16 Super Life Hacks For Improving Your Productivity!

life hacks for improving productivity
Life Hacks For Improving Productivity

Looking to improve your productivity? Here are 16 super life hacks for improving productivity!

You leave your office feeling unfulfilled because you didn’t/couldn’t finish your tasks for the day.

Then you get home and find out that you a ton of chores lying around and just begging to be done. Already!

Don’t you just need some life hacks to improve your productivity and make you feel like the boss lady you are meant to be?

I aim to please darling and that is why I am giving you the scoop on 20 EPIC life hacks for productivity, both at work and the office!

The Battle For Improving Productivity

We all want to get more done. Every. Single. Day. but find that more times than not, we lag behind in carrying out and completing tasks

It could be because you have never tried to up your game when it comes to completing tasks.

Another reason could be not knowing tips, tricks, and hacks you can use in getting a lot done by using excellent time management skills and hacks.

You may have been using and relying on outdated methods. Who knows?

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Life Hacks For Improving Productivity

So, let’s get back to the grind people. I bet you want to be able to achieve the tasks and goals you set out to do every day.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Well, that’s why the Kinging Queen is here to help you. You all know I love you all.


Here are the 16 life hacks for improving productivity that will absolutely help you nail your goals.

Every single time!

life hacks for improving productivity
Life Hacks For Improving Productivity

Life Hacks For Improving Productivity

1. 5 Best Productivity Methods: 5 Life Hacks For Improving Productivity

There are several productivity methods out there but for the purpose of this blog post, I am going to be sharing 5 of the most powerful ones you really need

a. The Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro is a time management technique developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The technique basically consist of using a timer to break work intervals of 25 minutes and then taking short breaks after each interval.

The intervals are known as ”Pomodoro” aptly named after a tomato-shaped kitchen timer used by Francesco Cirillo when he was a university student.

Sentimental, isn’t it? But i deviate!

There are six basic steps in the original technique ( this life hack has been popularized by lots of apps and websites) and they include 1. Selecting the task to be carried out. 2. Set the Pomodoro timer (25 minutes). 3. Carry out the task. 4. End task when the timer goes off and put a check on a piece of paper. 5. If you have fewer than four check marks, take a short break of 3 -5 minutes and then go to step 2 above and, 6. After four Pomodoros, take longer breaks of 15-30 minutes, reset your check mark count to zero, then go to step 1 above.

Oftentimes, the reason we do not complete tasks is lack of focus.

The goal of the Pomodoro technique is to reduce internal and external distractions on focus and flow.

I have personally used this technique and it gives what it promises.


Want to learn more about Pomodoro? Check out these amazing Pomodoro resources on Amazon to help you do just that!

b. Life Hacks For Improving Productivity: The GTD Methodology

Another life hack for improving productivity is an invention by David Allen, the author of getting things done.

Yes, GTD means getting things done. Getting things done is a self help book

GTD is a system for getting organized and staying productive. It involves organizing your ”To Dos”, priorities and schedules in such a way that it makes it all manageable. You also get to schedule time to accomplish each task when using the GTD Methodology.

The greatest advantage GTD has is that it helps you see what you ”have your plate” and choose which one you want to.

What could be more beneficial than this? Once the tasks you have are prioritized, you know which one to do first!

Get the GTD books and see your productivity improved and supercharged!

c. Don’t Break The Chain: Seinfeld Productivity Secret

This productivity hack is premised on self-motivation from achieving your own ”set goals” and leverages on the human nature.

What does this mean?

It means selecting a task to do, doing it and then spending time doing that particular task same time, every day.

A good example is exercising. I recently started walking simply to adopt a healthy lifestyle and also to lose some weight. I begin the walk every day by 6:40 pm. Like clockwork.

It is a chain. I try not to break it.

With the ”Don’t Break The Chain” Productivity method, you use a calendar where you mark your wins every day.

Those marks on the calendar becomes your ”motivation” to do more!

So bring out a calendar and get to those tasks now people.

