Yoga for Your Personal Growth and Mental Health

yoga in mental health
Yoga in Mental Health

Are you looking for a healthy direction to take your life for the remainder of this year? Well, how about trying to go completely organic and using yoga for your personal growth. Here are some awesome ways to include yoga in mental health and wellbeing as part of your at-home workouts.

That means taking the next step up from enjoying organic food; it will also involve using as many organic and natural items and products as you can in your day to day life.

The mind itself is a very volatile organ that can affect our natural state. The surroundings that we sit in and work in will shape our thoughts and our feelings; it is a very simple concept but the mind and body should work in harmony to achieve the best outcomes.

Using yoga with a schedule is also important. 

Mental Health Benefits Of Yoga: Mental Health Benefits Exercise

According to Healthline, one of the most credible health website out there, here are 13 science backed benefits of yoga for mental health:

  • Yoga decreases Stress
  • Yoga Relieves Anxiety
  • Capable of improving the quality of life
  • It may fight depression
  • May reduce chronic pain
  • Promotes Sleep
  • Improves one’s balance and flexibility
  • Could help improve breathing
  • May relieve migraines
  • Promotes healthy eating habits
  • Increases strength
  • Could improve heart health
  • May reduce inflammation

So now we know mental health benefits of yoga. Let’s find out how to use Yoga for Personal growth and improve our mental health.

Ways To Use Yoga For Your Personal Growth and Mental Health

yoga in mental health
Yoga in Mental Health

Yoga In Mental Health

Outdoors is best

Getting outdoors is so important because fresh air is something the human body craves, as well as daylight and sunlight which is where we harvest our all important vitamin D.

As a yoga enthusiast, I know the importance that it can have when practised outdoors. If you have a garden that doesn’t naturally lend itself to being outdoors, then you can always make a few changes to assist you with your journey.

For example if your garden space doesn’t let the light in, you may want to chop them down with tree services. Once you have a more open space, it will allow the light and your mind to feel clearer.

This is the first rule of them when practising yoga.

To free the mind and to allow the body to move freely by the use of breath work. 

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Why is outdoors so good for yoga?

  • It can help outdoor enthusiasts connect with nature in a powerful way and therefore helps you connect on a deeper level.
  • Practicing yoga outside allows the yogi to embody the sense of the pose, as well as being appreciative of the nature around you which initially inspired yoga enthusiasts.  
  • For those who suffer anxiety, this may also be an inspired choice. You can see the sky when you do yoga outside, which can be a great way to minimise the feelings of anxiety when inside. A lot of anxiety occurs inside, which is why being outside with people in the fresh air is very special. You can see the clouds moving in the breeze and watch the birds flying through the air gracefully.
  • It offers a unique experience and this can all be achieved in your back garden. 

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Yoga and Mental Health

What else do I need?

If you do choose to practice yoga outdoors, then a good yoga mat is recommended.

Either way, you’re likely to get the remnants of grass or dirt on it, but keep two mats, one for indoor and one for outdoor.

You may not need anything else as yoga mats work well on the grass and on a patio, depending on the space you have at home.

If you wish to practice publicly in a park that is fine too, although if you want to teach your own classes outdoors, you may need a permit for certain public spaces.

Do warm-up before hitting the mat!

Time to feel the power of yoga! Use yoga for your personal growth!

Conclusion On Yoga In Mental Health

Having known the benefits of Yoga for mental health, you will agree with me that Yoga is great for personal growth and something you should include in your self growth journey! Don’t forget to share, Queens.

As usual, I am always ready to have a conversation with you! Chat me up in the comment section below!

yoga in mental health
Yoga in Mental Health

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