10 Best Productivity Apps That Will Transform Your Life!

productivity apps
Productivity Apps

Today, I’d like to share with you, 10 best productivity apps you can use to stay organized.

Productivity apps are essentially apps that are capable of improving your productivity by managing your time effectively.

If you have been following the Kinging Queen blog for some time now, you will have noticed that I am big and passionate about everything that connotes productivity.

Personal growth, personal development, self-help, self-growth are all ways you can define the Kinging Queen brand.

These productivity apps can be used by any and everyone. Be it a one man business, a project team, for business purposes, health reasons for wanting to be productive, these productivity apps have got you covered.

All download for these super productivity apps are at the end of blog post but I am sure you’d like to know how each of them function to enable you make excellent decision in selecting the one that suits your needs the most!

What is a Productivity App?

Now, what are productivity apps?

A productivity app is an app that helps you stay organized by managing a specific aspect or every aspect of your life.

From monitoring your water intake to tracking the number steps you take, to managing your TODO lists, tracking your team’s performance on a project, a productivity app is a must-have if you are the type that likes things to be well organized.

A place for everything and everything in its place!

Going techie, a productivity app is a software that helps you stay organized, reduce the time you could have expended doing it manually and generally makes your tasks and life easier.

Now, who wouldn’t want that? I know I do and that is why as a blogger, I use a tool known as TAILWIND to schedule my pins on PINTEREST and on INSTAGRAM

Phewww, imagine sitting down to schedule a month’s worth of content on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media platforms we bloggers use.

Life of a blogger!

10 Productivity Apps To Stay Organized

productivity apps
Productivity Apps

Now being productive is about achieving set goals and overcoming procrastination.

If you are able to do that, then your productivity level will be high.

Okay, Let’s delve into the 10 best productivity apps to keep you super organized and productive all year round!


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Productivity Apps For Personal & Business Use

1. Todoist: To do lists for task management and errands

With over 10 million downloads and 161k reviews, this app is a must-have. I downloaded it the minute I got the scoop about it and it has been a lifesaver!

productivity apps
Productivity Apps

You just need to create your task list and achieve more.

With Todoist, you can keep track of virtually everything.

  • Grocery shopping
  • Remember important deadlines
  • Delegate tasks to people in your shared projects
  • Keep track of Multi-phase projects
  • Build habits by entering reoccurring tasks
  • Highlight your day’s most important activities with color-coded priority levels
  • See an overview of your daily and weekly accomplishments with beautifully customized productivity graphs.

Now does it sound like a useful tool you would like to have? I heard that yes, loud and clear here!

There’s more.

You can make Todoist, your central organized task management hub for getting things done with access to 60 plus app integrations like Dropbox, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and slack (we will get to this later in this blog post)

The great news? It is available on both Android and iOS and free. There’s a premium version too if you want to utilize all its features.

Just head on to your Playstore/Appstore and download.

2. Step Tracker: Walking For Weight Loss, Pedometer

We all crave for a healthy lifestyle and it has been proven that walking and taking 10000 steps a day prolongs one’s lifespan.

productivity apps
productivity apps

The Step tracker app does the job of tracking your steps daily. There are lots of productivity apps for counting steps but I chose this one to share with you because of its stats.

This productivity app also has over 10 million downloads currently and 97k reviews and a 4.5-star rating!

All you need do is download the app, start a daily step plan and start counting your steps automatically.

Step tracker will auto record your steps when your phone is with you when your screen is locked or even when your phone is not in your hands!

Features include

  • Smart notification alerts
  • Real-time step counter (number of steps taken, distance covered, calories burned etc)
  • Social steps ranking (compete with friends
  • Customized fitness plan
  • Personal health report
  • Continuous achievement system etc

It is available on Android devices.

3. Productivity Apps: Samsung Health

Another app that works like Step Tracker, however, is the Samsung Health app available on all Samsung handheld devices. It tracks sleep patterns, records your stress levels, calculates calories burned from carrying out different forms of exercises all listed on the app.

The app is very detailed when tracking your steps. It gives details on speed, elevation as well as give the total number of steps taken (of course).

The Samsung Health app manages amongst other things.

  • Oxygen saturation
  • Blood pressure
  • Water intake
  • Caffeine intake
  • Stress levels
  • Heart rate
  • Weight
  • Sleep
  • Food etc

It keeps track of the calories you expend by carrying out different exercises that are on the app. All you need do is hit the one you want (cycling, walking, squats, push-ups etc) and voila, it is recorded.

