30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 4: 6 Things I want Right Now

Day 4 of the 30 day blog challenge is here KQ Tribe and it is on “6 things i want right now”! I want a whole lot of things right about now so i wonder how i am going to narrow it to just 6! Anyways, i will try my best to make it 6 “sigh”. Lol.

So let’s get in the grind lovelies!

6 Things I want Right Now

Like i mentioned, i want a lot of things at this point in my life but because i am not a greedy person, i will talk about the 6 things that are most important in the lot.

1. A Car!

Oh yes. This is definitely number 1 on the list of the 6 things i want right now! I don’t just want a car, i need it so badly i can literally feel and taste it. For a long time now, i have deterred about getting myself a car.

Whilst i am not encumbered by traditions, being a babe, single, successful and owning a car is like a syndrome in Nigeria and said “syndrome” is “society cringe worthy”.

Yeah. It is generally interpreted and translated by a huge percentage of African men that “you are high maintenance and not affordable” while parents will generally tell you “you are chasing suitors away”.

In any case, the major reason i am yet to get a car is because i believe the money for getting a car will be best invested on a long term business venture that will fetch more money in the future so i invest instead. However, as each day passes, i see more reasons why i need a car right now at this point in my life.

The things that weren’t bothersome previously are becoming irritating simply for the sole reason, having a car would have been better.

Take for instant, i needed a taxi to come pick me up recently at home, i called the taxi guy, arranged for the pickup on a Saturday morning and then gbam, he calls the night before the day to say he cannot make it. It took about 3 hours to get to where i was going for a journey of approximately 35 minutes simply because i couldn’t get another cab. On time!

I know you all be wondering about why Jennifer didn’t just take Uber. Lovelies, Uber does not operate in the city where i am based currently.

I have never been bothered about rain. I absolutely love the rains but recently i needed to get groceries badly, and i couldn’t get a taxi to come pick me up. I ended up going to bed with my stomach growling and protesting. See why a car is number one on the 6 things i want now?

By the way, i don’t just want a car, i want either a 2016 Hyundai Veloster or a Ford Edge! My birthday is around the corner. Who knows?

2. A Mac Book Pro

I gifted my HP laptop to my kid brother few months ago and have been making do with the office laptop, my phone and tablet. You all know about privacy so using the office laptop is limiting me in several ways so a laptop is definitely one of the 6 things i want right now!

However, i want to join the Mac Book bandwagon! I have been reading reviews from bloggers on different forums and they all swear by Mac Books just like almost every other person out there. I like the features, the sleek design and the fact that i have a choice of getting something small like my previous HP laptop so i can easily take it with me wherever.

As a blogger and an aspiring author, having a laptop is a big deal so this is definitely a top “want” on the 6 things i want right now.

3. A Trip To France

Yeahhh! A trip to Paris. The city of lovers. There is something about Paris and the french language that speaks to me! I just love the way french rolls off the tongue (for those who speak. I can’t. I’m a lost case when it comes to learning languages!). It’s sexy and seductive all at once and i see why they say french men are……

The reasons why a trip to Paris is among the 6 things i want right now are not only about city and the language. There is a wealth of culture i’d like to experience and be a part of. There is so much to take in history wise! As someone who appreciates culture and history, Paris offers a lot for me to want to take a trip there.

When i do go on a Paris trip, i will surely visit

  • The Eiffel Tower! That is like Paris, you know? It is the most visited monuments in the world and it attracts about 7 million visitors in a year! I’m planning to be in that count lol.
  • Champs Elysees/Arc of Triumph nicknamed the most beautiful avenue in the world, i understand has many luxury boutiques like Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Guerlain, famous cafe and restaurants around it. Window shopping here we come! What? Did you all think i was gonna say i will shopping in those boutiques? Sorry to disappoint lol!
  • I love cruises so i will definitely take a Cruise on the Seine, “the city of light”. One gets to see a panoramic view of virtually all the great sights in Paris when on the cruise. This is definitely a do!
  • The pictures i have seen of the Palace of Versailles are so breathtaking, they make you want to live there! It was built in the 17th century as a symbol of military power of France. Versailles was the seat of political power in the kingdom of France from 1682 to 1789. It is now a huge complex of buildings, gardens and terraces with lots of gilded works of Renaissance Art.
  • And then i will walk all the streets in Paris. Dusk till Dawn. Soak the culture and history. Literally!

4. A Scholarship!

I have been meaning to further my studies, get a masters degree and then eventually a PhD but it simply hasn’t panned out because i would like to study in the US but the funding (tuition and all that) is so up there i just can’t afford it for the now. So a scholarship is definitely one of the 6 things i want right about now! I am applying for scholarships so i hope one pans out. Soon!

5. A Robot That Will Do Everything For Me!

I want a robot? Definitely yes! At times, it looks as if there are just too many things to do. From blogging to my day job and every other thing in between, the need for a robot to help me with “everything in between” is one great need and want right about now lol. We always get overwhelmed when we do not plan and manage our time well, when we fail to plan and follow said plans. This is the one of the reasons i talked about how to set goals and achieve them to avoid unnecessary lags and problems.

It will be nice though, to have an App/Robot that can help with the laundry, cook my meals, clean house, buy groceries and all what nots so i can concentrate on work and blogging. If wishes were horses……

A girl can dream though. Oh well, i guess i have to get my lazy butt up and running!


6. A Full Day At The Spa

The works! The whole nine yards. Full body massage (oh Lawd!), facials, pedicure and manicure, throw in an hour in the sauna in that mix and i would be in heaven! I haven’t been to the Spa for months and i need to take away all those kinks and tenseness. I can literally picture myself right now, on a massage bed, releasing all the stress!

I want that languid feeling, that total relaxation of body and soul after a massage. I will give anything to get a full body treatment at the spa. Its about time! Who else is wanting this!!!?

Day 4 done with and these are the 6 things i want right now. What are yours? Are you wanting anything right now that you feel will make your life easier and better? I would like to hear them. Let’s share!

Wishing you all a fab week.


Jennifer Pompaski



Jennifer Pompaski
Jennifer Pompaski

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