Luxury Bathroom Touches

Let’s talk about luxury bathroom touches today! Get some self-care and self-love in!

luxury bathroom touches
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A bathroom is typically a place where people spend short bursts of time. A quick use of the toilet, brushing teeth and of course, getting one’s self-clean.

But if you like to spend more time in your bathroom, for long luxe bathing sessions, or you do your makeup in there then you probably want more out of your bathroom.

In fact, if you have all of the little touches that make it feel like a luxurious space, you’re going to want to be in there much more often than you are right now. 

So let’s take a look at a few little things that can make your bathroom feel like the only place you want to primp and preen in.

Luxury Bathroom Touches For Enjoyable Baths


Items for luxury bathroom touches

Luxury Bathroom Touches: Towel Warmer

So it might seem a little bit ‘extra’ but getting out of a deliciously warm bath and grabbing a towel that has been warmed for a little while on the towel warmer is just divine.

The wiring is concealed, and it looks great too. Of course, if you want to, you can add underwear or socks to the racks and have it all warm and ready for you. 

Here are a beautiful selection of towel warmers specially curated for you from Amazon.


If you have either a dark bathroom or you get ready in there, it might be time to up-size it. You can also incorporate a magnifying mirror into the mix.

This will allow you to get a closer shave, pluck or wax your brows better and get your eyeliner razor sharp. 

Luxury Towels

When you spend more on your towels, you will tell the difference immediately.

They will be thicker and fluffier. The finer the cotton they are made from, the better they will at absorbing moisture and getting your dry.

So combine your luxury wholesale bath towels from Richard Haworth, and your heated towel rack and post-shower or bath are going to be a real moment. 

Bamboo Mat

While the tradition mats are great, they can often soak up more moisture than you realize and need cleaning more often, so they don’t begin to smell.

A bamboo mat feels great under your feet, isn’t slippery and works with any decor. It has a little bit of a spa feel about it too. 

Luxury Bathroom Touches: Shower Head

If your shower head is a mildewy mess, and sometimes the jet-setting doesn’t work, you might want to swap it out.

LED powered shower heads are ideal if you’re going to turn your showering time into something that feels more spa-like than you simply being in your own bathroom.

The LEDs are safe because they use water pressure and temperature to work.

And it is universal threading. If that is a bit OTT for you, then a simple shower head that feels more like rain can bring an extra layer of calm.


The lighting in the room does a lot to change the feel. If you are one for long baths, with plenty of bubbles and a hair mask, then lighting a candle or two with your favorite scent will give you an even more soothing and relaxing time. 

There you have it! Six luxury bathroom touches!

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Conclusion On Luxury Bathroom Touches

Nothing beats enjoying a bath every time you have one. One way to enjoy your baths would be getting these lovely and affordable luxury bathroom touches for yourself. So, indulge, pamper yourself and enjoy everyone of your baths by making your bathroom a haven with these luxury items.

bathroom luxury touches
Bathroom luxury touches

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