So if you are looking to monitoring your steps be it to keep healthy or improving your health generally, use your Samsung Health app if you are using a Samsung mobile or use Step Tracker above.

Of course, it is a free tool. It comes with your device. Use it.

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4. Slack

Slack is an American cloud-based team collaborations tools and services founded by Steward Butterfield. This app was initially designed to be used as an internal tool by his company.

The company is valued at over seven billion dollars. Major companies like Target, Capital One, Oracle are a few of the companies that use the app.

Slack is a go-to productivity app for both small and large scale organizations because it brings team communication and collaboration into one place so you can get more work done.

The features of Slack as enumerated on the Android app download includes

  • Communicating with your team and organizing conversations by topics, projects or anything/and everything that matters to your work
  • Messaging or calling any person or group within your team
  • Sharing and editing documents
  • Integrating into your workflow, the tools, and services you already use like Google Drive, Salesforce, Dropbox, Zendesk etc
  • Easily create and reach a central knowledge base that automatically indexes and archive’s your team’s past conversations and files
  • Customization of your notifications to enable you to stay focused on what matters

It is rumored that Slack has been scientifically proven to make working life simpler, more pleasant and more productive.

Well, rumor or not, an app that has all those aforementioned features is definitely worth giving a try.

If you are a blogger hiring a small team, a small business or even a big organization,  give Slack a trial.

Newsflash: Slack is available on any device!

5. Trello

Another Newsflash: Trello is free to use forever!

Okay, now that we have that juicy bit of information out there, let’s find out what Trello has to offer as a productivity app.

productivity apps
Productivity Apps

Trello is a collaboration tool that creates a shared perspective on any project whether at home or at work.

Its basic functioning principle is based on what is known as the 4 principles of KANBAN (use link here)

From managing a team, writing a great novel or doing something as simple as making up a grocery list, Trello is your go-to tool for getting things done and staying organized.

Trello’s features include the following

  • Customization of workflows for different projects
  • Creation of boards to organize whatever you are working on
  • Add checklists of ‘’To-do’’ on cards (cards are created by breaking huge projects into smaller chunks)
  • Assigning tasks to yourself or colleagues
  • Attach files from Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Upload photos and videos
  • Ability to work offline and boards will sync automatically when reconnected!

The last feature is my absolute favorite! Heck, who wants to start all over after carrying out like a million tasks?

I guess that is why it is a productivity app.

That is not all about Trello.

Most importantly, they just added a cool new feature where instead of having to invite each member (collaborations), you can now add multiple users to your board, all at once!

Cool, right?

Remember, Trello is free forever.

6. Productivity Apps: Hootsuite

I have been using a popular and favorite tool used by virtually every blogger known as TAILWIND but when I read about Hootsuite, I downloaded it, pronto.

Here is why I believe you should too.

Especially if you are a business that uses social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn to promote your business.

How does a social media automation tool that posts simultaneously to all your business pages sound like?

Too good to be true?

That is what Hootsuite does. Just like Tailwind I mentioned earlier.

Hootsuite is free for up to 3 social network accounts and has over 15 million users. It is a top app for Android to help manage your business on social media.

Hootsuite allows you to

  • Publish and share photos to all your business and personal social networks at once
  • Manage multiple social networks on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn
  • Schedule a post to Facebook or tweet to Twitter to be sent at a later time or day
  • Monitor your brand on Twitter and Facebook
  • Track stat report analytics etc
  • Enable you to post to Facebook profiles and pages or schedule Facebook posts

As a blogger. This is an invaluable productivity app for me to use as social media is the ‘’funnel’’ I use in promoting my blog like every other blogger out there.

If you are promoting your business on social media (as you should!), Hootsuite will go a long way in improving your Time Management skills.

7. Habit Tracker

I got to know about Habit Tracker while researching for this blog post and fell in love with it. I hope you do too.

HabitBull, as it is called, is a powerful multi-platform companion to keep track of your daily habits and routines.

One of the core life essential is learning new habits.  Positive habits that is.

productivity apps
productivity apps

And this app poses a great tool to help you do just that.

It is fully customizable. For instance, you can measure and track anything/everything. If you want to read more, exercise (maybe go for 30/40 minutes walk every day, stop smoking or drinking too much, HabitBull, will help you achieve all that.

