Poetry and Sober Reflections from the soul.

I love writing poems and have written them since I was little. I wrote a book of poems that I lost at the age of sixteen and I’ve been unable to recover from that.

I write poems when I am in love. This sounds so cliche but I have found that the feeling of love, brings so many emotions and feelings, that penning them to paper becomes easy

At least for me.

Sober reflections from the soul are thoughts inspired by my own experiences or other people’s experiences, experienced by me.

Does that even make sense?

Like my reflection about getting a FRESH START

It is a combination of personal experiences and experienced, experiences.


Well, I hope it makes sense.

Even if it doesn’t make sense, I think you should come aboard and see how my poetry is like and what sober reflections from the soul is all about!

So, join me on this journey and let’s discover love and life together

Cheers to new beginnings and happy endings.



Torn: Reflections Of An Unholy Affair

The only one in her dreams Right from her teenage years She saw him and fell in love His laughs and his  His protectiveness She lived and craved for them Only but a young girl With a seemingly huge crush on a man far older She didn’t care But she…

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The Lonely Path

BUT SHE IS A MOUSY MOUSE Speaking up when people expect you to keep quiet, Standing up when you are “deemed” to be sitting down. Breaking forth and breaking out When you have been “caged” Pulling down the gates, When you have been in the dungeon for eons It is…

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The Beautiful Chaos Called Life: Life Is Good

Life isn’t a bed of roses. I wonder why they say that. Life isn’t a bed of roses. Roses have thorns so why is life likened to a bed of roses?…

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Clean Slate. Fresh Start

A soul deep jeering jolt and you wake up from the “slumber” that is your life and you know you really have to “wake up” and make something of your life. Clean slate and start afresh…

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