Using Accessories To Enhance Your Style

accessories to enhance your style
Accessories to Enhance Your Style

I love accessorizing a lot! Maybe I should be more personal on Chronicles Of Jennifer and show off. Lol! There are great fashion pieces that will have you switching up your look from 50 to 100 and using accessories to enhance your style is just the thing you need!

You can never go wrong with accessories.

Well, as long as you don’t overdo it!

In the past, subtle changes to your look could make you stand out from the crowd. But nowadays, it can often feel like you really need to make an outlandish and extremely bold statement for people to look twice. At the end of the day, the majority of us are starting to look indistinguishable from one another.

We all tend to buy our clothes from the same, popular high street retailers and these retailers reproduce the same outfit thousands of times to cater to the market.

Accessories To Enhance Your Style

This is great in many ways. Clothes are cheaper than before and shopping is extremely convenient – if you see something you like, it’s highly likely it’s available in your size and can be delivered tomorrow! But if you want to break out of the same old – same old routine, you can ”glam up” your outfits with accessories.

This way, even if you find yourself wearing the same ensemble as someone else, you can spruce it up in a way that makes you a little different. Here are a few accessories that can really help to enhance and embolden your look!

accessories to enhance your style
Accessories to Enhance Your Style: Pin For Later!


Jewelry is perhaps one of the easiest accessories to work into your look. Just one piece of jewelry can be worn with an endless variety of outfits as long as it’s a relatively simple and plain item.

This makes it subtle and multifaceted. Consider plain metals like silver, gold, or platinum, and neutral stones like a diamond.

This could be a bracelet or bangle, earrings, gold charm necklaces, or anything else.

If you want to go a bit bolder and make a statement, consider brighter jewelry with bright stones, alternative designs, and more, Or if you want to go over the top, wearing dazzling diamond tennis bracelets could also do the trick.​​​​​​​

accessories to enhance your style
Accessories to Enhance Your Style: Necklaces!

Furthermore, some jewelry types can serve as more than just pretty accessories. They can have a lot of deep meaning as well. Various jewelry types such as healing stone bracelets, rings, or earrings have healing and calming effects. Also, gemstone jewelry generates positive energy that can be transferred into your daily life.


accessories to enhance your style
Accessories to Enhance Your Style: Glasses & Necklaces Accessories

Glasses can be a complementary addition to any look. If you wear contact lenses, they may be convenient, but for day-to-day wear, glasses could give you a statement piece that others can identify you with!

Consider large frames, alternative shaped frames, or bright colors. If you love glasses but don’t need them, you can still get frames with plain glass lenses, or you could settle with some nice sunglasses on sunnier days.


Piercings are for the brave. But generally, they really don’t hurt too much and can give you a lasting way to accessorize! Plus, if you don’t like them, you can simply remove them, and often scarring isn’t all too noticeable, if present at all.

Accessories to Enhance Your Style: Ear Piercings

There is a wide variety out there. Simple ear piercings, nose piercings, lip piercings, or more obscure areas. Just make sure to use a reputable shop with good reviews for the best and safest results.

Accessorising may take some getting used to, but once you’re into the habit, you’ll feel bare without your accessories. So, find what’s best for you and invest in your individuality.

They’ll help you to stand out from the crowd and enhance your overall look!

3 Essential Accessories to enhance your style. I love all of them but haven’t summoned the courage to get more piercings on my ears or any other place. I am thinking of one on my belly button! Which is your favorite?

Conclusion On Accessories To Enhance Your Style

Accessorizing is a bold way to make a bold and simple fashion statement and these beautiful fashion accessories to enhance your style are a great way to go.

I have always loved accessories and these ones are a must-have if you ask me! I love big and bold sunglasses, and jewelry is my best friend hehehehe. I hope you would love to use these accessories to enhance your style and be the boss babe you are.

Let me know in the comment what other accessories you love and use. Don’t forget to share this!

accessories to enhance your style
Accessories to Enhance Your Style

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    I have two piercings each on both ears. Thinking of a 3rd one and then getting a belly button and the nose job…Hahahahahha.

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