Let’s go!

d. Kanban

I just love the Japanese when it comes to productivity! They are the creators of Kaizen and Kanban.

Kanban means signboard or billboard. It is a lean method used in improving work across human systems. The idea is to create a visual board (kanban) that visualises the flow of work.

It helps you focus on what to do right now (think priorities and urgent tasks), what next to do as well as what has been completed.

These are usually arranged in categories.

How To Create Your Own Kanban board

e. The Action Method

In a way, I have been practicing this Action Method without knowing about it.

The action method to improve your productivity is simply taking down ”action steps” that you need to carry out after a brainstorming session or meeting with your teammates.

This productivity method is a software developed by Behance.

Any time, you go for a meeting, take down action items you need to carry out and then do them one by one, crossing each completed task off.

That way, you don’t get ”thrown” during your follow up meeting.

11 More Life Hacks For Improving Productivity

Here are the other 11 life hacks for improving productivity. Both at home and in your workplace.

life hacks for improving productivity
Life Hacks For Improving Productivity

1. Life Hacks For Improving productivity: Use The 2 Minute Rule

If a task can be done in 2 minutes, do it! Don’t keep it for another time simply because it is an easy task.

That is the 2 minute rule. Use it!

2. Always Write Down 3 Of Your Most Important Task, The Night Before!

It is great idea if you take the time to write down the three most important tasks you have to get done first thing the next.

That way you won’t forget. I always write down the urgent and important tasks I need to carry out the next day using sticky notes on both my home and office laptops (just before leaving the office).

As soon as I power up the laptops, they show up.

This is one of the great life hacks for improving productivity.

So always write down three of your most important to do tasks the day before. You can use the sticky notes on your desktop/laptop, use a bullet journal/notebook or stick on papers and paste them where you can easily see them and be reminded on waking up!

You may be interested in checking out some of these blog posts on Goal Setting.

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3. Listen To Music While Working

I am an ardent lover of music. Those who know me and has been following this blog know that Soul and RnB does it for me. I love listening to the soulful ballads of Michael Bolton (my favourite all day, every day).

When you have music playing in the background, in low and soft tones, it helps you focus.

You would also meet me with my TV on (low) while I am writing. It sharpens and enhances my focus.

It is worth giving a try. So next time you want to improve your productivity, have some music on!

4. Set Specific Times To Check Your Emails

Who else gets distracted by those ping pong notes from our phones and other mobile devices notifying us of emails dropping in our inboxes?

It can be really distracting and has a way of ”limiting” our focus while carrying out some other tasks. Important tasks.

Since I actively started blogging, I get inundated by mails from just about everyone who wants to teach me how to blog (there have some really helpful ones though), ”salesy mails”, funnels etc.

It is a hard life. LOL.

A way to stop this sort of distraction would be setting specific times to check your emails.

Yes, set specific times to check your emails. That way, you don’t get distracted when carrying out a task.

5. Enhance Your Productivity By Using Templates

Who doesn’t want an easy life? I do, just in case someone out there doesn’t!

You never know with people!

I just love templates. They make life so much easy. This another one of the life hacks for productivity you need to adopt if you want to ace your goals. Every time.

There are lots of templates out there. Email templates, templates for writing your articles, CV templates, Policy templates etc.

Make use of templates the next time you are carrying out a task. All you need do is fill in the necessary details and voila, you are done!

See? Easy peachy!

6. Learn The Art Of Saying No: Use This Life Hack For Improving Productivity

Learn to say ”NO” when you need to say No. It is a very common human nature for people to want to pile up tasks for you to do especially if you are the kind of person that has the ”I CAN DO” personality.

Are you smart, intelligent and knows how to get things done? It is both a curse and a blessing people!

There was a time I was virtually a part of every arm of the company I used to work with. Operations Management, HR, Maintenance, HSE, Quality Control, Internal Control, Kaizen Management, etc.

They kept piling up my roles and responsibilities! Why? I have the can do personality, will always deliver and never knew how to say NO.


