20 Tips For Personal Self Development

personal self development
Personal Self Development

The journey for personal self-development is a lifetime thing. It is not a one-step but rather different steps from different directions. It encompasses emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, and social aspects of one’s life. One thing is sure though. The changes you make, positive changes that are, sure to help you with your personal self-development changes.

One of the things I have always strive towards in life is personal self-development. I am a believer in any and everything that will better me on a personal and professional level, ideas and tips, courses, and apps. I am always game to improving myself.

What is Personal Self Development?

Personal self-development is a lifelong process and not a do it quick scheme. It includes but not limited to building not only personality traits, habits, making lifestyle changes, improving professionally by taking courses that advance your skillset.

Today, I share with you 20 tips for personal self-development. I have personally been practicing/done most of the tips here and they have helped me in my personal and professional lives and I hope you find them helpful too!

Here we go. Hop on the ride with me.

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personal self development
Personal Self Development

1. Personal Self Development: Change Old Habits

The journey to personal self-development must start with changing old habits. Changing old habits means changing bad habits that have kept you in a box, in the same place, year in, year out. You do not and cannot get different results by doing something the same way all the time. That is an indication in itself, that it is time to try doing it a different way.

It could be changing your mindset, having an open mind, ditching reality TV shows, replacing sugar, speaking up instead of cowering at the corner. It could be anything. Just change bad habits to grow and become a better you.

2. Form New Habits

Now that you have ditched your old bad habits, it is time to form new ones. Good habits. Ditching reality TV shows could be replaced by reading, journaling, doing something productive with your time.

Replace sugars with natural sweeteners, learning to speak up and not cowering at a corner when being bullied in any way, at home or work, tidying up after you (don’t leave it for someone else to do), choosing a healthier lifestyle are all forming new habits

New good habits, when formed will help you on your personal self-development journey.

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3. Have A Mentor/ Coach

It is difficult getting a true mentor/coach these days but looks for someone in your niche, profession or someone who you admire a great deal because of the way they are, live their lives, and have succeeded at what they do.

A mentor/coach will help you become a better you. Do not underestimate this tip.

4. Read A Book Every Day

There are no excuses for this way. The internet has made it easy these days. You don’t need to go to the library (of course there is that and if that what works for you, go for it darling) to read a good book. There are lots of books on self-development out there like “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

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5. Personal Self Development: Have A Weekly Exercise Regime

I just recently downloaded some sets of exercises from Pinterest because I am wanting my slim waist back people! But seriously, I just want to be healthier. You don’t have to wait for those jiggly folds that tend to turn up in places you don’t want before you start exercising. A lot of us are guilty of this. Yes me too. Sigh.

Don’t wait to be old and feeling all the kinks before you start exercising. Remember what we said about forming new habits? This is one of them.

Go get those sports paraphernalia and start exercising. You don’t need a gym membership to exercise!

6. Learn A New Language

I am almost a lost cause when it comes to learning new languages but I promise I am trying. You should too! You don’t know when it will become handy and you all know learning is a part of life. Why not learn a new language then?

I am currently learning Italian. Wondering how you can learn a new language? Look no further if you have a smartphone operating on iOS or android. Simply download the Duolingo app on your App Store and thank me later. It has great features for learning lots of languages. Go learn one and notch it!

7. Make Meditation A Way Of Life

personal self development

While I have known about meditation for a long time, I have always “glossed” over its benefits. For someone who has always had insomnia, I am coming to appreciate what meditation can do for me.

Meditation will not only help relieve stress, but it will also make you sleep better. You all know how important adequate sleep is for your mental and physical well being. Make meditation a way of life.

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8. Learn A New Skill

It looks like I keep saying this in my blog posts for one reason or the other but I just have to repeat this again! I love fashion, everything fashion and the design stage intrigues me a lot. I have recently started looking for sewing lessons.

Yes, you could be an engineer, lawyer, investment banker, lifestyle blogger, and still learn a new skill. It will even enhance previously held skills! What are you waiting for?

