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10 Things You Need To Quit Right Now

I hope you all are doing okay. Lets just delve into the 10 things we all need to quit doing right now. I am guilty of some and i hope this post will serve as motivation to me and someone out there.

I am sure there are a lot of things you need to quit right now but i am helping with these ten to spur someone to do the needful.

1. Quit Thinking You Are Not Good Enough

We fail at a relationship and then we berate ourselves that we are not good enough. We lose an opportunity to secure a job probably after an interview and then we tell ourselves, we are not good enough.

Oh no darling! You are good enough so quit thinking that you are not good enough. It is a recipe for disaster.

Believe me, in the first place, you are where you are right now, because you are good enough. You got to where you are now because you put in your best. You are where you are right now because you worked hard. So you are good enough.

A failed relationship does not and should not connote not being good enough. Yes you may have made some mistakes while in that relationship, likewise your mate. All you need do is recognize where you failed and then work on it.

If nothing else on this blog post sinks in, this one should. You are good enough.

2. Quit Sacrificing Your Happiness For Others

The "people pleaser" this one is for you. Can you just quit already? Trying to please everyone and then "mortgaging" your happiness in the process?

I tend to do this sometimes but i have come to learn how to say 'what the heck".  I am no longer sacrificing my happiness for others when it is very clear they aren't sacrificing  their own happiness for me.

You should stop it too because at the end, everyone else will be happy while you stand on the sidelines wondering why you are so miserable in the midst of all the gaiety.

The truth is, you are a good person but the thing is, people tend to take advantage of your "goodness" and then because being good comes natural for you, you want to be good to everyone when it is obvious they don't care two hoots about you being good to them.

Be good but quit sacrificing your happiness for others.

3. Quit Overthinking. Already!

Picture with inscription 10 things you need to quit right now

In my previous post, i talked about how badly my previous relationship affected me negatively. I fell into depression. Big time. I was saved by a special person. Story for another day you all. Maybe on chronicles of Jennifer lol.

Why was i impacted that negatively that i fell into depression? I was overthinking and over analyzing. I thought and it did feel like the end of the world. I mean wasting five or more years of your life alongside all the things that went down in said relationship, isn't an easy pill to swallow.

If something is not working out, there is really no need overthinking it. Eventually it may sort itself out and when it doesn't, you move on to better things.

Stop overthinking that business venture you'd like to start. Start already.

Quit overthinking about your ex boyfriend. Let him remain in the Ex zone unless of course he sees the errors of his ways and wants to make amends. For good.

Quit overthinking that good move you want to make to better your life. Do it already.

Just. Quit. Overthinking.

4. Quit Being Afraid To Be Different

You are one of a kind. Unique and different from every other person on planet earth so would you want to imitate and mimic others?

My WhatsApp status says "dare to be different" and it has been for years now. It is a constant reminder that i should dare to be different. Not to conform to norms of society that are stifling and no good.

Dare to be different. The fact that everyone else is doing a particular thing means you should do it too. If you feel like towing a different path because you believe it is better for you, do it.

I have always told my parents then and now that everyone cannot be same.

Your uniqueness is what makes you. It is what defines you. Quit being afraid to be different. You are you. There is no other person who is exactly like you and that is more reason why you should "own" your uniqueness.

5. Quit Living In The Past

the sign you have been waiting for, quit

We all know this but we are still culprits. The past belongs only in one place. The past. That is where it belongs but we tend to rehash and relive it time and time again. Hurting ourselves in the process.

Let go of the hurt from that failed relationship and marriage.

Do away with those unhappy thoughts.

So he left you? No worries, a fresh start is right around the bend. Look ahead.

Stop living your past glories and work on creating new and future glories.

Quit living for that relationship that is already done with. It is in the past. Stop giving it space to clutter your mind, body and soul. It is not worth it.

Stop thinking about that failed business. Failure is only failure when you refuse to try again.

Quit living in the past. Concentrate on the here and now.

6. Quit Fearing Change

I am on the verge of making a huge change in my life! It is scary i tell you! Momentous and gives me the chills each time i remember the decision i have made. However, it is a change for the better. I don't know what the future holds but i have made up my mind to do it.

To just do it. Do my best. It is something i have never ever done. It scares me! A whole lot but i still want to go ahead with the plans.

I figured that if i wanted what i am going for, then i should accept the change the whole plan is going to bring.

I think change is the most difficult for humans. We tend to "feel comfortable" where we are even when our subconscious is telling us differently.

Any slight change in our circumstances and we are "thrown" off balance. Change is constant and it is something we must constantly deal with.

We fear change so much, we cling to people and ideas that we should let go so as to embrace new ones.

We fear change so much, we do not want to venture out of our comfort zones.

News Flash. A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there.

Quit fearing change. Embrace it when it does happen. It is not always bad.

7. Quit Settling. For Less

Yes, you heard me right darling. Quit settling for less. The typical average girl is expected to marry in her twenties and have kids almost immediately. It is the norm to hear university undergrads talk about the men they want to "snag" before/on graduating.

