Causes Of Indecision: 9 Reasons Why You Are Always Indecisive

What causes indecision? Have you ever wondered what causes indecision and why you are often indecisive about things? If you have trouble coming to final decisions, you may want to explore a few causes of your indecisiveness. Then, if you discover you’re doing these things, you can eliminate them and start making decisions much faster.

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causes of indecision
Causes of Indecision

What Causes Indecision?

Here are 9 possible causes of indecision and why you are always indecisive about things concerning your life.

  • Thinking Too Much – If you allow yourself unlimited time to make a choice, you may never make one. Sometimes that can lead to choices being made for you by default. This can make you feel a little out of control. Instead, set time limits on research and decision-making.
  • Too Many Options – For some choices, there are simply too many options for you to choose from. If you keep looking at all the possibilities without narrowing them down, you need to create better criteria for yourself to finalize your decisions.
  • Listening to Others – While it’s fine to get opinions occasionally for some things, especially if the opinion is an expert one, such as contracting CPA services, for example, for the most part, if the choice only affects you listen to yourself more because ultimately, you are the one who knows yourself better.

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  • You’re Allowing Guilt to Control you – When you first begin to live for yourself to reach your personal goals in life, some people will push back against you. This action can cause guilt on your part. The problem is guilt never helps you make good choices — only facts do.
  • Not Listening to Yourself – You know a lot more than you give yourself credit for. Therefore, you need to listen to your internal thoughts based on the knowledge you already have.
  • Seeking Perfection – Perfection simply does not exist. Therefore, it’s a fool’s game to keep trying to produce it. In fact, perfection-seeking can just end up in no action being taken at all on your goals because it’s impossible.
  • Lack of Self Confidence – If you lack confidence in your choices, sometimes it’s due to a lack of education on the topic. In that case, educate yourself to make sound decisions, and as you make good choices, your confidence level will grow.
  • Fear Of Making the Wrong Choice – If you fear making the wrong choice about something, step back and ask yourself whether this will matter to anyone in 100 years. If you’re not changing the fabric of society with your choice, it probably isn’t going to change much. However, if it does matter that much, seeking expert advice may be necessary.

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  • You Forgot Your Overarching Goals – Each decision you make in life either keeps you the same, takes you backward or advances you toward achieving your goals. If you aren’t sure about your main goals, it can be hard to match current choices with the right actions. Get clear on your goals, and your choices will become easier.

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How To Overcome Indecisiveness: Make Decisions Faster With These Tips

So now, you know what causes indecision. How do you overcome them? How do you make decisions faster? How do you overcome indecisiveness?

Here are a few ways to make decisions faster and overcome indecisiveness.

To overcome any of these decision-making blockers, this guide on medium speaks to me on how to make decisions faster.

causes of indecision
Causes Of Indecision and How To Be More Decisive

Here goes.

  • Train Your Mind To Think Differently: Instead of thinking of any of these issues, think about what your goals are and whether this decision affects those goals at all or not. If they do, ensure they take you closer to achievement, but if they don’t consider that your choice for this one thing may not even matter in the scheme of your life.
  • Identify Which Is Good Or Bad: Decision making is a life long long affair and there are bound to be consequences of our decisions. It therefore follows that we strive as much as possible to distinguish between good and bad and be able to call a spade a spade.
  • Your Gut Instinct Is Key In Making Decisions Faster: Over the years, I have learned to listen to my gut instincts when making indecisions. If you want to overcome indecisiveness, learn to listen to your gut instinct because often than not, it is true and reliable.
  • Build Your Self Esteem and Self Confidence: Self confidence is an important key factor in decision making. Build your self esteem and boost your self confidence so you can have the confidence you need to make decisions.
  • Think About The Time and Energy You Spend In Making Decisions: The time and energy you expend during a decision making process is important. Do not waste time and energy when making decisions. You know what you need to do, just do it and make the decision already.
  • Being Decisive Gets Better With Time: Once you know the causes of indecision and start learning to make decisions faster, you will get better with time and with each decision you make.

Knowing the causes of indecision and why you are constantly indecisive when it comes to decision making is crucial to your self improvement and personal growth.

Conclusion On What Causes Indecision: 9 Reasons Why You Are Always Indecisive

So, if you have ever wondered what causes indecision and why you are always indecisive, I am sure you now know and will start taking the necessary steps you need to take to overcome indecisiveness and learn how to improve your decision making skills.

Remember that indecisiveness may very well be the end of some important aspects of your life, be it relationships, friendships, career, business etc. Strive to identify which of the causes of indecision are your weaknesses and then use the tips given to make decisions faster and quickly.

Don’t forget to share this guide on the causes of indecision with friends and family and on your social media platform so people know what causes indecision and help them overcome these challenges and be better in making decisions as regards every aspect of their lives.

causes of indecision
Causes of Indecision

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