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9. Personal Self Development: Go For A Course You Have Always Wanted

Two years ago, I had an audit by a third-party client on my process and they demanded a particular professional certification. I didn’t have it but always wanted to be certified. This spurred me into action knowing the benefits it will accord me in my profession.

I didn’t wait for the company I work with, I went ahead, registered for the course, and got certified. It improved my output on my job, made me do my job in a different and excellent way. Fortunately, a year down the line, I was reimbursed (cost for professional certification) when it became apparent that the certification is a great advantage.

Moral of the story? Do something you have always wanted to do. Better yourself for the sake of your own personal self-development. It will always pay you one way or the other!

10. Less TV and Social Media

I think virtually everyone is crazy about TV and social media these days! As a blogger, I need to be on top of my game on social media to drive traffic and generally promote my blog? The result? Having to spend the time that would have been used on doing something more productive on social media.

What to do? Mind the time you spend watching sitcoms and reality TV shows. Use Apps like Tailwind and Hootsuite to manage your social media posts across different platforms. I am currently investing in Tailwind because I have done extensive research on it and understand all the rave about it is true.

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11. Start A Hobby

Crocheting, biking, writing, blogging, sewing, playing tennis, soccer, anything that catches your fancy. Do it. As long as it is not negative, it will help in your personal self-development journey.

personal self development
Personal Self Development

12. Remove Toxic People From Your Life

There will always be people with bad vibes and energies coming around. When you notice all you get is toxicity, don’t hesitate to show them the door. Toxic people will only pull you down and slow the hell outta progress in your life darling. I say show them the door! Let them walk through and don’t ever open the door for them again. Ever!


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13. Learn Emotional Intelligence

We all are humans but with different experiences, characters, and mannerisms. The ability to manage your emotions in relation to the emotions of others around is the bane of emotional intelligence.

It is an emerging term in the workplace and can be a great tool to help you at the home front also as a parent or guardian, wife, husband, etc. There are lots of free resources online on emotional intelligence that you can utilize and one of them is here

Go check it out.

14. Start a 30 Day Challenge

I am currently on a 30-day blog challenge and it has been an eye-opener. I am just on the 5th day but even then, it has made me realize that you can do anything you put your mind to.

Start a 30-day

challenge on exercise, thankfulness, mindfulness, eating greens, etc. Do something you have never done for 30 days without stopping and see how you come out at the end. If for nothing, it will help you know your strengths and also help break previous habits you had always wanted to stop.

15. Personal Self Development: De-stress On A Regular Basis

personal self development

We always tend to ignore that telltale sign that we are stressed up until we start feeling sick and down, then we remember we have to slow down and take things easy.

Darling, you need to de-stress on a regular basis. Your health and mental wellbeing are very important on your personal self-development journey.

Don’t know how to go about it? My blog post on how to destress will give you some pointers! Just click and have a happy read! Rest is important. Don’t ever forget that.


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16. Stop Procrastinating

If you say, you don’t procrastinate at all, you are a superman/woman. Can I please adopt you? Pretty please? I try not to procrastinate because it is a “killer of joy and peace”. Literally. Procrastination only brings pain. You have set goals and achieve them so you could beat bad blues from procrastinating.

You have targets at work that are daunting and don’t know to go about them? Do you want to stop procrastinating to becoming a better you? Look no further, read my story on how I Lost A Childhood Friend From Procrastinating.

I am sure the post will teach you a thing or two! Here it is.

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17. Writing Down Your To-Do List

My dairy is filled with a To-Do List. I am always writing down the things I want to do be it on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You will find monthly and weekly To-Do Lists on things I want to achieve on my blog and then I go back to cross them out. It does help.

Writing down the things you’d like to do is one step towards achieving them. After writing them down, stick it somewhere you can easily see it and “be remembered”.

At work, make use of those sticky notes on your computer. That way, each time you boot on, the sticky notes show and you see what you need to get done. Write what you intend to achieve the next day and cross them off one by one as you get them done. Or use colorful sticky notes, tack them at the corners of your computer. Make it funky and enjoyable!

