50 Self Care Ideas For When You Are Having A Bad Day

We have all been at a place where our day went so bad, we didn’t know what to do and ended up worsening it and that is why I will be sharing 50 self-care ideas for a bad day today.

How is everyone doing amidst the Coronavirus pandemic? I know it’s been stressful for a lot of people and with the myriad of information we get bombarded with online and offline, it is enough to make anyone go crazy.

Sending light and love to you all.

Staying calm in these trying times is paramount and I did write about ways to keep calm during the pandemic. If you haven’t read it, just click on the link below! Don’t forget to share too.


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Let’s get back to ”bad hair days”.

You know…

Those days where just about everything goes wrong right from when you woke up till when when you crash back on your bed

Days where you seem to be making every damn silly mistake imaginable at work and boss man eyes you with a questioning unbelievable look or clear out shouts at you.

Or those days, your zipper not only pulled just as you were about leaving for office but you see a big oil stain on the front of your blouse and you got to know 5 minutes before a presentation to senior management

Tell me about it.

Or days where it seems like any and every one as well as the universe are conspiring against.

I know how it can be and self-love on these days are important.

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What Is Self-Care?

As simple as the name sounds, self-care is one of the most difficult things I’ve come to realize is pretty much difficult to do, carry out and achieve.

It can be easy and it can also be difficult.

So what is self-care?

Self-care means giving yourself the care you deserve.

Simple isn’t it?


We are so caught up with trying to ”live life”, pay off debts, take care of family, put meals on the table that we don’t just know how to slow down and care for ourselves.

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Self-care could be as easy as soaking up in a hot scented bath or as difficult having to say ”No” to some things or as complex as having a deep Sober Reflection

See why self-care sounds easy but kinda difficult?

But be that as it may, it is very, very possible to practice self-care

Especially on bad hair days.

Types Of Self Care

Self-care is a big deal.

Self-care on bad days is even a bigger deal.

That is why self-care is trending on the internet. Lots of searches are being done on ways to practice self-care but there is need to understand the types of self-care we would need at different times, to serve different purposes.

That way, you know you are doing it right and getting the right kind of self-care.

5 Types of self-care include

self care ideas for bad days
  1. Social Self-Care: We are by nature, social ”beings”. We need to connect with people on different levels, associate with people, and places that appeal to us. e.g. taking a friend out for lunch, reconnecting with a long lost friend or even family member
  2. Emotional Self Care: All about being in tune with your emotions, learning to express yourself, etc. Emotional self-care includes involving oneself in activities like Journaling, practicing mindfulness, setting boundaries and exploring your Creative side, e.t.c
  3. Physical Self-Care: Taking care of your physical body e.g. going for a walk, exercising or eating healthily
  4. Sensory Self-Care: As the name implies, this type of self-care includes all our senses and it is all about nourishing our five senses. E.g. having a scented bath, burning scented candles, listening to music, e.t.c
  5. Intellectual Self-Care: The kind of self-care that challenges your mind and intellect e.g. learning a new skill or language.
  6. Spiritual Self-Care: Taking care of your spirituality. It doesn’t necessarily mean religion but could be for some. E.g. Praying, meditation, spending time in nature

Now that we have the types of self-care out of the way, let’s dive right in 50 self-care ideas for a bad day!

Self care ideas for a bad day
Self Care Ideas For Bad Days

50 Self Care Ideas For A Bad Day

  • Drink herbal tea and chase away the blues
  • Use Affirmations. They are great power mantras
  • Have a detox bath. Let the negative energy drain away
  • Write. The things you are grateful for
  • Destress. Have a night out with the girls
  • Watch your favorite TV show. Put those feet up girl
  • Light your favorite candle
  • Burn your favorite oil
  • Switch off! Do a digital detox
  • Get boo to give you a full-body massage
  • Dance! Put on your favorite music and just dance
  • Do some deep breathing. Calm those nerves
  • Read a self-help/self-growth book
  • Damn it! Take some selfies!
  • Take a long walk. In nature
  • Watch the sunrise
  • Meditate
  • Do some decluttering. It will chase those cobwebs in your head away
  • Watch Pretty Woman. Again
  • Read Inspirational Quotes
  • Buy yourself flowers
  • Dig in some ice-cream. It is allowed
  • Watch a motivational Ted talk
  • Exercise: Throw in some jumping jacks in there
  • Hug a random person
  • Give yourself a manicure and a pedicure
  • Take a power nap or better yet, sleep off the negative energy
  • Talk to BFF
  • Cook and eat your favorite meal
  • Do some reflection in your favorite place

More Self Care Ideas

  • Be your own cheerleader. Give yourself a pep talk
  • Eat a salad
  • Chat with someone who inspires you
  • Have a chocolate
  • Do Yoga
  • Listen to a Podcast
  • ”Visit” Comedy Central. Laugh out loud
  • Have a facial at home
  • Change your sheets
  • Wear sexy lingerie. Even if no one is gonna see!
  • Put on some really badass clothes
  • Do something new
  • Have a smoothie
  • Practice Gratitude: Write 5 things you are grateful for
  • Change your sheets
  • Go out for a cup of coffee
  • Drink water. It doesn’t hurt anything
  • Journal
  • Write 5 things you love about your life
  • Do a brain dump

Conclusion: Self Care Ideas For A Bad Day

And that is a wrap on 50 self-care ideas for a bad day. Which is your favorite? If I missed any of your favorites, let me know in the comments. If you find this helpful, then share and kindly share those lovely pins below.

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    Grreat post. Thank you for sharing such an inspiring information.

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    Grreat post. Thank you for sharing such an inspiring information.

  3. August 21, 2020 / 12:15 am

    . Exercise is essential, and it can also be fun. With the absence of our daily routines such as going to school or work, groceries, playing outdoors, and other pre-COVID physical activities, there is a tendency for us to spend more time lying in bed or binge eating on the couch.

  4. May 31, 2020 / 11:51 pm

    It is very easy to be caught up in the bustle and hustle of life, plus all the bombardment of both true and fake news on the Internet.
    Switching off and taking care of ourselves rejuvenates us, ready to tackle the challenges of life – that never stop. I am sharing these ideas with entrepreneurs in my circle of influence because life is in the simple things. Running a small business and startup at this time of unprecedented challenges is not a smooth ride. In addition to this, business as usual is nowhere near in sight – thus a great time to focus on personal development and growth, so as to soar in the new normal of business unusual.
    Great simple ideas to try.
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    • June 10, 2020 / 8:51 am

      Hi, Hazlo, You are right on all counts! We have to ready ourselves for the new normal and now is the time to invest and focus on self improvement and personal development. Thank you for contributing to the conversation! I am going to have a look at your website, definitely! I hope we can partner in some ways!

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