It is ingrained. So much so, often times there is usually little or no love between spouses. It is either the dude is okay financially and i can "make do" with him or he is super rich and the money will bring happiness.

The result? A lot of women settling for less due to societal pressures and all what nots.

Getting married in your twenties is good and great but don't "settle" just because you want to be married. It is usually a precursor for disaster. It will only end in unhappiness.

If you think you are far off better for something then don't settle. Don't settle for less simply because it makes life easier or makes you "belong". It is a false sense of belonging. It won't last.

Quit settling. For less. You deserve better so either go for it or wait for it.

8. Quit Allowing Fear Control You

Fear, so debilitating! It hinders us, kills our dreams and hopes. Yet we allow it rule us. At times i wonder if we can really conquer fear but then i look at some persons' lives and i am amazed at how they conduct themselves.

My personal story about fear is so humorous, i am sure you'll laugh out loud after reading it. It is not funny, however!

Every day is the day to face your fears so you could conquer them. I have always believed in the "practice makes perfect" school of thought and conquering your fears takes practice.

I used to wake up at the slightest noise at night. Heart beating furiously! I don't know if it was my environment that "shaped" this fear but it got to a point i had to have that talk with myself.

I am getting on in years and can't afford to kill myself off from fear. Right!

Fear will you lose out on a lot of things in life. From the fun to the deeply serious things.

Quit being ruled by your fear. Live life to the fullest.

I need to borrow a leaflet from this! You should too!

9. Quit Saying Yes When You Really Mean To Say No

Okay, i think we all have been culprits of this at one time or the other time. It becomes a problem when it becomes perpetual.

Finding it difficult to say no to any and everyone when at the back of your "mouth", you are screaming NO!

I get. I really get.

Saying yes when you mean no, ultimately makes you unhappy at the end of the day. Meanwhile the person, you said yes to is happy and unaware of your "dilemma" so why do it?

Say YES when its a NO for you and say YES when it is YES for you.

Just quit saying yes when you really mean to say no.

10. Quit The People Who Are Not Making You Happy

unhappy woman sitting on the floor

The back and forth with people who shouldn't be part of your life in the first place are sapping you of your life essence. Your happiness.

I must confess that i am the sort of person that sticks around even when the going is bad. I like to see the end of a "matter" but it is not helping me. Not one bit.

If someone isn't making us happy, we should quit them.

Well, after you have done your humanly possible best to make things better.

The truth is, if it is not making you happy, it isn't worth your time!

I would like to conclude with this quote

"There is a difference between quitting and knowing that you have had enough"

What are the things you believe you should quit doing right now? Lets share in the comments section! Have a fabulous week everyone.


Love, Jennifer









38 thoughts on “10 Things You Need To Quit Right Now

  1. You hit me so hard with this post, Jennifer 😢 i am guilty with every single one. I’m kind of in the middle of that “phase”, and I can’t get out, not easily. Thank you for reminding me to quit these things. Right now, I need to find that courage.

  2. People think that “thinking positively” is the way to healing, but the quickest way is to first accept that the only reason you feel bad in the first place is that you’re listening to the rubbish your mind is telling you.

  3. I have quit quite a lot of things from your list. What I still need to work on is the fear of change. I don’t like change and I find it difficult to adapt to a new situation.

  4. Couldn’t agree more, especially about fear of change. This past year I’ve embraced new opportunities and experiences and it has been a game changer .

  5. I suspect I have been guilty of a number of these over the years, but with age comes a certain wisdom and letting go of things that do not bring joy to my life.

  6. I am sometimes slowed down by my fear of other peoples critique. I then kick myself in the arse to get going again. I do this by reminding myself that they don’t pay my bills or provide for my children

    1. Oh yes Scott, they don’t pay the bills and their opinions won’t pay the bills either! My mom would say “everyone is entitled to their opinion about you but most often times, their opinions are wrong because they are not informed opinions. So why listen?

  7. Okay this post spoke to me on a personal level. I need to stop every single thing that you listed here, especially the first one as it has ruined so many opportunities for me.

  8. I am so guilty with some of these things like quit saying yes when you mean to say no. I am glad that I’ve learned to say NO for the things that I really don’t want to do.

  9. Nice post and I really enjoyed reading this article. Learning to quit from a person that no longer make me happy is the first thing that sink in my mind and the second is saying NO.

  10. These are some worst things every one should stop. I mostly can’t say the word ‘no’ where I want to. I need to quite doing it.

  11. This is such a great reminder for me. I need to say no to so many of these things. I often help others at too high a cost to myself , and I often say yes when I want to say no.

  12. These are perfect list of things that we need to remember in our struggling times. We must let go all of the bad happenings in our lives and focus on the positive side.

  13. I absolutely need this today. These are some great advice to stop doing a thing as soon as possible. Sometimes it can be hard but the day will come when we will see ourselves that we are not doing it or doing anything else.

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