The Ultimate Guide To Looking Stylish In The Office

If you are heading into the office, you want to look your best and look stylish at the office. Even if you are working from home because social distancing measures aren’t feasible at your workplace, you still want to look stylish on those Zoom and Skype work calls.

Office wear used to be a simple black trouser suit that you could make a little more individual with your choice of blouse.

Fast forward to the twenty-first century and office wear is so much more wide-ranging and versatile.

You no longer have to succumb to the white shirt or the two-button blazer. You have so much more choice when picking your work outfits so experiment and enjoy revolutionizing your work wardrobe.

You need to strike a fine balance between showing off your fashion credentials and dressing in an appropriate manner.

This is why you must check out the workwear policy for your place of work. Sometimes open toes sandals aren’t allowed, a certain length skirt might be banned and you may find that open necks need to be monitored.

By looking at the workwear policy and heeding the guidance, you are showing respect to your company while being able to express your personality through what you wear.

Take a look at this guide to help you look forever stylish in the office.

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how to look stylish in the office
How To Look Stylish In The Office

1. Self Care

Before you even begin to consider what you wear to the office, you need to consider your self-care rituals and how they allow you to present yourself at work.

Ensure that your hair remains well-coiffed and that your nails are well-groomed. If you have naturally greasy or dry hair, opt for a shampoo and conditioner that can counteract the flaws in your follicles like those at

Good hair turns heads and can make you feel confident. If you are struggling with your skin because of allergies or seasonal air variations, look into creams and lotions for your skin type. Moisturized skin is healthy-looking and allows you to radiate good health.

Avoid heavy makeup and garish nail colors. You want to appear professional and personable to everyone you meet, including your colleagues and your clients.


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Be confident, but not arrogant. You don’t want that ‘overbearing boss’ vibe going on. Instead, you want to be the individual that everyone looks at thinking that they’ve got it together rather than that they are trying too hard.

2. How To Look Stylish At Work: Basics

You need to have the basics covered when it comes to your attire at work. The basics never go out of fashion for good reason. They are stalwarts of workwear because they are timeless classics.

Go for trousers, skirts, and blazers in neutral tones. Grays, blacks and navy blues are ideal. If you want to add a touch of individual or quirky flair, opt for a pinstripe or plaid pattern effect rather than a garishly hideous cerise pink trouser suit.

If you are keen to inject a shock of color, do this with your blouse or shirt or turtle neck top. With a black or gray trouser suit, you can get away with a bright red or bold green color for your blouse or top. Try to veer away from busy patterns as your colleagues and clients may be more focused on your outfit rather than what you have to say.

For footwear basics, have some kitten heels, square toe heels and some pumps to cater for every situation. Forget the stiletto high heels – these are more au fait for the dancefloor, not the shop floor.

You can play around with designs for your shoes if you have gone more simple with your blazer and skirt. Animal print, glossy, and suede effect shoes can all add interest to your workwear.

3. Your Face

how to look stylish in the office

The first thing that people look at is your face. This means if you are wearing any accessories around your face area, such as glasses or earrings, they need to be on point.

When looking for eyewear, don’t go for the bog-standard spectacles and opt for a more daring design. Head to a site like and check out their range of rimless and retro frames.

The vintage look is very much in if you want to look stylish at work, and a pair of cat eyeglasses with a touch of tortoiseshell could be the perfect way to enhance your achingly cool retro look.

If you love your jewelry, why not consider a different set of earrings for each day in the office.

Mix and match some dangle and huggy earrings. If you want to show off your fashion credentials, opt for the on-trend gold hoop earrings to match the rest of your ensemble.

By appearing confident with your fashion choices in the office, you will feel confident when making all-important business decisions.


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4. How To Look Stylish At Work: Go For Comfort Over Form

Go for comfort if you want to look stylish in the office.

While those pair of tight kitten heels one size too small might look incredible on you, they will give you bunions and cut your heels to shreds by five PM.

At the same time, that clutch bag might be stunning, but it can hardly hold your work laptop.

Instead, go for those sorts of clothes, shoes, and bags that carry style but don’t lack comfort or function. Choose a hard-wearing and resilient bag that can take a heavy commute every day. Think about a rucksack or a satchel. Satchel styles are en vogue at the moment and a worn tan leather can add a touch of vintage styling to your bag.

When considering your blazer in the summer, don’t opt for the plaid gray because it looks good only to find that it has an inner fleece layer, making you sweat throughout meetings.

Go lighter and more feminine in the summer with some sleeveless shirts and a linen blazer or two. Opt for a conservative and formal A-Line skirt that sits at the knee. You want to maintain a sense of professionalism by not revealing to much skin.

Conclusion On How To Look Stylish In The Office

Being a businesswoman means exuding confidence, proving your worth in a male-dominated environment, and looking good while being good at what you do.

Follow this guide how to look stylish in the office and you will look stylish every day of the week.

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how to look stylish in the office
How To Look Stylish In The Office
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