LevelUp Leader: The Training You Need To Transform Your Leadership Skills

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I have great delight in writing this LevelUp Leader review because it came at just the right time.

When I say it came at just the right time, I mean it came when I needed to “upgrade” my leadership skills and style because I just got an additional role at work that would require me to work with people from diverse backgrounds: unskilled, semi-skilled, skilled, highly skilled and top management.

You can understand my elation when I was offered the LevelUp leader training on a platter of gold.

LevelUp Leader: The Training That Will Transform Your Leadership Skills

The LevelUp Leader program is essentially designed to help people build and develop leadership insight, skills, and experiences to help them in their personal and professional lives.

I started the training at a slow pace because I was inundated with lots of personal and official obligations so it took a while to get in the grind of the training but after the second lesson, my interest was piqued.

Yes, I finished 3 of the modules in less than 2 hours. That was how piqued I was with the training.

When I had my very first Product Review, I was skeptical about the products but got hooked after the first use. They were hair products and again they came just when I was considering changing my personal hair products.

My point is life has a way of letting the universe in on what we need, just when we need it and I know this leadership training review is probably coming at a time you need it for perhaps your business, job role, and even just for your personal development and growth.

Life is all about learning.

Let’s see some of the features of the LevelUp Leader developmental program.

Features of the LevelUp Leader Program You Will Love

Here are some of the features of the LevelUp Leader program that I loved and I know you will love too!

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1. Harvard Business Review

The Harvard Business Review is touted as one of the best when it comes to leadership training and it is one of the features in the LevelUp Leader program that I love.

I subscribed to the Harvard review “Management Tip of the Day” two years ago where I get daily management tips and I have learned a lot from it in managing my side hustle business.

Seeing that HBR is featured in the program was an absolute delight for me because I already knew that great things are definitely in the offing and I wasn’t disappointed.

2. Short Videos and Transcripts

There are videos of well-renowned speakers talking about leadership as well as the transcripts of these videos. If you feel like saving data or the type that prefers reading or doing both, then you will love this feature of the LevelUp Leader as much as I did.

Generally, I personally prefer listening to, watching, and also reading the transcripts because I gain more understanding when I do all three but everyone learns differently and either one of these features will give you, your desired method of learning.

3. PDF Downloads of The Best Leadership Development Books

There are leadership books referenced in the program for participants to buy if they are interested. This makes the training very appealing because these books have PDF downloads with detailed information about what is contained in the book.

This makes it easier for you to take decisive action on the book you think is more suitable for you to buy for developing your leadership skills because we all have different personalities and leadership styles.

You will get to know your leadership style as you traverser through the program. It is informative and intuitive. Their featured book “The Nine Types of Leaders” written by James Ashton is a must-buy if you ask me.

From books on Management, Communication, Innovation, Building, and Managing Teams, Strategy, Time Management, Management of Change, Coaching, and Mentoring amongst others, LevelUp Leader couldn’t have been more detailed when it comes to books that will help you become the type of leader you would like to become.


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4. Modules On Every Tool You Need To Succeed As A Leader

The modules contained in the LevelUp Leader are so robust, they are mind-boggling! When I say these modules have everything you need to build your skills and succeed as a leader, I absolutely mean it.

Modules include Building Relationships, Networking, Corporate Culture, Entrepreneurship, Career Planning, Women in Leadership, Ethical Behavior, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution, Leading with Empathy, Adaptability and Resilience, Managing Risk, Delegating, and Work-Life Balance.

Others are Project Management, Engaging and Motivating People, Accountability, CEO Mindset, Team Work, Stress Management, Vision and Mission, Developing Leaders, Creativity, Sales Essentials, Performance Management, Public Speaking, Life Long Learning, Tech Essentials, Influencing, and Mindfulness.

Still more on the modules include Communication Essentials, Fostering Innovation, Management Essentials, Decision Making, Strategy, Time Management, Management Of Change, Problem Solving, Fostering DEI, Managing Remote, and Hybrid Teams, Listening, Customer Focus, Effective Meetings, Presentations, Negotiating, Building Trust and Continous Improvement.

From the modules listed above, you can clearly see that they are all for both personal and professional development.

Modules like work-life balance, stress management, building trust, emotional intelligence, delegating are great modules for personal development (and also for professional development!) and others like managing risk, teamwork, conflict resolution, performance management, project management and a host of others are for professional development and also will help in navigating your personal life.

So, you see when I say the modules are so robust, they are mind-boggling, I actually meant it.

Everything you need as a leader who wants to build and foster an organization, whether on a small or large scale, national or multinational, everything you would need to succeed is contained in the LevelUp Leader program.

Look no further.


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5. Books You Need To Understand Each Module Better

As I mentioned earlier, there are PDF downloads of books in the program that you can easily download to read about the contents of any of the books you might be interested in.

Another great feature of the LevelUp Leader program is that for each module, there are several book suggestions for you to purchase to further your understanding of the module in question.

When I was taking the course, I was interested in one of the books under “Communication”, titled “How To Communicate Effectively With Anyone Anywhere: Your Passport To Connecting Globally”.

Now, as a blogger, a QHSE Professional, and a Start-Up company owner, my communication skills have to be top-notch because effective communication is key in business.

This book talks about connecting with your audience, and public speaking from the world stage.

Remember the world is a global village and businesses are being conducted across different countries. As a leader, you need to learn the skills to navigate a globalized business landscape to enhance your ability to speak about change, innovate, and forge strong and authentic relationships.

This is what this book offers and because it resonates with me at this time in my life’s journey, I just had to get it for myself.

LevelUp leader

6. Exclusive Content From Industry Experts

Who better to learn from than from industry experts themselves? This is another feature of the LevelUp Leader training that is very appealing.

You get to learn about industry experts on how they navigate the world of business, and their experiences, giving insightful case scenarios that you can apply to your own sphere.

I especially love the video presentation by Jane Sparrow, an expert facilitator, business consultant, performance coach, author, and speaker who regularly speaks as a keynote presenter at conferences throughout the world and has worked with a variety of organizations including Google, BBC WorldWide, WPP, Novartis, the British Army, FedEx, HP, and Save the Children.

She talked about 3 keys to building a great culture in any organization. I am sure you will love her insightful “gist” about building corporate culture and you can see she’s got a wealth of experience as an industry expert.

7. Regular Updates

It can be frustrating paying for training and then discovering that they are filled with outdated ideas and information that serve no one good and do not deliver what they promise at the end of the day.

This is not so with the LevelUp Leader training. Regular updates of the training are another feature that makes this a must-do if you are looking to upskill your leadership prowess.

8. Unlimited Access

Did I hear you say “wow”? That’s what I thought too! I remember buying an online course only to discover while taking the course that I only have 6 months of access to the course!

It was dampening for me because coupled with my regular 9 to 5, side hustles, and life itself, I needed to pace myself but the course wouldn’t allow me and I had to literally turn it into a “crash course” so I do not end up wasting my money.

You can imagine my joy when I saw that LevelUp Leader offers unlimited access to training!

Now, what is not to love about this leadership development program?

Conclusion On LevelUp Leader: Transforming Your Leadership Skills

With amazing features and modules, the LevelUp Leader training is an absolute must-take training for people who are looking to upskill, enhance and improve their leadership skills in a world that is in need of great leaders.

From small to large scale, local to international, the global village that is the world now needs great leaders that will steer us towards better and best and I am rooting for you all my Queens to be at the forefront and take this LevelUp Leader to improve your leadership skills.

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