Workplace Jewelry Etiquette: 8 Things Every Woman Should Know

workplace jewelry etiquette
Workplace Jewelry Etiquette

When it comes to the workplace, fashion isn’t always at the forefront. That is, of course, unless you work in fashion. However, even those who aren’t putting on New York Fashion Week probably want to look good at work. If you’re unsure about what is and isn’t okay for your job, we’ve got some guidelines to help with workplace jewelry etiquette that will help you.


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Is It Okay to Wear Jewelry to Work?

Generally, yes. There are nuances to this, but most workplaces will allow you to wear some form of jewelry. For most workplaces, that looks like a wedding ring or simple everyday jewelry pieces. With all these tips, though, keep in mind your specific workplace and its unique norms.

Are There Pieces That Aren’t Okay for Work?

This is going to really depend on your workplace. While super-over-the-top flashy pieces are unlikely to fly in most settings, there’s a spectrum here. What’s considered flashy is going to depend on how conservative your office environment is. If one of the Real Housewives is going to critique it, it’s best to leave it at home.

Workplace Jewelry Etiquette: What to Keep in Mind

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workplace jewelry etiquette
Workplace Jewelry Etiquette
  1. See What Other People Are Doing

You don’t have to blindly conform to their style, but it’s a great starting point to gather ideas. Is the vibe generally more fashion-forward? More classically leaning? Seeing what other people are doing can be really helpful as you’re putting together outfits, especially if you’re starting a new job. This will guide you on your workplace jewelry etiquette.

  • Less Is More

Unless you work in a very fashion-forward setting, this is your ultimate guideline. If you take one thing from this guide, let it be this: less is more. That’s a good guide for fashion and design in general. You’re almost always better off having a few tasteful jewelry pieces than going overboard with eight rings.

Office workers are generally best served by wearing a combination of the classics: rings, earrings, necklaces, or bracelets. Mix and match these how you see fit, but opt for classic and understated versions of them.

Less is more is a great factor to consider when it comes to workplace jewelry etiquette.

workplace jewelry etiquette


  • Go for Timeless Pieces

Timeless pieces are going to be the ones that have the greatest range. Even in conservative environments like finance or the C-suite, timeless pieces are usually fine. Simple colors and styles always look good, too. If nothing else, this is a convenient way to save some money instead of rebuying each time trends change.

  • Remember Your Environment

Just because you can wear it doesn’t mean you should. Even if you’re in an environment where you could wear ornate earrings or a large ring, do you really want to? Sure, it may look really cool, but it also might be a pain by 2 p.m. You can always try these kinds of looks out and take them off if they get to be too much work.

It isn’t just personal convenience that you have to worry about. Certain professions just don’t lend themselves to jewelry. Healthcare workers, for example, are limited in this area. While you might be able to get away with a simple necklace or a silicone ring, you have to be realistic about where you work. We get it — dress for the job you want. Maybe don’t dress for your dream fashion consulting job while doing your clinical rounds, though.


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  • Choose Your Pieces Carefully

And by this, we don’t mean buying really nice pieces for work. In fact, just the opposite. Look, it’s your life, and you can live it how you want. However, it just isn’t the best idea to wear something really nice to your job. It can get lost or damaged, so why risk it?

  • Keep It Consistent

This is partially just for convenience. Having a simple, interchangeable jewelry collection makes life easier. For conservative corporate environments, a rotation of several classic pieces is your best bet. You won’t have any dress code issues, and you’ll save time and money.

workplace jewelry etiquette

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  • When in Doubt, Consult the Handbook

Yeah, you signed that you read the handbook when you got the job. Did you actually, though? Even if you did, how much of it do you still remember? So, take the handbook out from its place of honor (leveling your TV) and give it a read.

If you don’t have a handbook (or aren’t fluent in corporatism), don’t be afraid to ask. It’s always best to ask beforehand than risk it if you aren’t sure. In a low-stress environment, that may not be as crucial, though.

  • Be Yourself

Whatever the confines of your job’s dress code, get creative and still be yourself! If you’re in a more conservative workplace, you may have more constraints. Still, with some time and creativity, you can find some pieces that fit your personal style and allow you to express yourself within the confines of your workplace. If you have looser style guidelines at your job, this is even easier.

Conclusion On Workplace Jewelry Etiquette

At the end of the day, your jewelry should be fun! Yes, there may be some constraints. Constraints can often help with creativity, though. Flex your style muscles and see what exciting clothing and jewelry combinations you can come up with this workweek!

Now, that you know the factors to consider when choosing work jewelry, what are your thoughts about the factors to consider when it comes to workplace jewelry etiquette?

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workplace jewelry etiquette
Workplace Jewelry Etiquette

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