11 Signs Your Boss Likes You But Is Hiding It!

signs your boss likes you but is hiding it

Do you suspect your boss likes you but does not want to spill? Are you seeing signs that your boss likes you but is hiding it? Are you developing a thing due to the way they relate with you and want to know if they feel the same way?

There are many sides to this.

Many companies frown at office romance especially when it’s between a boss and a subordinate. It is possible your boss is into you but doesn’t want to spill to play by the company’s rules and protect your job.

It’s also possible that he is into you but is waiting for a perfect time to confess his love hence his silence. There’s also a chance that he isn’t into you as you suspected. One out of these may be the case but to be sure, you should watch out for several signs.

Signs Your Boss Likes You But Is Hiding It!

Below are 11 signs your boss likes you but is hiding it.

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signs your boss likes you but is hiding it

1. They Always Get You Involved

Do they get you involved in a decision-making process that is not for your level? Do they make sure you are always busy with something even when your colleagues are relaxing?

If your boss does these, it’s a sign they like you and want to keep you around him for a longer time.

On the flip side, they may just like your personality and want to help you grow career-wise. Don’t conclude they have a thing for you with just this sign. Look out for other signs to support this before jumping to a conclusion.

2. You Catch Them Staring

Most men have the habit of staring at women they are emotionally attached to. If they try so hard to stop, they end up staring even more. If your boss stares at you with admiration, it’s a sign that they may like you.

Before concluding, observe their conduct with other staff. If they look at other women in the same manner, it tells that they feel nothing genuine for you.

3. They Get You Engaged With Private Meetings

Don’t be worked up if your boss singles you out for private meetings after work hours or even business trips whether in town or outside the town. It’s a sign he may have a soft spot for you but is hiding it. 

They want to spend quality time with you but can’t ask for it straight out. The private meetings are indirect means of keeping you close.

4. They Confide In You

If your boss asks for your opinion on unofficial matters or even reveals some part of his personal life hidden from your colleagues. It’s a sign that your shoulder is super comfortable for him to cry on and you know what that means.

If this is the only sign they exhibit amongst all on the list, have a rethink. Maybe they need to pour out their mind and you happen to be available.

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signs your boss likes you but is hiding it

5. They Are Mean To You For No Reason

Does your boss scold you at any chance they get? Do they single you out whenever you make a mistake that every other person makes in the office? If this is the case, it is a sign that your boss likes you but is hiding it.

This may sound weird but they may be doing all that to suppress the feelings they have for you. Brace up, they may be confessing soon.


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6. They Give You Preferential Treatment

Giving preferential treatment to skilled staff in the workplace is fast becoming normal. If you are in the league of staff that wins a contract for the company, it is normal to receive preferential treatment from your boss and even your co-workers.

On the other hand, your boss may decide to use this medium to give you the green light. In all, you should watch out for other signs to get the answer you seek.


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7. They Promise You An Enticing Future In The Company

A boss that likes you will do everything possible to keep you in the company. He will promise you a better position with good incentives just to have you stick with him or her. You are free to add this to the list because it is a solid sign.

But if your boss reacts this way on hearing that you want to leave the company due to insufficient pay, it may be due to your qualities and the profit you bring in.

8. They Compliment You Often

If compliments keep coming to you from a boss that seldom compliments other staff in the company even when you work as a team, he or she may be into you.

The compliment may be on your skill, beauty, and even things that may not matter. It is one of the major signs that he likes you but is hiding it.

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9. They Call Or Text To Check On You After Work Hours

It’s fine if your boss calls after work hours to discuss office issues but calling to check on you is a sign that your boss likes and misses you especially when it comes often.

It is a way of telling you that they want a relationship more than the one you share at the office. You can include this as a sure sign because it is.

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10. They Frequent Your Desk

If your boss frequents your desk for no serious reason, it’s a clear sign that something is fishy. Bosses are often occupied with work, if yours leave work behind to visit you, he or she likes you. No jokes!

The intention behind the frequent visit may be to make the feeling mutual.

11. They Agree With Everything You Say

If your boss always prefers and works with your opinion over that of your teammates, they may be doing so to impress and also make you notice how much they love and trust you.

However, if you are the most skilled in your team, your boss agreeing to your suggestion may not mean they like you. They do so because your previous suggestions paid off.


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What To Do If You See Signs Your Boss Likes You But Is Hiding It

Now that you’ve found out that your boss likes you, you wouldn’t want to mess things up, would you?

This is what you should do:

1. Maintain the professional relationship you both have even if the feeling is mutual. Don’t allow your emotion to interrupt your work.

2. Until they confess, continue to act unaware. Your job is at stake, don’t talk to them about it to avoid messing everything up.

3. If they confess, keep it away from your colleagues. Request that the topic be discussed after work and not during work hours.


If you have 6 signs out of the 11, it’s a pass mark. What you have are signs your boss likes you but is hiding it and not his words, hence it’s advised that you do not act based on the signs you’ve seen.

Superior-subordinate relationship is common and it doesn’t hurt if the two parties involved are mature enough to handle it. So if your boss likes you, understand that it isn’t abnormal; who knows? Things may turn out well for you.

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signs your boss likes you but is hiding it

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