See? He is still sleeping with his baby mama.

7. Your Sex Life Is Non Existent

While I know that there are couples who do not have sex regularly does not translate to there being “cheating”, I know that if your sex life is non-existent and your man is always running off to see his baby mama, it means he is likely getting some with her.

Babes, if your man keeps giving excuses every time you reach out to his side of his bed to get freaky on and he pushes you away, then something is wrong somewhere.

8. He Is Always Hoarding His Phone

About two years ago, I made a post on my Facebook page about how our generation has so degraded that our privates are no longer private while our personal items especially phones are now “privates”.

I mean we all touch each other discriminately, without remorse or morals (when it comes to cheating and all that) but we cannot touch each other phones.

That brings me to another of the signs that he is sleeping with his baby mama, for real.

Girl, if your man literarily “hogs and hoards” his phone, he is cheating and most likely with his baby mama.


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9. He Does Not Keep You In The Loop

One of the surest telltale signs he is still sleeping with his baby mama is that he doesn’t keep you in the loop.

Girl, is he out and about with baby mama and he doesn’t tell you and then a couple of days or maybe weeks later, you hear about it when he sorts of mistakenly mentions it with a guilty look on his face?

This is happening more frequently and you want to think it is just one of those things because you don’t just want to make it look as if you are jealous and unreasonable.

But let me burst the bubble here, your man is likely having his pants pulled down by his baby mama and that is not where the story ends.

10. Your Infallible Gut Instinct Tells You He Is Sleeping With His Baby Mama

A woman’s intuition is mostly and almost a hundred percent correct and that is why I call it infallible gut instinct.

We women, just know these things. I don’t know if this is a power/blessing/curse given to us by God but time and time again, when my instinct tells me something, I listen.

So babes, if your instincts are screaming that he is sleeping with his baby mama, it is most likely he is and you can trust your intuition about this.

signs he is sleeping with his baby mama

What To Do If He Is Sleeping With His Baby Mama

I must say this is a tightrope to walk on. It is an awkward situation babe and it is one you need to navigate with extreme caution if you believe your relationship is worth saving.

Here are some actions you can take if you see signs that he is still sleeping with his baby mama.

1. Ask The Hard Questions: There are four uncomfortable questions often avoided in relationships. They are the “oils” that drive the “engine’ of every relationship but people would rather avoid them because it exposes a whole lot.

Start by asking the questions and take it from there.

2. Rekindle The Love Between You Two To Build A Stronger Bond: It could be we are wrong in concluding that he is cheating. If you have asked those uncomfortable questions and got them out of the way, then it is time to rekindle the love between you too if you are satisfied with the answers you got.

This guide on How To Rekindle The Love In Your Relationship will help you build a stronger bond and have your man licking from your fingers again.

3. Learn To Trust Him More: If you are having trust issues and keep suspecting his every move when it comes to his baby mama, then you need to learn how to be more trusting and open up your heart.

Let go and let be. Trust him enough to know that he will not knowingly hurt you if he genuinely loves you.

At times, this is all a girl can do.

4. Build Your Self-Esteem and Confidence: Most often times than not, we get intimidated by the women in our men’s lives. Their sisters and Exes because we feel we are not beautiful enough and I think that is warped. You need to build your self-esteem and have great confidence in yourself as a woman.

Your feelings that your man might still be sleeping with his baby mama may be coming from a place of low self-esteem and you will need to work on that.

signs he is sleeping with his baby mama

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5. Improve Your Notion Of Body Image: Are you feeling insecure because you believe his baby mama has a body type that you feel he prefers over yours? If you do, then you definitely need to improve your notion of body image.

A man who wants to cheat will cheat even if you think you have the most beautiful body in the world. The cheating is on him and not your fault because cheating is a deliberate and conscious act on the part of the person.

Babes, there is absolutely no need to hate your “body image”. You are beautiful and you are unique.

Remember that. Always!


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6. Love Yourself More: Yes, LOVE YOURSELF MORE. We tend to want to love others more while we neglect “self-love”. When you love yourself more, you know how to love others.

It could be you do not love yourself half as much as you love your man so you project some form of insecurities on him and then go suspecting every one of his moves.

Learn to practice self-love babes.

7. Ditch Him For Good! You have done all that and he is still acting up. You have tried communication, rekindling the love between you two, learned to trust him, and worked on yourself and still, the tell signs that he is sleeping with his baby mama are still there, then I say it is time to ditch his cheating a*ss.

Let him go for good. He is not worth it!


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Conclusion On Signs He Is Sleeping With His Baby Mama

Girl, these are signs he is sleeping with his baby mama. As I said earlier, it is a real tightrope to walk and you need to decide on what to do with the relationship. Do you want to continue? Renew your bond?

Would you rather walk away from the ”situationship”? After all said and done, the decision is yours only babe. You alone know where the shoes pinch the most.

The most important thing is to love yourself enough and know when to walk away from a place that is no longer serving you.

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signs he is sleeping with his baby mama

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