16 Powerful Body Shaming Quotes About Self Image That Will Make You Love Yourself

If you are a victim of body shaming or have been a victim of this type of bullying, then I know how you must feel or must have felt when you were body shamed. It is a societal ill that begs “stopping” in every way and one of the ways to do that is by motivation using these powerful body-shaming quotes that talk about body image, self-image, and body positivity.

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We get told by family, friends, and society (and even strangers!) how we should look like women, have a certain ‘body shape” to be “accepted” and “known” as “beautiful”. and are objectified by our partners and spouses. We get body-shamed by all and sundry.

Heck! Women even get body-shamed in music videos and lyrics every damn time!

Pardon, my language, Queens. I really get worked up when I am talking or writing about body shaming.

It is causing a lot of havoc in our society.

Depression, overeating, undereating, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and suicides, mental illnesses are but a few of the effects of body shaming.

According to a Canadian Medical Journal, “Fat shaming is harmful to health and may drive weight gain, said presenters at the Canadian Obesity Summit, recently held in Ottawa. Anti-fat bias is rampant in all parts of society, including medicine, said Angela Alberga, an assistant professor in the department of health, kinesiology, and applied physiology at Concordia University. More than three in five adults with obesity encounter weight bias from health professionals, according to Obesity Canada. Some medical ethicists even argue that this social pressure is justified to promote weight loss“.

Think about that!

You have thick thighs. Aren’t your bums too small? Gosh, just look at your arms, girl! You gotta do something about them! Babe, you are looking well-fed (another way of telling you, you are FAT and they hiding behind a “seeming” compliment, doesn’t negate the fact that you are being body-shamed) but never mind, these body-shaming quotes will teach you the value of self-worth, self-belief and help you build great self-esteem and self-confidence in who you are.

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I had an Ex who constantly body shamed me. The crazy thing is I was damn skinny when I was with him but he still managed to body-shame me. From saying things like your stomach isn’t that flat, to you could do with slimmer thighs and all that brouhaha.

Well, he has been an Ex for several years and he will remain so forever.

Like I always say, I am an African woman and I am proud of my ass and full figure.


Let’s get in the grind, girls. Let’s talk about those body-shaming quotes that will teach you to have a better self-image and self-worth.

Body Shaming Quotes

Let me let you in on a secret, Queens. Everyone gets body shamed.

Yes! Everyone.

Even celebrities are not left out!

Now, isn’t that just crazy?

Your favorite actress has been body-shamed. They have been bullied. Some of them have been sexually molested and subjected to unpalatable experiences by loved ones and by people in the movie industry This is one of the reasons the “me too” movement is a movement all women need to join whether they have been sexually molested or not.

But today, we are talking about body shaming quotes and how they can help boost your self-esteem and self-confidence as a woman.

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These body-shaming quotes are mostly from celebrities who have experienced body shaming in one form or the other and this makes them all the more powerful. Here are 30 body positivity quotes that will help you love yourself.


Body Shaming Quotes
Body Shaming Quotes

”Being a healthy woman isn’t about getting on the scale or measuring your waistline” – Michelle Obama

I just had to start these body-shaming quotes with this one from Michelle Obama. All. we women seem to talk about these days is what we weigh and our waistlines. Yes, it is all great and good wanting to have a slim waistline but some of us make it seem as if our happiness is determined by our waistlines and scales!

Does having a small waistline or being a size zero makes you the president of a country or the universe? Will it guarantee your happiness? If you think it will, it means you haven’t been watching Doctor 90210. Will those two parameters make you a better person?

Girl, you are more than your body. Yes, take care of it but it shouldn’t be the only thing you should be on about as a woman.

So, when you are being body-shamed or feeling sorry for yourself from watching too many TV adverts, remind yourself that your life is more than a waistline and the scales.


Taylor Swift says she has body issues and that everyone does and I agree with her wholeheartedly.

But should you let them define you or let them enhance you?

I had a love and hate relationship with my ears as a teenager (I genuinely thought they were too big for my face!) and I also had a scar on my left heel from a bicycle accident when I was little (I can barely remember the incident) that I was ashamed of but with age and knowledge, I have come to embrace them.

