Overcoming Fear: How To Conquer Your Fears

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Fear has a way of holding you back and limiting you in several ways. Fear is synonymous with limitations, barriers, negativity, depression. Just about everything bad is associated with fear. Fear is debilitating. It will make you a prisoner in your soul, deter your physical body and eat into the very fabric of your being.

Fear of the unknown has made individuals fail in every aspect of their lives and organisations crumble in shambles. Fear has killed a trillion dreams, destroyed destinies and hampered souls.

I am the kind of person that likes succeeding in everything i do. Whatever task i am given, whatever task i give myself, i will do all it takes to get it done but i have always been victim to fear.


You were a sleepwalker when you were young. Even as a toddler! Your father would ask if i am sure nothing is wrong with you. You wake up at times in the night, walking about and then you go back to bed. No cries. Nothing. Just walking about. You wake up at the slightest noise!”


Those were words i used to hear from my mom. Still hear from her till date. For some unknown reasons, i have always been a light sleeper and a worrier. Always scared of the night. Scared of every little sound. Funny enough, as scared i am of the night, i can never sleep with lights on (Dear Boo, you now know the story. Can we please stop fighting over lights out and lights on? Thank you). Sorry for that digression.

As i grew older, it became even worse! one would have thought that i’d outgrow it but it became worse. I like being by myself though. That sounds contrary right? I don’t know i am wired!

When i started living alone, the situation was worsened. I would use additional beddings over my window blinds! I would shut the windows and doors at night. Considering the electricity situation in my country, i’d be sweating profusely at night because there would virtually be no air. That was my fear speaking. Making me suffer because i was “submitting” to it. Cowering to fear to the extent that each time i hear a noise at night, i would assume the worst. I cannot begin to recollect the number of times, i woke up in the middle of night, heart slamming furiously in my heart just because i heard some noise.

Well, I came to realize as time passed that fear has two meanings. FORGET EVERYTHING AND RUN OR FACE EVERYTHING AND RISE! That was part of my defining moment. My epiphany. Succumb to fear and run which will inadvertently make me a loser and a nobody or face everything and rise.

I had to choose either to continually live the way i was living and probably succumb to untimely death or face my fears and conquer them. Hard! I woke up one morning and told myself i had to choose. So I chose. I chose to face everything and rise. Rise above limitations. Rise above darkness into light.

I threw off extra coverings from my windows. Started sleeping with windows open. Oh yes i love the natural, God given air and it makes me sleep better albeit few hours (insomnia). I have changed the way i look at and do things. Whenever i am confronted with fears, personally or professionally, i survey the situation and then ‘butt” in headlong to get it done.

These days, you see me soldering on. Whether at the home front or office front. Personally and professionally. Facing my fears head on. I do not let anything or anyone stop me or make me scared of achieving something. As long as my heart is there, In my journey for overcoming fear, i use these 12 Life Quotes That Will Change Your Life


A friend once told me how the fear of public speaking almost ruined her career! It was a touch and go situation but a colleague who knew her potential on the job and understood her fear, had to introduce her to a public speaker who tutored her on how to overcome her fear. Today she speaks in front of CEOs all composed and comfortable in her skin. What she had was Glossophobia: fear of public speaking.

There will always be fears every day of our lives. Fear of the unknown, fear of being alone (making you cling to someone you ought to let go), fear of starting afresh, fear of adventure, fear of letting go. So many fears.

But do not let fear deter you. Don’t let fear hold you down. Do not let fear sabotage your happiness and sanity. Fear will steal your dreams and visisons! Never mortgage your future on fear. Look your fears. Stare at them boldly and say, i am gonna beat you, i am not letting you hold me down. I am breaking through and breaking forth! Overcoming fear is confronting your fears on a daily basis darling. These 5 Daily Affirmations That Will Change Your Life will help you in overcoming fear

Eventually, you learn. You know how to conquer your fears at every stage of your life and your tomorrow, blooms beautifully every day.

Conquer your fears and the world is yours because EVERYTHING YOU WANT IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF FEAR!

Have a fabulous weekend Fam! Rise up!


Jennifer Pompaski

To each, his/her own. That is why we all are uniquely different





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Jennifer Pompaski
Jennifer Pompaski

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  1. February 21, 2020 / 3:15 am

    Such a timely read for me and inspiring as always! Great story!

  2. Austin
    February 13, 2018 / 7:48 am

    Inspiring. You did good

  3. ChiCity
    November 3, 2017 / 5:39 pm

    Thanks dearie, such inspiring piece…FEAR can also be considered as “False Evidence Appearing Real”. I can’t do this presentation is false. They will laugh at me if I take the step is false. Etc. Personally, fear got me retogressed in life but thank God that I am standing tall and bold today. Just as you did, we can always Face Everything And Rise.

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