The Vegamour Hair Products You Would Absolutely Love!

vegamour hair products

I have a very deep relationship with my hair so I do everything to maintain it and keep it healthy. I am usually the African braids kind of girl but my natural hair is beautiful and I absolutely love it. When I hear about hair products that are great for healthy hair, I love trying them and when I was approached by Vegamour to try their Vegamour hair products, I had a look at their website and got hooked, babes!

Like seriously hooked.

A look at the product descriptions made me decide that they are worth the try and give the products a try, I did.

Let me work you through my journey using Vegamour hair products and then you decide if these are for you too.

Hint: You are definitely going to get them, I tell you! And watch out for the big expose! A surprising twist you are absolutely going to love, Queens! You will want these Vegamour hair products really badly!

Vegamour Hair Products

I moved to the city where I am now about 3 years ago and settling in took a bit of time because I lost my sister to the cold hands of death a few months after. It was a harrowing experience (and still is). This actually affected me in more ways than one.

I never got around to doing most things like my skincare regimen. I have used so many skin and hair products these past 3 years that I can’t even remember some of their names!

Yes, it is that bad!

For some time now, I have been experiencing thinning hair from using random products and so you can imagine my joy when Vegamour offered a free trial of their hair products.

Vegamour turned out to be a lifesaver. Literally.

Now let’s talk about the “features” of the hair products that made me decide to give them a try.

Features of Vegamour Hair Products You Will Absolutely Love!

1. Clinically Tested: All Vegamour hair products are clinically tested. This is a huge YES for me because we cannot afford to use products that have not passed clinical tests on our bodies. There are lots of products out there that have done more harm than good.

2. One Hundred Percent Vegan: I know you like the sound of that. Yes, Vegamour hair products are 100% vegan. So, to all the vegans following this blog, I know you’ll love this.

3. Cruelty-Free: Cruelty-free products should be embraced when we see them. In those days, many raw cosmetics materials were tested on animals. This is usually the norm but these products were not tested on animals and this is one of the features that made me opt in for this review.

4. Color Safe: I don’t know what they mean by this but I know what it means to me. I have got pure black hair and I love it the way it is. Pure black! So I am not definitely going to try any product that will change the color of my hair!

5. Formulated Without Harmful Substances: Do you know what Parabens, Silicones, Phthalates, harmful Sulphates, and artificial fragrances are? They are harmful substances that cosmetics industries use to “enhance their products”. Thankfully, Vegamour hair products do not contain these substances.

Now, with these great features, what is not to love?

You will love the products more after I take you through my experience of using these awesome hair products!

My Journey With Vegamour Hair Products

vegamour hair products

It took some time for the products to get to me because they were rerouted through the United Kingdom to my home country but when they were delivered, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. But this does not have anything to do with Vegamour’s delivery times. It was entirely my fault!

They came in a beautiful box. I fell in love more. Beautiful things come in beautiful packages, right? In the box were Vegamour’s hair shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask.

On my first wash day using these products, everyone at the salon was like “Wow” this smells heavenly! The fragrance of the shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask was off the charts for me. When I say the smell is aphrodisiac, I kid you not!

The smell is heavenly. Can I use beautiful to quality smell? Like say, the ‘smell is beautiful”? If I can, then that is the word. I fell more in love.

Remember I told you my hair was thinning out? For some time now, my hair breaks when I wash but when my stylist used the shampoo and then the conditioner, she told me there was no breakage! Like even when she blow-dried my hair, she showed me the comb and was like, “No hair here”.

I explained to her that I am doing a review of the products and she needs to tell me everything she observes. She also told me that my hair appears darker. Now, this is what I am talking about. I am not using any product that will change the color of my hair unless I want to dye it.

Simple as ABC.

I fell more in love but I still needed to see what my hair would look like when I wash again. So, we waited for my next wash day. Two weeks. During these two weeks, I applied Shea butter, Aloe Vera, and a leave-in conditioner on my hair thrice a week. I alternate the hair products.

Second Wash Day Using The Products

vegamour hair products

I woke up bright and early on this day because I needed to carry out my usual weekend routine so I could have a most refreshing week. Got to the salon later in the afternoon.

Now, this is the day I needed to confirm that the “no hair breakage” from the first wash isn’t just our imagination but the real deal.

My hair stylist commented that the undergrowth in my hair is long now and I need to do a retouch. I limit retouching my hair to twice a year because it is super soft and constant retouching will just damage it. We set out to wash and voila, there was no hair breakage and my hair appeared even darker!

She, my hair stylist told me, I need to be on Vegamour’s free product list so I keep using their products because she absolutely believe the products will work wonders for me. She’s even considering getting the products for herself at this time!

That is how impressed she was and she’s been my hair stylist for over 2 years now so she knows what she is saying!

I also noticed my hair appeared fuller at the edges. In fact, I was excited about it because one protective hairstyle I had on about 3 months ago caused a lot of hair breakage at the front and back of my hair and I’ve been pensive about it.

So, imagine my joy when I saw the hair wasn’t looking scanty like before.

Third Wash Day Using The Vegamour Hair Products

You didn’t think I was going to conclude and proclaim Vegamour hair products are great just after two uses, did you?

It takes more than that. I do not do dishonest reviews for products just so I could get another gig.


So, I decided to use another hairstylist who also happens to work in the same salon as my regular stylist and also does my hair as well. In fact, she’s the one that introduced me to some products (natural) that add volume to your hair. When I have extra money, she does all that stuff for me.

She equally loved the smell of the Vegamour hair products and told me the hair products seem to be fine for both my permed and transitioning hair!

Here, is the big expose!

I wanted to see how the hair products will turn out for my permed hair and afro kinky hair! I decided to transition without doing the big “chop off” like most people do so I have both my permed hair and afro hair growing underneath!

The products are working well for both hairs! Now, what is not to love about these Vegamour hair products?

Great for both permed and virgin hair! I bet the guys at Vegamour don’t even know this. Yet!

Also, there was no hair breakage and my front and back hair is growing, healthily!

What more can a babe ask for?

See for yourself!

  • vegamour hair products

Vegamour Hair Products: Final Wash Day For the Review

So, basically, this wash day is just to crown and confirm the efficacy of the Vegamour hair products.

I did the wash and voila no hair breakage and my hair is also fuller with more volume.

My virgin hair looks and feels soft and the permed part feels the same too.

Now, if you don’t look very well, you won’t even notice the difference between virgin hair (undergrowth) and permed hair.

On this day, I proclaim to yours truly that I am now a Vegamour girl!

Yes, sign me on already. After 4th wash, I still have enough to last me through two more months I believe because the shampoo lathers so well, you only need a small quantity, and both conditioner and mask glide easily on hair so you also do not need much quantity!

Conclusion On Vegamour Hair Products

Vegamour Hair products are cruelty-free, color-safe, clinically tested, and void of harmful substances. These alone make them a go-to choice. The fact that they are great for both permed and virgin hair, makes them even greater choices for women looking for healthy hair products to have healthy hair.

So go on and get your Vegamour hair products and come share your experience with me. Don’t forget to share these awesome hair products with all the beautiful women in your life. Pin, Tweet, and Facebook because sharing is caring!

vegamour hair products

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