There are people who you feel are perfect, but do you know they too have some sort of fixation about their body, they feel isn’t stellar?

We all have body issues but how do you see yours?

”I definitely have body issues but everybody does. when you come to the realization that, everybody does that, even the people that I consider flawless, then you can start to live the way you are” – Taylor Swift

body shaming quotes
body shaming quotes


This should be the most powerful of these body-shaming quotes. I love supporting women because I believe in our potentials as the ”Girl Child”. Women are the greatest untapped reserve in the world. I can’t say this enough.

Hear what, Ashley Graham has to say about women, body-shaming themselves.

It’s really important that we stop body shaming people online and on social media. The rude comments under pictures comparing women in ”who looks better” posts. All that does, is force us to judge each other. It only sets us back and women now, more than ever, need to empower each other” – Ashley Graham

body shaming quotes
body shaming quotes

At times, I think women are their own enemies. We tend to fight each other over trivial things. This narrative needs to stop.

We should empower and embrace each other more. The world will be a better place for it.


”There is no reason to hide and every reason to flaunt” – Ashley Graham

body shaming quotes
body shaming quotes

Yes, girl. Flaunt it already! Don’t hide behind those clothes you wear because you want to cover some ‘imagined” imperfection. I had this very crazy idea as a teenager that my ears are big and I had a scar on my right heel that makes me want to just cover them up and I talked about it in my 30 days blogging challenge. I have since outgrown it and I flaunt them however I want!

Own those imagined “body imperfections”. They are what makes you perfect and beautiful!


Looks like Ashley Graham is a champion of body shaming quotes, y’all! This is another body positivity you should absolutely hold to your heart if you are being constantly body-shamed.

Hear her.

”I don’t like to use the words ”real women” honestly. I like to use the word, woman. And I also say that because there are so many women out there who are naturally thin or are naturally curvy, and I think when we start putting a label on the type of woman, it gets misconstrued and starts to offend people. At the end of the day, we just all want to be known as women or models or actresses or whatever.” – Ashley Graham

body shaming quotes
body shaming quotes

I love this Ashley Graham! The girl is on fire about body positivity!

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”It is not about PERFECTION. It is about PURPOSE” – Beyonce

body shaming quotes
body-shaming quotes

Beyonce always represents issues concerning women. I agree with her that it is not about the body, it is about purpose.

Focus on your purpose and put body shamers to shame.


”I have a BELLY and I have CELLULITE and I still deserve LOVE” – Amy Schumer

I was at the Spa for my birthday last week and the Spa attendant said something about cellulite and I told her, cosmetologists are putting pressure on women to literally change their lives instead of encouraging them to own their cellulite because it is a reality of life.

This next body-shaming quote is one I think every woman should read and use to learn body positivity and to embrace themselves the way they are.

body shaming quotes
body shaming quotes

I believe when you start embracing those small things about your body that makes you squirm, everyone else will follow suit. Including your partner/spouse.

Our imagined imperfections are amplified by them because we amplify them ourselves.

Think about it!


“Too fat, too skinny, too short, too tall, too anything.’ There’s a sense that we’re all ‘too’ something, and we’re all not enough. This is life. Our bodies change. Our minds change. Our hearts change.” Emma Stone

body shaming quotes
body-shaming quotes

I have noticed that even if you are a hundred percent good (no one is 100 percent good but you get my point), people will still talk about you! So, why allow them body-shame you? Girl, why let them make you cower in shame instead of flaunting “you” in their face?


Today, I made a post on my Facebook Group and someone commented about the looks of the babe in the video. I quickly called his attention to the comment and told him, it is body shaming. He quickly apologized.

I know oftentimes, we body shame without “consciousness”. We say what comes to mind and then rethink but oftentimes than not, the damage is already done.

That is why this very body-shaming quote is dear to my heart.

I am allowed to look sexy, feel sexy, and be in love. I am worthy of all those things, and so are you.” —Mary Lambert

body-shaming quotes
body-shaming quotes


What people think about you and your body shouldn’t be the driving force in your life, except if it drives you in a positive direction.

This body-shaming quote says exactly that.