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18. Take Up Public Speaking

You do need to know how to face and talk to a group of persons if you are the shy type or the type that gets scared of public speaking! Fortunately for some people, this is not a problem. This does not mean you are a lesser person! We all have our shortfalls, flaws, and fears, etc.

You just need to face this, build courage and self-esteem and you are on your way to conquering the fear of public speaking. This brings me to the 19th tip!

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19. Face & Conquer Your Fears!

Fear is debilitating. It is a hindrance to your personal self-development! What do you fear? Heights, the unknown, failure, darkness? Whatever your fear is, you need to face it and conquer it! I used to be scared of the dark but ironically, I can only sleep in a dark room!

It was so bad, I knew I just had to deal with it so I don’t die from anxiety (yes it was that bad). My Journey With Fear was not an easy one but believe me, I am in a better place and I know you too can be in a better place.

Overcoming Fear: How to Conquer Your Fear

20. Personal Self Development: Commit! Commit!! Commit!!!

Commitment is the only thing that will get your results. Commitment goes with discipline. Without committing to your personal self-development goals, you will not improve in any way. No matter the number of personal self-development books you read, without practice, you won’t get anywhere darling.

So commit to whatever goals you want to achieve. There are times it may seem nothing is changing but trust your journey.

Commit and be disciplined. You all know change is constant. You can only get the change you want when you commit to it!

You may find the blog posts below in helping you setting goals, the kind of goals you should set and how to commit and achieve your goals always.

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personal self development
Personal Development Goals

Conclusion On Personal Self Development

Personal self development and improvement is an investment everyone should endeavor to make for personal growth and a great life.

It is something I crave and embrace in its entirety and I believe every high value woman worth her salt will pursue personal self development her whole life because it is about continual improvement and a life time journey.

Like Mark Twain said, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover

So go on and learn. Create new habits, ditch old non-serving habits, explore, dream, discover and become a better version of you, every day.

Dear Queen, I hope that you find these personal self development tips helpful. If you do, kindly share with the women in your life and let them invest in their personal development too. Sharing is caring!

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personal self development
Personal Self Development

Kinging Queen

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Jennifer Pompaski

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  1. August 25, 2019 / 1:56 am

    These are some great tips. I have already started some of these recently to become more productive and happy. Number 20 is the big one for me now. I really need to start committing to stuff and see it through instead of quitting way too easy.

    • August 25, 2019 / 8:25 am

      Thanks, Milton! I think commitment is a big issue for a lot of people. I also find myself derailing at times but that is the beauty of self-improvement. You keep working in developing yourself. Best of luck!

  2. May 31, 2019 / 11:56 pm

    Really great list, thank you! Love how well it was all laid out too!

  3. Elaine Valerie
    April 20, 2018 / 4:05 pm

    This post was simply awesome! You shared so many great and helpful tips. I loved #19 the most, because it’s what I’m always struggling with. Truly inspiring!

  4. April 20, 2018 / 3:08 pm

    This is a great list! I like to think I do most of these now, but writing down my to-do lists is definitely a huge weakness I need to work on.

    • April 20, 2018 / 3:24 pm

      Thank you. Get to it lol. We all have our weaknesses and strengths. We just have to “build up” as regards our strength. Thanks for joining the conversation!

  5. April 20, 2018 / 2:58 pm

    These are great ideas! Eliminating toxic people, staying focused, and committing to a project or action are all so important!

    • April 20, 2018 / 3:26 pm

      Thank you! I’m all for giving toxic people the boot!

  6. April 20, 2018 / 2:41 pm

    These are really ambitious goals. Great list. I definitely like the ideas of reading a book and unplugging from social media. I know I can do better in that area. I have so many new books waiting to be opened! LOL And yes! Stop procrastinating is another good one. So many people never realize their dreams because they never took the first step.

    • April 20, 2018 / 2:54 pm

      Thanks for your comments Kamira. We all could do with unplugging from social media lol. Have a beautiful weekend

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