10 Important Life Skills To Learn In Your 20s

10 Life Skills to Learn in Your 20s. You’re in your twenties and life is just starting to get real. It’s time to really take control of your future, but where do you start?

It’s the time of life where you are making decisions on your own, without help from your parents. You’re learning to balance work and social commitments while paying for things like rent, groceries, utilities. Balancing all these responsibilities can be tough! It sounds difficult but it is also a lot of fun!

Life Skills To Learn In Your 20s

life skills to learn in your 20s
Life Skills To Learn In Your 20s

There are so many skills that you need to learn, from cooking basic meals to managing your finances.

This blog post is going to show you some skills that will make this time in your life easier so you can enjoy being young more.

If I knew some of these things when I was in my twenties, I am sure, I’d have been better off than where I am now truth be told. Some of us grew up without proper guidance to steer us in the right direction but thank God for the internet revolution and technology generally.

So here are life skills to learn in your 20s.

life skills to learn in your 20s
Life Skills To Learn In Your 20s

1. Sewing: Namely, how to mend a tear or attach a button. This is a small skill but it is very useful. Sewing is a lost art we might think isn’t necessary anymore, but wait until you rip your button off right before your next job interview or have a tear in your couch cushions and you’ll be happy you learned this skill.

2. Car Maintenance: Learning how to change oil, replace wiper blades and tire rotation will save you money in the long run. It’s not just for men. Even if you’re not the one performing the task in the future, you’ll want to know what a mechanic should and should not do when requesting basic services.

3. Cooking Simple Meals: You may or may not have learned this skill while growing up, but now it’s time to take it up a notch so you know how to prepare healthy meals within your budget. Spend a few hours looking through cookbooks and websites to find easy recipes. Try something new every week! It might take a couple of weeks for you to get the hang of it, but before too long you’ll be whipping up meals in no time.

Fitty Foodlicious has lots of recipes on her website and it is a great place to start.

4. Finance Management: A big part of your life now will be managing your finances. This includes everything from buying groceries to paying your bills on time to doing your taxes. If you don’t learn this now, it will become really difficult later on! Start managing your finances now and if you need help, there are lots of resources including books, apps, and websites that can show you the way.

5. Power Tools: This is a simple one; buy yourself some basic tools like a hammer, wrench set, and drill so you can fix small things around your apartment or house. You’ll get a lot more satisfaction fixing something yourself than calling someone over to do it for you because it will cost too much money. 

6. Cleaning and Laundry: This is a must! Learn how to wash dishes, vacuum, and do laundry. This can be a tough one for some people because it’s not as fun as going out with friends or playing video games after a long day at work, but you’ll thank yourself later on when everything stays clean and fresh.

7. Taking Care of Your Health: Now more than ever, your health is on the line. You’ll want to make sure that you’re eating well and exercising regularly. Get a complete health screening done to see where any deficiencies lie and start a supplement regimen to fill the gaps. Improve your diet to support your health and immune system. Drinking too much alcohol and eating too much-processed food is common in your youth but will catch up with you eventually!

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8. Dressing for Success: Knowing what to wear is important; you want to look put together at all times. You’ll also feel better about yourself when you dress appropriately, whether it’s a church on Sunday or a big job interview! Ask your friends and family how they like to dress and if there are any specialized clothing stores that they like and start to cultivate a sense of style for yourself.

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9. Driving: Another life skills to learn in your 20s is driving. I didn’t learn “proper” driving until my mid 30s. I say “proper” because I and my two younger siblings were taught driving by one of our dad’s drivers in our teens. He would put us behind the wheels after picking us up from school.

When do you need to start learning? As soon as possible! Look up information on driver’s education classes in your area- some schools offer them but every place is different. It takes a while to learn to drive and you don’t want to need this skill and not be able to when it really matters.

10. Investing: Whether you’re saving for retirement or just want to buy a new car, investing is very helpful. Investing your money will allow it to grow over time so you’ll have more than if you kept it in your checking account for years on end. You can learn how to invest very easily by watching some informational videos on investment websites or asking an experienced friend about it.

Don’t wait till you are in your 30s and 40s before you start investing! This is the most important of the life skills you should learn in your 20s!

You know what they say about starting early so start early.

That is a wrap on the 10 important life skills you should learn in your 20s.

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life skills to learn in your 20s
Life Skills To Learn In Your 20s

Conclusion On Life Skills You Need To Learn In Your 20s

These life skills are some of the most important things to learn about in your 20s! It’s a lot easier to pick up these skills now while you have some free time on your hands rather than years from now when you’ve got a family and a demanding job. Start learning new skills today and get one step closer to feeling like an accomplished adult! Check out my Self Improvement board on Pinterest for more Life Skills and resources on your Self Growth journey

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