The Vegamour Hair Products You Would Absolutely Love!

I have a very deep relationship with my hair so I do everything to maintain it and keep it healthy. I am usually the African braids kind of girl but my natural hair is beautiful and I absolutely love it. When I hear about hair products that are great for…

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The Preppy Aesthetic: How To Get On The Preppy Look!

What we know as the “preppy” style is characterized by clean lines, classic patterns, and polished footwear and accessories, among others. It has its roots in traditional Ivy League and East Coast fashion, with influences ranging from prep schools and collegiate campuses to country clubs and yacht clubs. Structured pieces…

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5 Ideas for Styling Your Tights This Spring

Spring is probably the best season for wearing tights because you can experiment and explore countless style options without risking weather-related discomfort. Looking for how to style tights during spring? You can wear sheer tights, fishnet tights, footless tights, capris, and many other types of tights to create different looks…

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