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The Lonely Path

picture depicting a lonely road
A lonely path


Speaking up when people expect you to keep quiet,

Standing up when you are “deemed” to be sitting down.

Breaking forth and breaking out

When you have been “caged”

Pulling down the gates,

When you have been in the dungeon for eons

It is a lonely path.



Molested at a young age. No judgement of what is right or wrong

Just instincts that something is off

No one to tell. No one to talk to

Not parent, not siblings and no friends

Alas, she is young. Just nine years

She didn’t know, she didn’t and couldn’t have understood

So how could she tell?

It is a lonely path.


She has been molested

She has been bruised

Abused, Victimized,

Raped, Harassed, Beaten

Put Down, Robbed of her Innocence, blemished by wolves, humiliated by unsavoury elements

Masquerading in the form of humans

She was told she will amount to nothing

She thought she would amount to nothing

It is a bleeding lonely path



She is deep

She is private

She guides her privacy with so much jealousy

She looks you in the eyes

She sees you and says what she sees


She is not deterred. She does not relent

She stands for the underdog

She stands for the truth

She says the truth and damns the consequences

She knows her truth and she own it!

It takes nothing to stand with the crowd

It takes everything to stand alone

But she chooses to stand alone

Yes it is a lonely path


She stands tall today

Today, she has beaten all odds

She is standing firm, unshaken,

Unshakable, Unbeaten

Undefeated. Indefatigable

Soldering On

Fighting On

She moved mountains. Scaled fences

To be where she is today

Unrelenting, Unfalteringly

She is an Amazon

She is a Queen

She is a Kinging Queen

She beat all odds to be where she is

She is moving higher


She will climb more mountains

Scale more fences

Undaunting. With or without help

It is a lonely path

A lonely path, she is ready to tow

To become what she is destined to be

A kinging Queen!

Love, Jennifer.
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25 thoughts on “The Lonely Path

  1. This is me. At 50 years of age, I have begun A completely new life. I have been in complex trauma PTSD therapy now for year after a weeks stay in the hospital for massive emotional breakdown for allowing all these years of abuse to go unchecked in without any help.

    I have disconnected from my abusers, Mom and Dad and sister completely, causing a major backlash. Left my final abusive marriage (we are groomed for lives of abuse).

    It’s a brand new, very calm, very stable life. It’s scary but healing at the same time. My adult kids are seeing their mom put her mental health above all else to be the WELL and CAPABLE MATRIARCH that my kids and Grandkids deserve.

    Thank you for this, I had tears but it reminds me about how far I’ve come.
    God Bless and Best Wishes🦋
    Michelle Lee

    1. When i wrote this, i wrote it from somewhere deep in my soul. I am a survivor. Child abuse and molestation. My therapies were all self administered. This would be the first time i would publicly admit this! I am crying writing this response to your comment. It is amazing that someone truly connects and feels this the way it ought to be felt. I am glad you are in a better place. The healing process is a long one but always worth it. I hope the peace that surpasses all understanding be yours! You are a kinging woman!

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