”Be proud of who you are and not be ashamed of how someone else sees you.– Unknown

Isn’t that the truth?

body-shaming quotes
body-shaming quotes


At the end of the day, the constant pressure to be a certain body type is all unhealthy and there is really no need for it.

This brings me to the next body-shaming quote by Jennifer Lawrence, one of my favorite Hollywood stars. I absolutely loved her in The Hunger Game Movie Series. She’s not just a great actor, she’s also a very outspoken feminist.

Jennifer Lawrence has this to say about body-shaming

”Girls see enough of this body we can’t imitate, that we will never be able to obtain. These unrealistic expectations. It is better to look healthy and strong” – Jennifer Lawrence

body-shaming quotes
body-shaming quotes


I woke up with acne two days ago. Something, I rarely suffer from. I just started fretting, thinking about every related and non-related thing on earth. You all should have seen me.

Now, that I think of it, I can afford to smile. I had to talk myself out of the worry and all that and did do something about it. The acne is gradually clearing. I reckon it was some medication I took.

The moral of the story is that these things are a fact of life. Acne, pimples, body hair, fat rolls, cellulite, chaffing thighs, etc. They are nothing to be ashamed of so do not let anyone body shame you into thinking you are less human because you’ve got them.

Mik Zazon has this to say about them..

”Just because we have acne, tummy rolls, and chaffing thighs doesn’t mean we need fixed. Period!” – Mik Zazon

body-shaming quotes
body-shaming quotes


Ellen Degeneres has a great body-shaming quote that will convince you to be more comfortable in your skin. That is if you still aren’t motivated to start practicing body positivity but would rather be buried under body shamers.

”To me, beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It is about knowing and accepting who you are.” – Ellen Degeneres

Learn to be comfortable in your own skin. Accept you. That is all you need.

body-shaming quotes
body-shaming quotes


During summer, we fret about our bodies and worry if we should wear bikinis or not. I also get that insecurity a lot. The truth is Africans find it hard to bare their bodies because the culture frowns at it but we are gradually coming out of that.

I don’t know if my shyness for bikinis comes from my upbringing and the ”culture” thing but I am embracing and ”normalizing” wearing bikinis at the beach.

Be that as it may, we always worry about our ”bikini bodies”.

So, how do you get a bikini body?

Another of the favorite of the body-shaming quotes, tells you exactly how to get a bikini body.

”How to get a bikini body? Put a bikini on your body!” – Unknown

Isn’t that brilliant? Girl, wear your bikini and sashay to the beach.

body-shaming quotes
body-shaming quotes

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This is what Emma Watson, another Hollywood actress has to say about body shaming quotes.

”Feeling beautiful has nothing to do with how you look like” – Emma Watson

This body-shaming quote reminds me of these Self Confidence Quotes.

If the way you feel about yourself stems from how you think you look, you need to have a rethink.

Beauty transcends looks. Beauty is your essence. Your soul.

When you understand that, you will overcome body shaming because it just means those who are body shaming you do not have any inkling about who you truly are.

body-shaming quotes
body-shaming quotes


At the end of the day, it is self-love that teaches you the power of body positivity. Self-love will enable you to fall in love with yourself and love you as you are and that is the core thing that will help you overcome body shaming.

This very last of the body-shaming quotes talks about self-love.

”Make it your goal to fall in love with everything that you are.” – Unknown

body shaming quotes
body-shaming quotes

I have lots of resources on self-love and self-care ideas to help you love yourself better

Check them out below.

If you are on Pinterest, my board on Self-Love and Self-Care is chockful of helpful resources. Be sure to check it out.

Conclusion: Body Shaming Quotes

As Taylor Swift said in one of the body-shaming quotes, everyone has some sort of ”imperfection”. Embracing all that you are and loving you just the way you are is the first step to overcoming body shaming. Self-love will help you embrace body positivity and that is all that matters. If you are motivated and encouraged by these body-shaming quotes, feel free to share the graphics on social media. Have you been body-shamed? What was your experience like? Share them in the comment section below.

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body shaming quotes about self image and body positivity that will make you love yourself and brush off body-shaming antics from bullies

Body Shaming Quotes About Building Self Image & Body Positivity

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