It can even measure the number of hours you waste every day surfing the net, bingeing on Netflix or checking out your friends’ posts on social media! You all know what I am talking about. Guilty as charged!

The features of Habit Tracker as enumerated by the developer of the app includes

  • Track multiple habits
  • Streak counter and percentage success for each habit
  • Inspiring quotes per category that includes actual quotes from people doing the same thing as you (meditation, reading, reduction of alcohol consumption, stop procrastination etc)
  • Graphs with success percentage/ win streaks etc
  • Set goals like carrying out a number of activities or tasks. For example, I set a target of 50 pushups per day for mine.
  • Powerful reminders (several times per day with options for sound or vibration modes for the reminders)
  • Multi-device syncing
  • Cloud Backup
  • Motivational images
  • Export to CSV (for the techies)
  • Google Fit integration

So if you have been looking for productivity apps to help you create new habits and do away with bad ones, then give Habit tracker a try.

8.  HelloSign

You know how time-consuming signing a document takes right? Like when you get the documents sent to you to append your signature, you sign and then have to scan and send the document back to the originator?

productivity apps
Productivity Apps

HelloSign beats that whole process by reducing the time and improving your productivity.

This productivity app is a very useful tool for individuals and businesses alike.

It is a simple way to scan, edit and sign documents on your device without having to go through the time-consuming process of printing,  scanning, and signing.

All you simply need to do is import any PDF from your email, create a signature with your finger and the send signed document to the recipient(s)

HelloSign offers the following features according to the developer

  • Edit any PDF or photo to add text, checkmark or signature
  • Upload a document with a camera
  • Sign unlimited documents
  • Open PDF files directly from your inbox
  • Import signed documents back to your email

It is free and easy to use. There is also an upgraded version (if you love it and want to utilize it more) like most other apps.

9. Toggl: Time Tracker

There can only be 24 hours in a day and how you utilize it in carrying out your tasks each day matters a lot.

I am sure we all would love an app that can monitor the hours we spend in carrying out a task or simply manage our time effectively.

Toggl is here to the rescue.

As a blogger and a freelance writer, I need to manage my time effectively, otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish a lot of what I intend doing each day.

The coolest feature I love about this app is that its use is not limited to your device alone! All your data is synced on your handheld device, desktop/laptop, web, and a browser extension.

You get to see where you wasting efforts on projects that are not bringing in money.

Other features of the app include

  • Reports. Could be daily, weekly or monthly reports and graphs
  • Suggestions based on what you track
  • Notifications
  • Customization of time entries with projects, clients and tags
  • Shortcuts using ”@” and ”#” to add projects
  • Manual mode
  • Track your time even when offline

Toggl is completely free and there are no ads at all!

10. Productivity Apps: Google Drive

Now, I would say Google Drive is one of the important productivity apps you need to have!

If you have not gone through the nightmare and horror of losing years of data either from a mistake, accident or technical malfunction, then you are one lucky babe!

I have experienced it and as a result, it set me back. Years.

Trust me. It is not something you want to go through!

We all use google but we do not seem to appreciate the power it has when it comes to storage.

That is what Google Drive does.  It is free online storage.

The features include

  • Safely store files and access them from anywhere
  • Search for files by name and content
  • Easily share folders and files with others
  • Viewing of files on offline mode
  • Use of handheld device to scan paper documents
  • Access pictures and videos from Google Photos

It is absolutely free.

The Best Productivity Apps To Stay Organized

productivity apps
productivity apps

Conclusion On Productivity Apps

In conclusion, we all crave productivity. We want to be able to manage our time well and beat procrastination before it makes a mess of us.

These productivity apps will not only manage your personal life, but they will also manage your careers and businesses as well.

So here is a roundup of download links of the best free productivity apps for you to stay organized and achieve the level of productivity you deserve from all the hard work you put in at home and in your businesses.

Most importantly, they are all free! Here are the free download links to all the productivity apps.

  1. Todoist
  2. Step Tracker
  3. Samsung Health
  4. Slack
  5. Trello
  6. Hootsuite
  7. Habit Tracker
  8. HelloSign
  9. Toggl
  10. Google Drive

It’s a wrap! I would love to know what apps you all use in keeping yourselves organized and more productive!

Kindly share and let us know which of these productivity apps you find useful!

productivity apps
Free Productivity Apps

Kinging Queen

Jennifer Pompaski
Jennifer Pompaski

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