Learn to say No, people. Don’t take on more than you can chew. It will reduce your productivity!

Next time you have a zillion To Dos and someone wants to add more, show them your To Do list and tell them politely you can’t take on more. Explain politely why it would be a good idea to complete all your outstanding tasks before taking on more.

Have a talk with yourself if they are self imposed tasks


How To Stand Up For Yourself When You Need To

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How To Know If You Are Being Manipulated

7. Life Hacks For Improving Productivity: Batch All Similar Tasks

Batching similar tasks will help accomplish more in less time and thus improve your productivity.

At home, similar tasks would be rounding up dirty laundry from all the rooms, taking to the washroom, washing/drying and hanging to dry or batch sweeping/vacuuming, dusting and cleaning together instead of sweeping and then going to do something entirely different (e.g meal prepping)

Do same thing at your office. You could pick up documents from your in-tray, file them and label.

Like for me, I would batch all activities related to auditing together and Operations activities together and then get them done.

It makes things simpler and easier to accomplish set goals.

8. Start Your Day Tough Or Start Easy

Another of the life hacks for improving productivity is choosing to start your day off tough or easy.

What does this mean?

Are you the type that likes to get the most difficult tasks out of the way, get it done and then get to the easier one?

On the other hand, if you are the type that likes starting your day easy, start with the easiest of your To Do tasks and then tackle the tough ones.

I don’t know about you but I think mixing both easy and difficult tasks together will definitely hamper your productivity.

So start easy or start tough to improve productivity. Your choice!

9. Write Everything Down

I can’t begin to count the number of times I had a great idea and then promptly forgot it hours down the road (LOL) simply because I didn’t have a pen and paper!

Write everything down. Always go for meetings with a pen and pad. Have a pen and notebook in your bag. In fact, a pen and a notebook should a PERMANENT ”fixture” in your bags.

Ideas, tasks, and other pertinent things get written down. This will boost your productivity greatly.

You could even write your thoughts down as well.

So get a pen and notebook handy to boost your productivity!

Here are 11 Journaling Tips To Help You Journal Your Thoughts

10. Carry Out A Task As Soon As It Rises

Procrastination is in our blood. More so than others. The result is that we tend to put off things that we could do immediately for later.

Then we keep post phoning for another day. On and on, telling ourselves we have all the time in the world.

Then the deadline comes and we start running helter-skelter! We become stressed out.

When you have a task to do, do it immediately instead of leaving it for later especially if it is something that can be done within a few minutes.

This guide on How To Overcome Procrastination may just be what you need to help you carry out tasks when you need to instead of procrastinating!

11. Life Hacks For Improving Productivity: Make Use Of Password Manager

Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Bloglovin, Gmail, Yahoo mail, Instagram, Twitter, Mix, Camooni, Bloggers Traffic Community, Bloggers Connected, Siteground.

Oh! Amazon Associates, VCB, Unsplash, Flipboard, Pocket, Digg, SEO Clerks etc are some of the websites I use actively as a blogger so I have to remember all the passwords!

No wonder we all go crazy at times in Blogosphere. You can’t blame us.

I imagine how it is you too! Having to remember all the passwords to your emails and every work-related website or tool that uses passwords for logins.

The time you spend you spend in trying to remember and try different passwords to log in is time wasted and productivity, truncated.

That is why using a password manager is one of the smart life hacks for improving productivity.

Use a password manager to improve your productivity.

It will make life easier for you!

Conclusion On Life Hacks For Improving Productivity

So there you have it. 16 super life hacks for improving productivity. Right at your tips!

Improving your productivity at home and work is of paramount importance and I reckon these life hacks for improving productivity will provide the much needed results you have been seeking to improve and enhance your productivity

You have these life hacks for productivity absolutely free! If you found this helpful, go ahead and use the share buttons below to share on all social media platforms. Sharing is caring!

What are your own productivity hacks? Which of these do you use and how have they helped you? Join the conversation!

life hacks for improving productivity
Life Hacks For Improving Productivity

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