How To Be At Your Best, Always!

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Wouldn’t it be nice if we could be at our best, at all times? It’s so much better — and so much easier to love life — when we’re feeling on top of the world.

While, alas, there’s no magic pill that’ll keep you in a state of endless happiness, there are multiple smaller aspects which, if you take care of all of them, will push you towards the best version of yourself.

Below, we take a look at a number of actions, none of which are difficult, that’ll have you on the path towards being your best.

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Positive Attitudes

First thing’s first: let’s have a positive attitude! It is, of course, easier to adopt a positive mindset once you’re in a generally positive place, but there are ways to train your brain to look on the bright side of life no matter what you’ve got going. Sometimes, it’s about making a choice.

If you adopt a ‘seize the day’ attitude, then you’ll always be rewarded. It’s when we fall into a slump that things become more difficult. If you wake up feeling neutral, then get going — and act like good things are on their way.

Stay Open

One reason why we can begin to feel a little down sometimes is because we’ve closed ourselves off to too much of the world. When we’re younger, we tend to be up for anything that comes our way. But then we fall into the rhythm of just doing the same old, same old — we fall into our way of being. Nothing wrong with that, but it is a good idea to push yourself from time to time. Step outside of your comfort zone and try something new: you might just be surprised at how much you enjoy the new experience.

Eating Well

You can’t be at your best if you’re not eating well. This is something that cultures have known for thousands of years; the route to happiness is through the stomach. So take a look at your diet — is it as healthy and varied as it could be? Is the taste all that it’s cracked up to be? While many people see cooking as an annoying and time-consuming process, there is much to love about cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Look at getting started with some easy to make recipes and then move on to more challenging recipes.


There are multiple versions of yourself; some positive, some negative, some beautiful, some ugly. The worst of the worst come out when we’re hungry and tired. The good thing about being hungry is that it’s usually a pretty easy problem to solve. Taking yourself from a tired to well-rested state is a little more difficult.

The best method is to prevent yourself from getting tired in the first place, and that means taking steps to ensure you can sleep well. Doing things like creating a pleasant sleeping environment, limiting the amount of tech you use before bedtime, and staying consistent with your sleep/wake times will all help.

Happy in your Work

There’s no getting around the fact that work plays a hugely important role in our lives. After all, we spend virtually a third of our time during the weekdays doing it. If we hate it, then it’ll be difficult to break into a positive and happy attitude outside of work.

Now, it’s not always possible to make your career dreams come true, and it’s always important to stay realistic about what’s possible. But if you end up hating Sunday nights because of what is to come the following morning, then it’s time for a change.

How to be at your best always

The Money Situation

Like work, money is another of those essential aspects of life that we just have to accept.
Sometimes, we can feel happy and content, but then it dawns on us that we’re in the middle of financial difficulties, and we’re robbed of our joy. While most people have a firm grip on their regular expenses, complications can arise when we’re presented with an unexpected bill.

If you find yourself in a tight financial spot, then remember that you nearly always have options.

You take a look at payday loans online, for example, or ask your family members to help you. There are many reasons why you could feel not at your best, but money doesn’t have to be one of them!

Working Up a Sweat

You can’t just plod through life and expect to be at your best. While you’d like to spend the evening on the couch, the truth is that you have to use your body if you’re going to be at your best.

Doing exercise gives you more energy (you produce more as you use up your energy) and also releases plenty of mood-boosting chemicals into your brain, too. If it’s been some time since you last did any exercise, then put on some running shoes and go for a jog. You might be surprised at just how good you feel afterward.

Conquer Your Insecurities

No-one makes it to adulthood without picking up insecurity or two. It’s just part of the process of growing up! The issue starts when it begins to have a negative impact on your overall happiness.

If there’s something that’s bothering you, then deal with it. It’s possible to overcome
all issues. If it’s physical, then you can work with experts to improve your look. If it’s in the mind, then there are therapists and other professionals that can help.

Dream Big

Finally, remember to keep on dreaming big. It’s easy to dig ourselves into a hole and think that there’s no more to life than our current situation, but that’s never the case. The whole world is open to you, so don’t limit your thinking, no matter how old you are.

Stay curious and keep on making crazy and ambitious plans — you could find that you’re handsomely rewarded just for thinking that everything is possible, and you’ll inspire others to be their best, too.

How To Be At Your Best, Always! These 9 ways are sure-fire ways on how to be at your best, always. Head on to the comment section and let me know your thoughts about this!

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