10 Ways TO Remove Toxic People From Your Circle Without Making Them Feel Dumped

remove toxic people
How To Remove Toxic People From Your Life

Remove Toxic People From Your Life Completely

You’ve got to be productive! To be productive, you need to remove toxic people from your life!

Yeah, you heard me right. And that can never happen if you have a bad vibe hanging all over you. It’s time you do something about it.

It’s going to be a hard nut to crack especially if this kind of vibe is coming from a family member or a friend who used to be so close to you. But not to worry, there is a solution to almost every problem.

In this article, you will be introduced to unique ways to remove toxic people from your circle without making them feel awkward about themselves but first, you should get to know how to spot toxic people even at first contact.

From family, friends, and neighbours to co-workers, there are a lot of toxic relationships you need to ditch for your mental health, well-being and personal growth.

Remove Toxic People: How To Spot Them

Remove toxic people by first identifying who is toxic around you using these effective tips.

remove toxic people

You have to gain this knowledge to be able to remove toxic people from your circle. Here are some of their attributes. With these, you would be able to spot them in no time.

In case you are wondering about who toxic people are, here are 11 types of toxic people you should completely avoid.

They are:

1. Pessimistic.

Do you know what they say about mindset-controlling outcomes?

A pessimistic person will ruin your effort to get to the next level with a negative mindset. They will always want to discourage you from going further by echoing impossibility into your ears.

2. Emotionless.

They never show interest in understanding their friends’ discomfort. Toxic people are always cold to everyone around them and the funny part is that they see nothing wrong with it. They disregard the feeling of others and sprout out words that pierce the heart.

3. Cunning.

Now, this is the height of it.

A cunning person will encourage you to do something that was not originally your intention and when the consequences come, he separates himself immediately leaving you with no option but to suffer alone.

Why on earth would you want to still keep such a person?

4. Rude and Bitter

One of the good ways to get hold of toxic people is through their actions. They cannot hide this trait for a long time. Toxic people are rude and bitter for no good reason.

5. Greedy

It’s difficult to find a toxic person who isn’t greedy. They always want everything for themselves. They sometimes exhibit this trait unknowingly.

A toxic person will rather leave the premises than fight to get your share as their friend in public functions. They are that bad!

remove toxic people
How To Remove Toxic People From Your Life

How To Remove Toxic People From Your Circle

Now that you have the idea of how to fish them out, it’s time to get introduced to how to remove toxic people and gain full control over your life. 

1. Slowly Reduce The Amount Of Time You Spend With Them.

Remember, your intention isn’t to make them feel like the next person after Lucifer. So, you have to kick them out without letting them know that they’ve been kicked out.

Start by reducing the time you spend with them. You can involve yourself in other important activities and use them as excuses. Do this slowly and they will get the impression that your absence is due to important engagements and not the other way around.

2. Correct Them Instantly.

Another reason you must remove toxic people from your circle is that they hate correction.

They hate to hang out with people who dislike their way of doing things and hate more those who correct them calmly.  Make good use of this opportunity and when you do so repeatedly, they will begin to avoid you.

3. Develop Love For Something They Hate.

Okay! This is a natural way to remove toxic people from your circle and it’s easy to do.

Search deep to find out that one thing they detest that isn’t so bad and develop an interest in it. Even if you are not so much into it, pretend to until they dump you themselves.

4. Ask For a Favour You Know They Won’t Do.

Here’s another banger.

Even though it isn’t listed, toxic people are selfish. They have no time to think of other people. They always want to receive and not give. This is an opportunity you must take advantage of.

Consistently ask for a favour you are sure they won’t do and you will see them avoiding you.

5. Change Your Location Without Leaving a Clue.

This might sound too extreme but it isn’t considering the negative effect they have on you.

Relocate to a new area without letting them know. They might feel bad but they will feel worse if you let them know that you are leaving because of them.

remove toxic people

6.  Set Boundaries.

In as much as you don’t want them to feel bad, you don’t have to displease yourself in the process. You need to set clear boundaries and insist that they must live with them.

This is the best option if they are family. Since you can’t avoid them, set boundaries and don’t compromise at any point.


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7. Use Your Parents As An Excuse.

This works best if you are a teenager or young adult under your parents’ custody. You can discuss it with your parents. Parents love such. If you let them know that you intend to remove toxic people from your circle, they will stand by you.

Your toxic friends might call you naive and other similar names but it’s better than having them ruin your good life.

8. Begin To Hang Out With People That Act Differently.

Once you introduce a new person with traits opposite to theirs, they will find hanging out with you boring. They will try to discourage your action as usual but don’t give in.

You can give them good reasons why you must keep that person in your circle. If they see that you aren’t giving in, they will give up and look elsewhere for solace.


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9. Stop Doing Them A Favour.

Most toxic people get attached to those they benefit from and once that benefit is withdrawn, they change their trajectory.

If you are the one that pays the bill after hanging out, you may want to stop it as that might be the only reason they are with you.

10. Insist on Positivity.

Toxic people are manipulative and they enjoy it when you fall for their tricks helplessly. They avoid those that understand their pattern and also those that don’t fall for their tricks.

If you begin to insist on positivity consistently, they will seldom desire to hang out with you.

For instance, if they discourage your intention to quit alcohol intake and you stand your ground, they will look elsewhere for another victim.

remove toxic people
How To Remove Toxic People From Your Life

Why You Must Remove Toxic People From Your Life

You must remove toxic people from your circle for these reasons:

1. They Will Diminish Your Esteem If You Don’t Get Rid Of Them.

Toxic people are bad for your esteem. Their tongues are laced with words capable of throwing you into depression. You don’t need them around. Instead, invest in relationships that will help you grow.

2. Your Reputation Is At Stake.

A good reputation is worth more than gold. You can’t allow the good name you’ve built over the years to be ruined by some people.

Toxic people move around looking for who to cause trouble for. They will often cause trouble and ask for your assistance. Worst of all, people might begin to see you with the same lens they see them and that isn’t good for you at all.

3. They Don’t Value Relationships.

What is the essence of being in a relationship with someone who won’t watch your back or come to your rescue when you need them?

Toxic people don’t value relationships. They are in for what they will gain and to be productive, you don’t need such people.

4. You Need To Grow.

You must remove toxic people in your circle to experience maximum growth. Remember what they say about say about birds of the same feathers, right?

They are not optimistic about anything and soon you will begin to view things from their angle if you don’t get rid of them.

5. You Need To Be Happy

You deserve to be.

Remove toxic people from your life and experience real happiness. Toxic people can take away your peace of mind and deprive you of the happiness that you deserve.

The more you keep them, the more they inflict pain on you indirectly. You have to act now!


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Psychentral has this article on the psychology of staying behind in toxic relationships that you may want to check out and be convinced as to why you must remove toxic people from your life.

Conclusion On How To Remove Toxic People From Your Life

You aren’t a bad person for wanting to remove toxic people from your circle. It’s a great step in the right direction. You don’t have to feel bad doing what you must do to be productive.

You are in the driver’s seat of your life and so, you have every right to make decisions about your life. If in the process you get insulted, don’t take it personally. Move on with your life and be unapologetic about it.

Get involved with people that value and want to see your progress in every area of life. With such people around, you will begin to smash your goals like never before and you will begin to experience true happiness.

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remove toxic people
How To Remove Toxic People From Your Life

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