Sunday Affirmations For A Most Flourishing Week!

sunday affirmations
Sunday Affirmations

101 Sunday Affirmations For A Most Flourishing Week!

Sunday Affirmations are a great way to center yourself, and keep you grounded, refreshed, and recharged to begin a new week.

I have always had a love-hate relationship with Mondays so much so, I wrote about it in “No, Friday Blues Are Not Equal to Monday Blues

I try to do everything I can to ensure that a do a weekly reset that will ensure that I am fully refreshed to begin the week and have a most fulfilling one at that.

The hustle and grind that is our work life often leaves us stressed during the week and we tend to allow this stress to spill over to the weekend instead of using the weekend to destress and relax.

This is why we need to cultivate the habit of using Sunday affirmations to help us shift our mindset from stress to a state of well-being that will position us to have amazing weeks.

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Why You Should Use Sunday Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements that will help you to overcome self-sabotaging and negative self-talk. When affirmations are repeated often, and you believe in them, you begin to develop a very positive mindset that will aid your personal growth.

As I mentioned, I have always had a love-hate relationship with Mondays. Sundays will be like, oh tomorrow is Monday. Am I prepared? I wish I can have another sleep-in day and Tuesday should be Monday instead.

I know the feeling, Queen. Yes, I know because I have been there and that is why I want to share these amazing Sunday affirmations that will have you changing your mindset and start loving Mondays and the entire work week instead of dreading them.

So, why should you use these Sunday affirmations?

1. Sunday affirmations will help you reset your mind for the week.

2. They will recharge and refuel you for any challenges the week may bring.

3. You will have a positive mindset when you use these Sunday affirmations.

4. They will help alleviate any anxiety and fears you may have.

5. Sunday affirmations will motivate you to look forward to the workweek

6. They will improve the quality of your life because studies have shown that people who use positive affirmations tend to be happier, and more optimistic with a clearer perspective about their life.

7. Studies have equally shown that positive affirmations can improve your self-esteem.

From the above, you can see that using Sunday affirmations, will not only prepare you for the week, but it will also help ease your anxiety, make you happier, and optimistic, have a better perspective on your life, and boost your self-esteem and confidence.

All scientifically proven reasons to use positive affirmations!

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Sunday Affirmations For A Flourishing Week

Powerful Sunday affirmations to help you look forward to the working week.

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sunday affirmations

1. I am well rested.

2. All I need is within me.

3. I am fully prepared for the week.

4. My mind and body are at ease.

5. I am courageous.

6. I shall have a successful week.

7. I am prepared to handle any challenges I may face.

8. I am closing my biggest deal this week.

9. Favor and Grace are my portions this week.

10. I am open to blessings and breakthroughs this week.

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11. I choose self-compassion over self-loathing.

12. I fully embrace the week.

13. I am strong.

14. I can and I will.

15. My week is blessed.

16. All the days of the week of this week are blessed.

17. I indulge in positive self-talk no matter what happens.

18. I am fully focused on my goals for the week.

19. I love my job and all I do.

20. I take rest when it is needed.

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21. I believe in my capabilities

22. My work and contribution are valuable.

23. I embrace and believe in teamwork.

24. I do quality work always.

25. I will learn from any mistakes I make.

26. I am open to new opportunities.

27. This week is a week of new beginnings.

28. Every new week is a week of new ventures.

29. My week heralds in new opportunities.

30. I am fearless.

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Sunday affirmations

31. I am capable of handling whatever the week brings.

32. I am open-minded.

33. I see opportunities for growth where there are challenges.

34. I am a work in progress.

35. My inputs are valuable.

36. My contributions are valid.

37. I am the best at what I do.

38. Nothing stops my shine this week.

39. I do all I can to succeed.

40. I am a success story.

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41. I believe in my growth on the job.

42. I learn and unlearn this week and every day.

43. I ace all my set goals this week.

44. I am blessed beyond measure.

45. I am excited about the week.

46. I embrace new relationships and connections at work.

47. I am networking with the best of the best this week.

48. Nothing stops me from succeeding at my set targets.

49. I am born to win.

50. Success is mine.

51. I am intelligent and my intelligence shines through.

52. I acknowledge my worth.

53. Nothing stops me from my goals.

54. I am going to be productive this week.

56. This week, I will not stress over the things I do not have control over.

57. I am thankful for my job.

59. I am whole and healthy.

60. I am an inspiration.

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Sunday affirmations
Sunday Affirmations

61. I am a goal-getter.

62. I choose to enjoy my week no matter what.

63. This week, I excel at my emotional intelligence.

64. I manage my emotions positively.

65. Mondays are a source of fresh starts.

66. This week shall be an amazing one for me

67. I am prepared for the tasks I need to carry out.

68. I am capable of achieving great things.

69. I begin every week with a positive mindset.

70. I refresh and refuel today for my best week.

71. I am thankful for this coming week.

72. I am grateful for the gift of life

73. I radiate only positive energy this week and always.

74. I replace negative self-talk with positive self-talk.

75. I will make powerful decisions this week.

76. I am decisive when it comes to making decisions

77. I allow myself to take time off when needed.

78. I choose to trust the process.

79. I choose myself.

80. I will remain centered all through the week.

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81. Peace envelops me this week.

82. Today, I will pamper myself.

83. Self-care and self-love are my priorities this week.

84. I am fully prepared and organized for the week ahead.

85. I welcome the week with open arms.

86. I am proud of my accomplishments

87. I am making the most of the new week.

88. My dreams are valid.

89. I embrace the beautiful chaos that life may be.

90. I am going to create beautiful memories this week.

sunday affirmations
Sunday Affirmations

91. I will savor the week like my favorite chocolate.

92. My opinions and suggestions will be valued.

93. I am going to excel at my tasks this week.

94. I am highly motivated to be a better version of myself this week

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95. I find inspiration everywhere this week.

96. This week is a week for making lasting connections.

97. My Sundays are days for self-care.

98. I choose to love myself no matter what happens.

99. I love Mondays.

100. I shall make progress this week.

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101. I will fulfill my purposes.

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Conclusion On Sunday Affirmations For A Flourishing Week

These Sunday affirmations will no doubt help you refuel and recharge for the week. You will be grounded and fully ready to handle the week.

Your self-esteem and confidence will surely have a major boost and you will be having the most flourishing week, again and again when you continually use these Sunday affirmations.

Go ahead and share these amazing positive Sunday affirmations with the queens around and share some of your affirmations with me in the comment so I can include them in the list!

Sunday Affirmations For A Most Flourishing Week! Share on X
sunday affirmations
Sunday Affirmations

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